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David Icke Launching Global Multimedia News Channel

From: Activist Post

Leading alternative researcher, author, and presenter David Icke announced ambitious plans to start a global television and radio station called The People’s Voice. Icke says the idea for starting the station is that the “increasing lock down and censorship by the mainstream media” and the “exploding” interest in alternative news, health, science and theories.

He tells the establishment, “we will not be silenced.”  But alternative news does not come with corporate sponsors.  It thrives only because of passionate viewer support.

Icke and the People’s Voice has a fundraiser at IndieGoGo that seeks to raise at least 100,000 pounds in 30 days. They’ve already reached 50% of their goal in just 3 days of their campaign, but they still need help.

Click here for more information and to donate:


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