Kirlian Photography Demonstrates Organic Uncooked Food Have Stronger Energy Fields

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kirlian-appleFood is food, some might claim, and it does not really matter whether or not it is cooked or raw, conventional or organic. The nutritive value remains the same regardless. Or does it? A recent report from Activist Post explains that, based on analysis using a technique known as Kirlian photography, researchers have discovered that the energy fields surrounding raw, organic produce are stronger and more uniform than the energy fields surrounding cooked, conventional produce.

This discovery was made possible by an earlier one stumbled upon by the late Semyon Kirlian, a Russian inventor, back in 1939. Kirlian learned that, when connected to a source of voltage, an object placed in contact with a photovoltaic plate will produce a corresponding image of that object on the plate. And the resulting image will also contain a visual display of the object’s electrical “aura,” of sorts, that both surrounds and emanating from it.

The theory behind this energy field, of course, is that the stronger and more vibrant it is, the healthier and more “alive” the object. And based on this theory, it has been observed that the energy field of an apple, for instance, is the strongest right after it has first been picked. The longer it remains off the tree and is allowed to ripen, the weaker its energy field becomes.

In the documentaryThe Beautiful Truth, which was released in 2008, a team of scientists used Kirlian photography to analyze various foods. They found that organic foods emitted a clearly more vibrant and harmonious energy field than conventional foods. Raw foods also fared better in the energy department than cooked and pasteurized foods, the latter of which appeared duller and less uniform than their raw counterparts.

If this energy field is truly indicative of a food’s “life source,” then it appears as though whole, clean foods eaten as close as possible to the way nature intended are more life-giving than over-processed, pesticide-ridden foods. It also means that simply counting calories and looking at ingredient content are not enough to determine the true nutritional capacity of food.


Kirlian Photography Introduction

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The Haunting Beauty Of Kirlian Photography

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Kirlian Photography was originated in the year 1939 when a man named Semyon Kirlian discovered the connection of objects to electricity and the effect it had on a metal photographic plate. Electrography was the coined term for that time until Kirlian took it one step further. He discovered that by directly applying an object to a photo plate and exposing it to electricity, the image that was left behind was haunting and beautiful. Nothing of it’s kind had ever been seen making it the phenomenon of it’s day. Materials such as coins, leaves, and human hands took on a mysterious tone once exposed to the Kirlian technique.

Kirlian Photography has been used many times in the media for special eye catching effects on music albums, movie posters, and popular book covers. To make a successful Kirlian print, all you need is a photographic sheet film, the object of choice, and high voltage to charge the plate implanting the image onto the sheet of paper. The exposure time is the artists choice, depending on what the desired outcome is. Another coined term for this technique is Aura Photography due to the light glow that encompasses the object after the exposure.

The Kirlian effect is used to capture the energy the human body emits when we are experiencing certain feelings. It turns that energy into color thus bringing more self awareness. As mentioned before, this technique is called Aura Photography, which was created in the late 1800′s but was made popular by the Kirlian technique. Now, artists have the ability to capture the rainbow of colors our bodies possess to show our spiritual being and how we deal with certain situations. The sheet plates have sensors that reads our energy as colors based on their frequencies. Through Semyon’s discovery doctors can use this process for patients to actually see their body’s ability to heal itself.

Over the years many skeptics have tried to “expose” the Kirlian technique as fraud saying the colors are affected by moisture in the air or barometric pressure and the release of natural gases. No matter what the skeptics believe, the one true fact is that Kirlian Photography paved the way for many other processes to be discovered. The images left behind are haunting and leave you with a different point of view of the object.

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