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Sandy Hook and Aurora Referenced In Batman Movie


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Conspiracy theorists have latched on to another strange coincidence involving the Newtown, Connecticut, shooting massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School: the words “Sandy Hook” appear in the film The Dark Knight Rises, which itself is connected to a horrific shooting rampage. Apparently “Sandy Hook” shows up at 1 hour, 58 minutes into the film, and several different videos shave been uploaded to the internet that isolates the scene in question. The Examiner explains:

“The YouTube video shows Gary Oldman’s character Commissioner James Gordon, who points to a map showing a targeted area identified as Sandy Hook, which was also known as ‘Strike Zone 1,’ the area where Gotham Stadium was located.

“According to many of the conspiracy theories, the purpose of the Sandy Hook reference was to generate subliminal messaging by the scene in Christopher Nolan’s final Batman movie. However, most label it as just a coincidence.”

The Examiner also points that “following the devastating shooting at an movie theater, conspiracy theorists spotted the name ‘Aurora’ on top of a large skyscraper during a scene in the film.”

On July 20, 2012, as everyone remembers, a gunman killed 12 people at a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado.


DISCLOSE TV VIDEO: www.disclose.tv

The site Gotham City Archives has posted this map of Gotham City that was used for a scene in the film, “The Dark Knight Rises”

In case you’re having trouble seeing the name “Sandy Hook,” in the video, it is circled in black here.

Here is a closeup of the Gotham Map.


the name ‘Aurora’ on top of a large skyscraper during a scene in the film.”


Shots of “Sandy Hook” on map in Batman film (difficult to see)

Here is an extreme closeup of the map by his fingers.

The contrast has been adjusted on the closeup to make it more readable.  You can clearly see the word ‘HOOK’





UPDATE: In another startling ‘coincidence’, the Sandy Hook location topography on the map in the Batman film ‘Dark Knight Rising’ aligns perfectly with the actual topography of the location of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, scene of the latest school shooting.

Click Image Below to Enlarge:



CONFIRMED: Section of Gotham Renamed “Sandy Hook” in Latest ‘Dark Knight’ Release

Reposted from: Infowars.com
December 20, 2012

A few days ago we posted an article pointing out that director Christopher Nolan’s latest Batman release “The Dark Knight Rises,” which was recently released on DVD, bizarrely featured a mention of the words “Sandy Hook” (at approximately 1:58).

Since that “minor coincidence,” we’ve scoured the Batman movies and pored over various Gotham City maps to find anything that could support the theory that the movies may have had hints of foreknowledge of the tragic massacre that occurred last week, because where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire.

What we’ve found is interesting to say the least.

We looked at different maps of Batman’s fictional home town Gotham City and compared them with each of the films.

In the latest film, the southern section of Gotham is without a doubt called “Sandy Hook,” however, according to our research, this section was renamed somewhere between the first film and the last.

Take a look at the map in this still frame found in the first Batman movie, “Batman Begins,” taken around 14:41:

Although blurry, the colors match up with the map below, in which the southern section in question is called, “South Hinkley,” not “Sandy Hook”:

Click to enlarge

See the below comparison:

Also, the design of the map is different than ones seen in “The Dark Knight Rises:”


In “The Dark Knight Rises,” the Sandy Hook island holds the Gotham stadium that super-villain Bane demolishes.

A book titled “The Dark Knight Manual,” the “definitive guide to his tools, vehicles, and technologies,” was published, according to Amazon, on July 10, 2012 and features a map in which the section is called “South Hinkley,” not “Sandy Hook.” The book is described as “an in-world exploration of Christopher Nolan’s Batman,” and was released nearly simultaneously with the “Dark Knight Rises” movie, yet it fails to reflect the southern Gotham island as “Sandy Hook.”

Meanwhile, numerous December 2011 posts tell of promotional material being sent out by Warner Brothers in advance of the “Dark Knight Rises,” curiously with maps.

Screen capture taken from FirstShowing.net.

The website FirstShowing.net says they received a package containing a “new Bane ‘Fire Rises’ t-shirt that comes in a tube wrapped in a map of Gotham City.” In this promotional material, vividly showing Bane’s “strike zones,” the map shows the southernmost island is titled “Sandy Hook.” A tip of the hat to the Gothamist who also informed their readers of this.

According to the website DarkKnightNews.com, director Eli Roth also received a promo kit. In a Twitter post last year, the Cabin Fever director was featured wearing the Bane t-shirt saying, “THIS just showed up at my house with no explanation or return address. Should I be worried?”.

The “No Man’s Land” Batman comic series (published March – November 1999) featured a cover with the section in question going under the label “Tri-corner Yards,” and various other, seemingly older maps show this title as well.


Some people have argued that “Sandy Hook” appears in “The Dark Knight” because Gotham City is supposed to represent New York City, which is somewhat true, and that because there is a bay and beach in the same vicinity of New York City by that name (actually in New Jersey) that “Sandy Hook” appears as a nod to reality.

Sandy Hook, New Jersey (Screencapture from Google maps)

Others argue that the name “Sandy Hook” is just a common name for towns.

For those who are left asking, “Why would someone do this?” Alfred Pennyworth, butler to Bruce Wayne, says of an evil force in “The Dark Knight” movie, “some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

Someone on another message board pointed out an interesting exchange between Commissioner Gordon and the newly promoted detective Blake in “The Dark Knight Rises”:

Blake: Sir, that could all just be a coincidence.
Commissioner Gordon: You’re a detective now, son. You’re not allowed to believe in coincidence anymore.

Now the questions become: Why did they change the name from “South Hinkley” to “Sandy Hook,” and Who authorized the change?

If you are enjoying spotting these bizarre coincidences and traveling down the road of curiosity with us, stay tuned for tomorrow’s scintillating revelation that some are saying is the “smoking gun” needed to tie the Dark Knight Rises, the Aurora massacre and the Sandy Hook tragedy. We guarantee it will leave you wondering, “Exactly WTF is going on?!”

[Update: In the map, a “South Hinkley” was renamed. Although spelled differently, this may be a reference to John W. Hinckley, the gunman that attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan on March 30, 1981.]


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  1. At least two of the kids who were murdered at Sandy Hook last names are on the Gotham City map too. Gay and Greene. Both spelled correctly. This is creepy. I also have found Chelsea Clinton on the map as well.

  2. Sandy Hook is referenced in there twice. Look at time stamp 48:16. Mentions something about Sandy Hook being funded to be replaced with monorails instead of busses. Funny how they announced the school is being closed indefinitely.

    Funny, how Dark Knight was opposed to guns.

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  4. I always felt there was no such thing as coincidence. And now this with re: shootings. I just posted a story about coincidences on my page last week (no coincidence there), and this coming out now just opens my eyes even more. The signs are everywhere. There really is no such thing, we need to wake up and start putting the pieces together. Thx so much for sharing this!

    • I know what you mean. The founder of analytical psychology, Carl Jung, coined a name for meaningful coincidences – Synchronicity. Sometimes it’s difficult to separate the manmade coincidences from the natural, or cosmic coincidences. For instance, a very startling, natural coincidence occurred when I wrote the blog about The Hunger Games. I had no idea the author actually lived in Sandy Hook. We live in strange times, and they are only going to get stranger from here.


  5. Funny how King Barry shipped weapons to the Zeta’s Mexican mafia gang in Mexico in “Fast and Furious” to blame it on the 2nd Amendment. He shipped heavy weapons to Al-Qaeda in Libya, to those very same Al-Qaeda forces in Syria-Qatar-Somalia-Yemen-Jordan but says Americans cannot have those weapons???

    Are you starting to see the Authoritarian Regime rearing its ugly head? Luciferian-International Bankster Cabal are running things- including our government…

  6. Captain HOOK was also a child killer. In the Disney code Hook is also code for killing of children. We all know about Disney Corp. and thier ties to monarch programming and child sacrafice, Alister Crowley and the rest. If you don’t get educated. I think they mean for more of this..can anybody predict future hits from the Bat Man movies please share and warn people of what might be next.

  7. When Batman is chased down the dark alley by police. Look at the wall , it says food court. Canada mall food court shooting as well as Oregon.

  8. So then…. is this all just coincidence or are we all just assuming that this Adam Lanza kid watched the movie, saw this Sandy Hook thing (although personally I couldn’t see a damn thing), and then decided to kill all those children?

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  19. So they create movies to show the outcome of their orchestrated agendas turning it into a false reality false flag event? Like beta testing a game only to see the outcome of the agenda they’re testing with actors as they think they’re just actors/actresses to play a certain role in a hollywood set. So to orchestrate special events to see how it would be in real life using crisis actors, isis actors isis is crisis actors, wtf is isil again?

    Whatever, just bored rich bloodlines playing a game/experiment so they can unite with all nations to live on “their promise land” not ours, reason why we’re stuck in a container, being incarcerated and not even know it. I am sure there’s a safe haven for the select few and the machine they use to control everything in this world. They control the population through FEAR, free willingly. Military factions governing and flattening certain areas of each continent land taking resources/pipeline’s through each continent and funded gang member police that are really here to protect rich criminal investments. Protect and serve was never the case, it’s obey and survive in some aspects of it.

    Could just be them looking down at us through the glass sky firmament(s) that is protecting us from the amphibious celestial ocean surrounding Earth since there’s nothing but 600+ miles of water used as a dark curtain or double sided mirror probably used to project our image and caves up there, as above same below right. There has to be a creator who created this so called goldy locks world. Everything syncronizes perfectly and the stars lie, they never change locations as if they’re sand stuck inside a bubble.

    Ever heard of the song by Stone Sour “through the glass”. I’m sure we’ve all been deceived, giving us 1000 truths only to get you to believe one lie or submit one favor.
    The world is a business/game of war for a greater israel. I wouldn’t doubt we’ve all been hijacked especially america, or perhaps to create confusion so that we don’t know who the real enemy is as everyone will eventually turn on each-other through the made up racism agenda(s), pretty much do the dirty work for them, but then the kingdoms would be destroyed. I wonder why all the billionaires flocked to Rio and all the smart so called Scientist moved to Switzerland, why has Switzerland been so neutral for centuries?

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