Fulford on NSA Scandal, Attacks David Icke and Alex Jones

Open battle raging between Sabbatean Cabal and military industrial complex

fulford_3Reposted from: Benjamin Fulford

The recent cabal controlled corporate media frenzy of “disclosure” about things like NSA eavesdropping, politically targeted IRS tax investigations and the Bilderberg meeting are signs of full blown panic. All these disclosures seemed to be timed to distract public attention from last week’s pentagon and US agency supported love fest summit meeting between US President Barak Obama and Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

The erupting trade war between Europe and China and the posse of economic hit-men trying to ruin Japan’s economy are also signs of and intensifying battle over control of the world’s financial system and thus the future of our species.

The attacks on Japan’s economy are motivated by the fact the Abe government just announced $32 billion in economic assistance for Africa in a sign Japan is no longer handing its foreign currency to the cabal in order to finance Zionist wars. They are also motivated by the fact that Japan’s government has just begun to do the obvious and eliminate its “200% GDP debt” with the stroke of a pen. Well known mainstream economist Jeffery Sachs last week

admitted to this writer, at a Japan Foreign Correspondent’s Club press conference, that there was no theoretical reason why Japan’s government could not just print yen, buy up all the outstanding Japanese government bonds and put them in the garbage. Sachs, who heads the Earth Institute at Columbia University, was also very enthusiastic about the big Japanese plans to modernize Africa saying they were very concrete, detailed and realistic. Of course the corporate propaganda media representatives, or more likely their bosses, did not want to let the world know that Japan’s government had made a decision to break free from Sabbatean debt slavery. Unlike tiny Iceland, Japan is the world’s third largest economy and its biggest creditor nation. Its’ breaking of ranks with the G7 debt-slavery cabal is truly historical.

The other big move in Asia that was under-reported was the resumption of negotiations between North Korea, Japan and South Korea. The goal supported by all parties, including China, Russia and the Pentagon, is regional peace.

To this end, North Korean authorities are rumored to have told the Japanese government they are willing to return over 30 kidnap victims, the remains of over 50 Japanese and 200 relatives of these people as a part of a normalization of relations with Japan. The need for US forces in the region is also being debated at a high level with many arguing that if push came to shove the pentagon would not fight China over Korea and Japan.

Also, given the fact the US military industrial complex has basically proposed marriage with China, the Japanese government has forged military agreements with Russia and India to make sure Japan does not become some sort of dowry gift to the Chinese.

Needless to say, of course, all the countries in Asia support peaceful co-existence and governments, including those of China and Japan, have agreed not to allow outside forces (ie Zionists) provoke war in the region.

This tectonic shift coming from Asia is also affecting the old power centers like Washington D.C. and certain European countries. That brings us to the recent rash of corporate propaganda media attacks on the military industrial complex and their spokespuppet Obama.

The so-called revelations that the NSA has been spying on all Americans and Europeans are very old news suddenly rehashed. All e-mails, phone calls, financial records etc. have been monitored around the world since at least the 1990’s. The reason the Zionist propaganda media have suddenly taken interest is because the agencies doing the eavesdropping are no longer working for them or their masters.

That brings us to the Bilderberg meeting that took place last week in England at the same time Obama was meeting Xi in California. The simultaneous timing of these meetings was no coincidence.

Obama met Xi in California because Xi refused to go the chaotic cesspool that is Washington D.C. according to Chinese and US government sources. There was also the very real concern Xi would have been poisoned had he gone to Washington. The Chinese view is that even though Obama is a puppet, he currently represents the government of the US and thus protocol meant he should be the face of Chinese/US government to government negotiations. The official Chinese and US government pronouncements about the meeting were that the two governments would forge peaceful, equal relations and work towards a better run planet.

The Chinese also understand Obama might soon be stepping down as part of the ongoing regime change in the US. Obama is supposed to be making some big confessions to the American people on July 4th, according to a CIA source. His reputation in the history books will depend on whether he finally tells the truth about his past and the non-democratic process that put him in the presidency.

In any case, old world order powerbrokers gathering at Bilderberg last week were clearly in a panic over the developments in the US and Asia. The clearest sign that something has changed concerning the old world order is the massive publicity given to the Bilderberg meeting in the propaganda press. Cabal news outlets like AP, Reuters, the BBC etc. were all there. Suddenly, instead of denying there was even a meeting going on, these propaganda outlets started saying that the most powerful people in the world were gathering there. There was also unprecedented publicity given to controlled opposition forces like Alex Jones and David Icke. Jones, for example, was widely promoted in Zionist outlets like the Drudge Report, BBC etc. in what appeared to be an orchestrated campaign. Jones is linked to the Zionist liquor smuggling Bronfman gangster family.


I do not agree with the anti-Jewish slant of the above article but I will say that my grandmother, who personally knew members of the previous generation of the Bronfman family, thought of them as gangsters. They made their fortune by smuggling Canadian booze to Al Capone.

David Icke, for his part, has been linked to the Rockefeller crime family.



What both these controlled opposition figures have in common is that they take true conspiracy information, like the fact that central banks are privately owned monopolies, and then, in a bait and switch maneuver, ultimately put the blame on “aliens” without providing any credible evidence for this claim.

What can be proven with overwhelming evidence is that many of the families behind the privately owned central banks support eugenics, population reduction and war. They have further been decisively linked to the 911 and 311 mass murder terror attacks. They have also utterly failed to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and develop latent human potential. Tomorrow is 611 and they better not try anything stupid. They must bow out.


DN_MiniBenjamin Fulford is beginning to prove that he may not be the most reliable source of information.  First he jumped on the old Obama birth certificate debate, presenting old information as fresh insider intel.  Then he jumped to the unexpected defense of some yet unknown high positioned pedophiles, perhaps as a preemptive move before some big upcoming revelation.  Now he is attacking alternative media figures David Icke and Alex Jones.  Nothing screams compromised disinformation agent louder than a personal attack against other alternative media figures, especially personalities as prominent as Icke and Jones who have been working to get the truth out for decades, long before most of us knew there was a rabbit hole to fall down.

Note to Fulford who is notoriously skiddish about touching the ET topic – If you’re unwilling to talk about the ET-UFO coverup, but eager to write about the dark intrigue of the Satanic Cabal, then you are at best really only telling half the story, and at worst engaging in a form of coverup by omission.

Fulford has made it clear where he stands, with the Asian secret society known as the Dragons (pick a color).  He’s also, by his own admission, cozy with a few European Rothschilds, cozy with  members of the P2 Lodge at the Vatican, a big supporter of the new Jesuit pope, and an apologist of the Queen of England.  His enemies include the Bush-Rockefellar Nazi faction of the  Illuminati.  He views Obama as a puppet caught between these factions and the Pentagon White Knights.  It’s quite a complicated chess board, and I grow weary of figuring out the players, who is on what side, etc.  It may not prove to be worth the effort very much longer.

As Fulford’s posts, among others, begin to take on the form of a never-ending soap opera, I have to wonder if they are less about providing information, and more about providing a distraction… look over here, not over there… continue to be suspicious and fearful, and therefore not awakened.  It may soon be time to stop feeding this soap opera.

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10 thoughts on “Fulford on NSA Scandal, Attacks David Icke and Alex Jones

  1. Hello; I am a senior citizen on disability. Although the subscription to Fulfords weekly posts may seem small to most, I connot afford it. I requested it at no cost without a response. What ever you think of his views, it is still information available no where else. And if he is not 100% acurate on any given issue, I believe his input is important to the frey. If you forego posting his collumns, I among many will only be privy to a small part of his letters. I try to listen to many points of view and sort it out for myself, as I think we all shoud do. If he honored his offer to those who cannot afford it, I would not make this plea. Please keep posting. I tune in every week.

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  4. Hello; I am a sick citizen on disability. Although the subscription to Fullfords weekly posts may seem small to most, I cannot afford it. I requested it at no cost without a response. I have send numerous emails to him but it seems he is not committing to his own policy to get his news for free if someone can not afford it!
    I follow Mr. Fullford a long time so it is nice this website is posting it, and appreciate it very much.
    I also follow David Willcock, David Icke, Alex Jones, Jordan Maxwell, Santos Bonacci and many others on this topic.
    So I believe to criticize is OK but you have to have proof to do so.
    We are not perfect ourselves so we should think of other Human beings are in the same shoes, and we are all looking forward to defeat those crooks on top!
    Many Regards to Everyone

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