In Defense of the Divine Masculine

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muscle-manSo much of the new Age movement is heavily invested in connecting us with the Goddess, The Divine Feminine and the great mysterious power of our feminine energy. I’m not saying that this isn’t a good idea, however too much of a focus on just one aspect without its polar opposite results in an imbalanced perspective.

The truth of the situation as we go hurtling towards massive transformation and change on our amazing planet, is that we absolutely do need to recognise and allow for the emergence of the magical feminine energy. This is our link to the creative aspects of the Source, the Universe or whatever you wish to call it.  However, we also need to enable and support the transformation of the current expression of the masculine into its Divine, higher expression. One cannot exist without the other, and what our deepest self wants is the harmonisation and transformation of both.

The ideal would be to release the inspiration and spiritual connection of the Divine Feminine from its subjugated slumber, whilst engaging in the alchemical transformation of the masculine to enable the realisation of mankind’s deepest dreams. As long as we deny either one, we will find ourselves adrift in a polarised situation that serves neither ourselves, nor the greater good of humanity. As the Light needs the dark in order to be recognised as light, so too do we require the active presence of both masculine and feminine in our life.

masculineWhen we give precedence to the goddess, we may find ourselves opening up to creative realms that we previously had either ignored or had no access to. There is a power and magic in connecting with the celestial realms of angels, ascended masters and higher ‘light beings’. There is a very real risk however, in us becoming ungrounded, or unable to actually utilise the information or guidance received in our physical domain. The feminine connection is usually made through the right brain, which takes us into a realm of feeling, emotion, symbols, newly discovered psychic abilities and abstract thoughts and ideas. If we enter into these realms without an anchor or level of discernment that is provided by the left brain/masculine energy, we open ourselves up to everything that exists there. And it’s not all love and light, no matter how much we may want it be.

So often, when we begin to access the dimensions of the divine feminine, we leave behind all sense of rationality and place all our faith just one aspect of who we are.

On the flip side of this coin, we see all around us the effect of an all pervasive masculine energy, left unguided or unchecked and in total denial of Spirit. We see clashing egos, territorial disputes, scientific arrogance and all out greed and grasping by (largely) male dominated corporations and governments. Women or those in female embodiment moving into these arenas, have largely adopted the same approach as the men – their masculine energy has become dominant over their internal feminine stream.

horned-manOver centuries the real feminine energy has become more and more suppressed, until those embodied in female form learned to fear their own inherent power as much as those in masculine embodiment did. The overall effect has been one of gross imbalance which quite clearly is still in force today. There is no doubt that the world requires not only more respect for the wisdom of the feminine, it also is in dire need of transformation of the current expression of the masculine energy into its higher form.

While the Goddess and Divine Feminine movement has allowed for the gradual uprising and recognition of the beauty and sacred connection of the feminine (most often embodied by the female), all too often it is in its own denial of the beauty and benefits that the Spiritualised masculine energy can bring to the party.

We are talking about a supreme and Higher Form of Balance and it begins with ourselves. We have both masculine and feminine within each of us, and it is through acknowledging and working with both that we will bring a new level of order to our lives.

The reformed or resurrected divine masculine brings a vital, fiery, active energy that enables and supports the active expression of the creative feminine in life. The indigenous cultures know this, and honour the feminine through their ritualistic practices. These often involve journeying, dreamtime, vision quests, observation of moon rituals and many more. The active male energy however, has a huge respect for the information gleaned this way, and acts upon it in such a way that all within the group benefits. Often this requires great courage, steadfastness of vision and a willingness to take action on the guidance received.

The goddess and divine feminine movement has largely confined itself to the exploration of hidden realms, but without the full participation of the divine masculine within themselves. An example of this is the fearful response of many on the ‘spiritual path’ when anything related to the dark is mentioned. I have heard so often, the oft-touted tenet that “what you focus on becomes bigger, therefore I don’t do dark”. The mysteries of the feminine and deep creativity are actually born of the dark. It is the courage, strength and surety of the masculine energy that facilitates us accessing the darkness for the hidden treasures. It is the critical thinking capacity of the left brain (masculine) which gives us the ability to face, discern and judge all that lies within the dark. Along with the mysteries of creation, so too does our own shadow dwell in darkness. How can we possibly ignore or deny its presence?

Our masculine energy allows us to truly face into our fears and shadows. It supports our ability to make choices and act on them.


Emancipating the feminine does not mean giving up the ability to think critically and analytically. It does not mean retreating into a dreamy world of guides, celestial beings and light forms. True freedom comes from being fearless in the face of perceived negative darkness and holding a stable and balanced position from which it can be dealt with. Our sovereignty as spiritual beings in human form, requires us to embrace all that we are. To do this, we need to retrieve our power from the negative masculine fear and control that is external to us and bring that energy within for transformation.

Only with the internal co-operation of both aspects of our energy forces will we regain control over ourselves and perhaps bring positive change in the world. We can ‘intend’ for things to be different, but without focussed will, attention and action to sustain the intention, our efforts will be minimal.

What is needed is to be fully in alignment with the positive feminine and masculine, the heavenly and earthly. When we can hold these in a balanced space within, then we will be better equipped to bring forward all that is good from our past in order to create a more harmonious future.

About the Author

Julie is an energy therapist and international teacher of a number of spiritual development and energy awareness programs. She is the founder of The Diamond Light Grid Alignment, a system of advanced vibrational alignments for restoring energy field integrity and a higher level of balance. The Diamond Light Grid facilitates spiritual growth and soul wholeness in a very down to earth, modern way with updated practices from the ancient world.

Julie also facilitates a number of hands-on Diamond development and other spiritual expansion workshops.

For more information, please visit: http://www.diamondlightworld.net


deusnexus_100I was actually thinking of writing a post like the one above. (Not finding the time,  Julie Umpleby has probably written it more concisely than I could have.)

On this site, I present both sides of the coin, the Spiritual and the Conspiracy, the Light and the Dark, the Feminine energy and the Masculine energy.  I draw an audience from either side of the fence who could benefit from learning a bit more about the other side.  I occasionally receive comments that view the focus on the Conspiracy as a focus on the Darkness, and thus perceive it as “fear mongering.”  They may believe, falsely, that if they Focus only on the Light, the Darkness will not be a part of their reality. I’m sorry to say they are perpetuating a system of duality.

In the New Age/Liberation community, what I find interesting is the dichotomy between the two sides, the two approaches, almost as if we are dealing with the battle between masculine energy and feminine energy.  The male energy is all about the external struggle, the physical world, dealing with such tangibles as hidden gold, a financial reset, and taking down the Cabal.  The female energy is all about the inner journey, working with inner knowledge, holding the Light.  This dichotomy demonstrates a serious rift between New Age Lightworkers and “Pentagon type” freedom fighters.  The male energy often belittles the efforts of the New Age female energy as being frivolous, being a “space cadet.”  The female side often ignores the male energy as being too warlike, or 3rd Density.  Let me tell you, both sides need each other, so both sides need to find a way to work together, to “get married.”  This new world we are entering requires that we finally settle this age-old conflict between the masculine and feminine energies, that we learn to integrate and appreciate the value of both.

Remember, it has always been the policy of the cabal to divide and conquer, and for centuries they have suppressed the female “goddess” energy to keep the masculine energy in a state of perpetual war.  Let’s end the war once and for all.

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6 thoughts on “In Defense of the Divine Masculine

  1. Divine masculine-defends and protects love and life. This is what I have had to call upon to protect myself. It has been greatly missing. I have to go to court alone and defend myself and then win. Win for myself. I am against the grain. There has been no support for me. I don’t even have a bed or proper home or a friend. I work all day, exhausted, trying to figure out the legal system and what I need. It’s about defending and doing the right thing. Not an easy thing. I wish I had done martial arts as a youngster. I need all the reserves I can get. Nobody even knows what I do. I hate all the new age stuff about love and light. This stuff is extremely hard. Things are so passive these days that you can suffer greatly and the people around you won’t even care. It is insane. Human life is worthless.ivine

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  3. I came across someone recently talking up the divine feminine but in the same breath talking down masculine energy. To me the divine feminine energy isn’t about talking down anything including the masculine energy, it’s nurturing/valuing not neglecting or mistreating in a bias manner and it’s certainly no judgmental.

    It is obvious that the masculine energy has been abused but it doesn’t make the masculine bad in some way just misrepresented by our actions. Yes the masculine has to judge, how else would it know to protect, if a lion was about to attack a child, the masculine energy becomes instantly protective and aggressive. This of course doesn’t matter if one is male or female, actually because the female is maternal the female will probably be more aggressive in her protection especially concerning her own children.

    There are some who don’t seem to know the difference between divine feminine energy and just feminine energy it would seem……

  4. Julie, thank you so much for this BOLD, informative, profound, open-minded, hearted-expanding, healing and empowering post.

    Continue to be an invaluable gift to self/Self, interconnected HUmanity, merging worlds, and beyond.

    ❤ ❤ ❤ Barbara

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    Like I shared with the author of this post, Julie, this reading is BOLD, informative, profound, open-minded, hearted-expanding, healing and empowering.

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