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Earth and the Real Light

by David Nova | Deus Nexus

Strange things tend to happen on vacation – I find enlightenment in the most unusual of places.  For instance, a cold and rainy night at the beach provided an opportunity to watch a film I might otherwise have never seen. Our little beach house had a collection of DVDs, and I found myself picking an unusual comedy to watch.

Now before you too judge an indie film by its title, let me just say this quirky little story turned out to be a profound meditation on the nature of divine love, and it was just the message I needed to hear regarding the slow pace at which our deluded world is waking up.

Lars and the Real Girl (2007)
A delusional young guy (Ryan Gosling) strikes up an unconventional relationship with a doll he finds on the Internet.


(Spoilers ahead) This is not really a film about a sweet, shy, dysfunctional man who finds happiness in a relationship with a sex doll. (Note: there is no sex or profanity in this film. Lars’ relationship with the doll in question is completely chaste – they don’t even sleep in the same room.) No, this is a tale about a small town that completely embraces the eccentricity of one of their own and in the process heal him.

The citizens of this small northern town refuse to judge or condemn Lars for his odd and unconventional relationship. They know his family history all too well – raised by a grieving widowed father. Lars is psychologically scared, he has a phobia of human contact. Instead, the entire town comes together to embrace “Bianca,” integrating her fictional life into their community, tenderly supporting Lars’ delusion instead of ridiculing him.

Because Bianca must use a wheelchair, Lars takes the doll to the local doctor/psychiatrist to receive regular treatments for her mysterious illness. The local psychiatrist deftly uses this pretense to treat Lars’ phobia instead – never once pushing him to wake prematurely from his delusion, instead allowing him a safe space to find his own way back to reality. One gets the impression that if the doctor and the town didn’t embrace Lars’ delusion he would simply retreat into personal isolation, and thus fall deeper into his own delusion.

At one point, Lars becomes frustrated because Bianca has so many social commitments with the townsfolk he doesn’t get to spend enough personal time with her. The townsfolk have given Bianca her own sense of identity and independence – almost like a real girl. Lars becomes jealous and lashes out at his sister-in-law. She finally snaps and responds that they have been doing all these things for him, bending over backwards to accommodate his “girlfriend.” Lars finally begins to understand just how much the town loves and supports him. It’s a remarkably moving scene.

Eventually Lars’ delusion begins to break down as he slowly starts to embrace reality. In the process of grieving Bianca’s death with the entire town, Lars is quietly released from his delusion. He is finally able to date a “real girl.”


This little, independent film is just the sweet sort of  “It’s A Wonderful Life” fairy tale that Hollywood used to make so well. It’s a shame there are not more films like this being made. However, as a manifestation of Synchronicity, considering the current state of affairs, this film contains a deeper, layered meaning.

Humanity is waking up from centuries of delusion. Much like Lars, humanity clings to its blinders and its limiting illusions. We are deeply in love with a temporal, material world that has no real substance. We are lost within our own Matrix. We identify with our physical bodies and our egoic minds, living in ignorance of our true divinity, living in fear of our true grandeur. We are afraid to step out of our comfort zone and embrace our divine responsibility in a larger Universe. We refuse to wake up. Yes, much of humanity is still Lars. Why wont they wake up already?

I’m as impatient as the next Lightworker. I’m impatient for the world to wake up, to transform, and Ascend. As Lightworkers, we tend to forget how difficult it is to fully awaken, yet we want the rest of humanity to simply open their eyes and quickly get on the bus – because we are ready to take off. When they don’t, when they refuse to see what’s right in front of their eyes, we write them off as “sheeple.”

However, Heaven hasn’t written them off. Heaven is patiently waiting, knowing that the process is about to come to a climax, knowing that everyone will eventually wake up, if not in this lifetime then in another or another. Some will always be holdouts, however most will simply follow the direction of the herd, only waking up when their friends and family wake up.

Our collective progress is dependent upon us – a significant portion of humanity being ready and willing to wake up. That often requires a great deal of healing first. It requires mourning the death of old delusions. It requires accepting ourselves in a completely new Light.

The beauty of the way Lars wakes up is that he is allowed to cling to his personal dignity right up to the point his doll “Bianca” is buried in the ground.  He is allowed to grieve the loss with dignity.  No one is standing by waiting to say “I told you so.”  No one judges him by saying, “Its great that you’ve finally seen the light and are living in the real world now.” They simply allowed him to wake up in his own time, in his own way, all the while surrounding him with love.  That doesn’t mean they’ve done nothing.

I think this is the hardest lesson for me (and for most Lightworkers) to learn: letting go, learning patience, withholding judgment, allowing the world to wake up in its own time, in its own way, organically.  That doesn’t mean sitting back and doing nothing.

There are different levels of humanity in delusion.  There are good-hearted individuals who trust the mainstream media, who are just living their lives.  There are otherwise decent people manipulated by the Cabal to do its bidding.  There are coerced accomplices who feel they have no other choice.   And there are the most deluded of all, those who seek wealth and power in the delusion of darkness – even some of them may yet see the Light.

angels over earth

This is the amazing revelation of this film – like Lars, humanity has been surrounded by a loving community of Angels, Extraterrestrials, and Spirit Guides who have patiently allowed us to live in our collective delusion for centuries, who have refused to judge us or prematurely pull us into their “Reality” out of concern of pushing us deeper into self-imprisonment. This is the practice of divine love in action, one we should attempt to emulate.

That being said, I’m still a firm proponent of actively encouraging people to awaken, creating every opportunity for people to choose to become more aware and informed – if they choose, which is the crucial point. They may soon find themselves in a world where the choice to remain ignorant becomes harder and harder, but that is all part of the natural end game.  All delusions eventually fall apart.

Waking us organically, through Love and unconditional acceptance, is by necessity a tediously slow process.  It has been going on for thousands of years, perhaps even longer.  We are finally at the breaking point when we are ready to bury our collective delusion in the ground. Like Lars, when humanity finally realizes just how much the galactic community has done for us, the unimaginable support they have provided, just how deeply we are loved, we will be both humbled and amazed.  We will no longer feel alone.

About the Author

David Nova is the author of the metaphysical fiction series “Season of the Serpent.”  He is a truth-seeker, a Wanderer, a blogger, and the moderator of Deus Nexus: Messages For An Entangled Universe.  For additional information about the author or his novels, visit his website, or his Facebook page.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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  3. This was a sensitive and nice article, David. However, if one is to wait for another lifetime in order to behold (mass) Ascension, I have two qualms:
    *One is that this implies reincarnation on Earth, which I certainly wouldn’t be inclined to undertake, especially after the bitter and heart-breaking experience of failed Ascension in this lifetime that just elapsed.
    *The other is admittedly more ego-centric. At the risk of sounding grandiloquent, if Ascension is postponed only one more lifetime, then the world wins, and I can already hear all those provincial closed minds harrumph around me: “you spiritual Ascension fruitcake were wrong, and have ended up senescing and dying like everyone else”. Per your reference to “Lars and the Real Girl”, this theme would resonate perversely with the townsfolk in the movie being, right to the point when Bianca is buried, too sensitive to brusquely disabuse Lars of his hopes and delusion, and to utter the crushing “I told you so” !
    I would hate to see the world (and the Matrix) win, and to meet my dad in the afterlife and hear his patronizing smile “see, son, how earthly life got the better of you and you didn’t Ascend in bodily glory?”

    • Perhaps what you fear most is simply being incorrect, yes? And yet none of us truly understand what ascension is, how it will unfold, with our limited human point of reference, in this illusory state of incarnation. I have never subscribed to this belief system of a mass ascension in bodily glory. In some respects, it is a holdover from Catholicism, or the evangelical notion of “the rapture.” The raising of consciousness is primarily spiritual, not physical. According to the Ra Material, many of us will leave this world and enter the new world through the very ordinary transition of death, an organic and natural transition from one density to the next.

      In the example that I write about in this post, Lars is our deluded human ego who desires a divine connection with an inanimate object, the illusory physical world. The towns people, who act like angels, never say “I told you so.” That is the one thing they never say. They simply love and encourage Lars to wake up from his illusion and embrace what is real. This is very hard for us in human form to understand, where the physical seems so real and the spiritual seems so illusory from our perspective. But that is all part of the very difficult awakening process.

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