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Behind the Scenes at “Prepare for Change”


by David Nova | Deus Nexus

I have been contacted by several members of the completely volunteer IT Team that resigned from Cobra’s “Prepare for Change” site, and I have been given access to their internal forum boards and a paper trail of emails that led to the decision to leave the project. I will attempt to piece together the events that occurred behind the scenes which lead to a breakdown of trust.

This is not a black and white story. (Light workers, please stop looking at the world through a lens of duality.) Let me be clear upfront. What went on behind the scenes was not the Cabal trying to sabotage Cobra’s reputation. Surprisingly, this story is not about Cobra. His role in this was small, so his followers should have little to fear reading this post. This is a story about human beings, some acting passionately and heroically, others not so much. More than anything, this story probably points to some bad decisions and general mismanagement from Cobra’s Leadership Team.  If there was anything nefarious going on, the evidence doesn’t demonstrate it. It does, however, raise some interesting questions.

I didn’t wish to be pulled into this situation, but this story fell into my lap, and I looked at the Synchronicity with a sense of irony, because it seemed I was particularly suited to tell this story (explanation later in the post) so I accepted this assignment from the Universe.

I will not pretend that this is a completely unbiased account.  I have some sympathy for the IT Team, as their situation was not unlike some stressful professional work environments I have found myself in.

To some this may all seem like needless drama and distraction from higher spiritual matters. However, by the time you finish reading this post I think you might come to appreciate a few spiritual lessons (as I certainly have). First, that we should probably stop blindly following someone else’s truth; we should seek to find the truth within ourselves. Second, we will probably never change the world by forming another system, institution, or bureaucracy, no matter how well intentioned. We must change ourselves. That’s what this tale seems to demonstrate.


According to the PFC website, Cobra is “an anonymous emissary of light.” He is also a self-proclaimed spokesman for the Resistance Movement which is a loose affiliation of humans, extraterrestrials, subterranean terrestrials, and spiritual entities.

Cobra keeps his identity a secret, he claims, to protect himself and his Resistance contacts. (Some sites have claim to expose who Cobra really is. People can make up their own minds about Cobra. His identity is not the subject of this post.)


“THE EVENT will be a moment of breakthrough for the planet which will be [both] physical and non physical.”

According to Cobra, the Event will include: the arrest of the Cabal, the disclosure of hidden truths including information about extraterrestrials, a global financial reset and a new financial system releasing prosperity for all, the introduction of new technologies, and the crest of a spiritual awakening for humanity. When will the Event occur?  According to Cobra, soon.

BACKGROUND: PREPARE FOR CHANGE is a global grassroots social network inspired by Cobra and created by his supporters to shape a “NEW SOCIETY” and provide “a stabilizing force during and after the “Event” to insure a positive, peaceful and non-violent change on our world.”

Keep the following quote from the PFC website in mind while reading this post.

“This site is not intended to foment fear or anxiety in anyway in fact we all are very very optimistic about the revelations and plans for our planetary liberation. The mold and darkness must be exposed to the light of truth so that it may [be] understood and forgiven. We may then forge a new path towards a just, transparent and open NEW SOCIETY.”

The question this post asks: Can Prepare For Change stand up to being exposured to the same light of truth?


The members of PFC’s IT Team have given me access to their internal forum boards as well as a host of emails between Cobra/his leadership team and themselves. They were very grateful that I would listen to them. I have only agreed to piece this story together. I have no other interest in PFC, its members, or their emails. The IT Team have asked me to preserve their anonymity. If it’s good enough for Cobra, then it’s good enough for his volunteers. They don’t wish to face any backlash from over-zealous followers. (neither do I) so I will refer to specific individuals simply by an [Initial].

My initial contact was Mr. [T]. “I’m the guy responsible for the IT Team, Translation Efforts and all work evolved around [the] Prepare for Change movement.” Mr. [T] graduated with a Computer Science degree and has specalized in Project Management. Mr [T] is from Brazil so his written English is occasionally a little rough. He was involved with PFC since June 22, 2013, and he provided me with an extensive timeline of the project.

As one of the first participants in the project, [T] initially only intended to translate content to Portuguese. The ambitious plan was to create a global website with content translated into multiple languages.  [T] said, “We worked with volunteers, around 250 translators and more [than] 25 persons directly evolved.” Clearly this was no small operation.


The “Prepare For Change” project was conceived by Cobra. Mr. [D], one of Cobra’s Leaders with a background in IT projects, presented a vision for the first site at the Laguna Beach conference. [D] was the original owner of the domain. A WordPress website developer was hired and paid to create the first site, yet they needed an army of volunteers to work on the project.

[T] took on the role of global translation coordinator because he believed in the project, he believed in Cobra, and he wanted to help out. No one asked him, he simply volunteered to do it.  And he wasn’t being paid.

[D] and [T] formed a working partnership and soon discovered their small team, including a WordPress developer who was being paid by Cobra, were unprepared to deal with the scope of the project, to create a collaborative platform with multiple translations that could have local leaders get in touch with contacts in their native language – a huge job.


At this time, the paid developer wasn’t being very cooperative, and he was the only person with administrator access, which he refused to share. To keep working on translations, [T] created another domain on GoDaddy. He paid for it himself to create the tools needed for the translators to use. The domain was in his name, and it was used both as a test site for the translators and as a development server to experiment with new concepts.

As a Team Leader and the owner of the domain, [D] contacted the hosting company and got access to the cPanel. So at the end of the first month, [T] was obligated to hack the Database to gain admin access to the current WordPress installation. The paid developer was fired. The rest of the Leadership was anxious to have a working site.  They didn’t know that the paid developer was causing trouble. They didn’t understand the delays. They were making demands, and they were blaming [D] for the setbacks. According to [T], this was the beginning of the communication problems that followed.


When the new IT Team of volunteers finally gained access to the first site structure, they discovered it was an expensive mess without a real plan, and that it was neither capable of handling the translation structure, nor an overload of visitors.

Mr. [E], a professional art director and project manager, came aboard the project.  He created the current layout and explained: “As we inherited the site from another guy, we developed everything from scratch, but we kept the same information architecture (the site navigation menu).”

So Cobra’s initial investment money was wasted, and a team of unpaid volunteers had to fix the problems, under the growing demands and impatience of Cobra’s Leadership Team.

At this point, [D] tried to explain that the Leaders could create new content on the current structure with editor access, however they preferred to wait for the new site.

[P], a volunteer System Analyst, described how this new IT Team came together. “Providence led us to become IT admins… One day we found ourselves in that position.”

“We never meant to be exactly in the position of admins,” [E] added.  “We were just one of the first people who came with the technical means and good ideas. In the beginning we didn’t knew each other but on the way we learned to admire and respect our buddies work. Things were working great before the so-called Laguna Beach Leaders begun ruining everything and we kept listening, trying to understand what they wanted.”

However, one Leader was on their side from the very beginning. [D] formed a close working relationship with the IT Team. According to [T], “I always acted with the coordination of [D]. As I told you before, [D] was one of the leaders, and since the beginning he was my partner, my coordinator and my leader.”


Work on the new structure began. To expedite matters, [T] purchased a new account on DreamHost (again with his own money) and they started working on a new site structure.  They ran lots of tests, and it took three weeks to finish.  However, the site was still pretty limited for visitors.  At this point the leadership started asking that more stuff to be added to the site, but apparently they did not understanding the amount of time or man-hours it would take to accomplish the things they wanted to add before the launch of the new structure. So the leadership became frustrated. A lack of communication became apparent.

It might have been miscommunication, the time crunch, or communicating by email that started to cause friction; however, I know first hand the dynamics at work here.  You see, I work in media.  I work in a creative-technical field.  I’m a freelance video editor.  My significant other works as an IT professional.  We know first hand how exasperating it is working with producers or middle managers who haven’t a clue about the technical aspects of our jobs or have unrealistic deadlines.  I’ve worked with hundreds of clients and producers… some wonderful… and some terrible.  The good ones trust that as a professional I know what I’m doing, and they listen to me when I explain why something can’t be done quickly.  The bad ones think they know something they don’t.  They bluff.  They operate out of fear, afraid of losing their jobs, or looking bad because they are in over their heads.  This is how most of corporate America is run.  The worst work environments are typically run by huge, fragile egos.  The best work environments are run by people who are content with themselves, who understand their abilities and their limitations. If you are looking for a good job, take a closer look at the boss. Of course, it will be a wonderful day when we no longer need bosses. Unfortunately, I don’t think bosses are looking forward to that day.

Ok, I gave my two cents… now back to the story.


From the beginning, [T] coordinated the translation effort, but he also found himself working on the IT Team.  “At some point, I put my job at risk, I was forced to take medical leave of 15 days to take care of my health. I worked really hard to deal with all [the] translators and with [the] other stuffs, including [the] IT Team.” [T] was dealing with 250 translators in 30 languages around the globe… and not being paid. I know plenty of corporate and government managers who’s full time job is less demanding.

Granted, [T] volunteered for this task; he put himself in this position. The entire team was willing to sacrifice their free time because they believed in the mission, they wanted to help create a better world, and they believed in Cobra. I can certainly understand that.

[T] and the IT Team backed up and migrated the old site to the new structure. He says: “Yes, we had total control because we [were] the system admins[trators] responsible [for] create[ing the] new structure. And this occurs only because we assume this position, no one obligated us to do that, and no one [gave] orders, we just made what we choose to do to help.”


I asked [T] if he was paid any money or reimbursed for the money he paid out of his own pocket.

“Well, from the beginning I used my money to hire the GoDaddy account, to buy some plugins, to contract the DreamHost plan and another stuffs [involved]… I was reimbursed only when we received some donations, and just on one moment, after two and a half months.”

I asked [T] if he was ever asked to sign any type of contract or nondisclosure form.  Was there ever anything put in writing that specified who owned the intellectual property rights to all the work they provided?  This is standard operating procedure for any creative venture.  The answer to all these questions was “no.”

“No, I never signed any kind of contract and never received anything formal [to] establish or limit my roles… No legal stuffs was involved…”

[D] was the legal owner of the original domain, The second host plan was under [T]’s name. So in all probability, none of the other Leaders had any legal right to claim the website or the work that was being done by the IT Team. After the IT Team resigned and posted their final message, they ultimately give up the site to Cobra without any form of compensation.

Why did Cobra’s Leadership fail to draw up even the most basic contracts for the volunteers to sign?  To protect the project from future dispute?  It seems inconceivable to me.  Have they even registered a single copyright?  Formed a legal nonprofit organization?  One wonders what they were thinking?


At launch, the new site was not capable of supporting multiple languages.  There were still lots of bugs and errors to deal with which delayed multiple languages another week.

[T] described the situation.  “The fact is only [D] and just one other assumed responsibility for writing and help[ing] the site. The majority of the other Leaders just starting clamming for things, without understand[ing] the technical stuff evolved [involved.] They started treat[ing] us like subordinators and they started to force us to deal with their crazy and short deadlines…”

At the same time, the translators were finishing their work, and when the Leaders tried to change their published content they were creating a lot of rework. This caused even more communication problems, as the leaders didn’t understand why all these changes were not being made.

“Well, at this point, the leaders started to be very angry and passionate, accusing us that we, the volunteers [were] responsible [for] block[ing] their work, when in fact, for us, we tried to explain that with editor access they [were] able to publish and create new content. But the fact was that a lot of ‘leaders’ simply stand idly by, waiting for others to do their work.”


Trust started to break down when the IT Team gave local Leaders access to publish content on the site.  They established some guidelines and [D] approved it, however the Team Leaders began to clamor for control – that they should be the ones to approve and control all content posted.  [D] was the only leader taking an active role, but soon the other Leaders began to turn against him.

“The site was collaborative when we were in charge,” added [P]. “Anyone could post an article. The only thing needed is to get approval from their local group.”

“At some point, we discovered the manipulations from [R1-one of the Leaders, Cobra’s business partner and friend], he started claiming for control, he started acting in the name of Cobra, but in fact they lied to Cobra a lot of times. We always tried to keep Cobra informed, [for] us Cobra was a kind of leader [for] the movement, but we discovered that Cobra was not interested [in] deal[ing] with internal issues. He simply did not have time to lead.”

Eventually, the Leadership began to wake up to the demands they were placing on these few volunteers.  They offered to pay [D] $2000 a month to act only as coordinator.  The wanted [T] to take two months off his real job and pay him $1500 a month.  Both volunteers were against the idea.

“We never worked for money,” said [T]. “In fact we are investing all our free time. Why? We wanted to help.” The Team truly believed in the project, and they believed that they would still be a part of it in the future. Accepting payment would probably have just made them hired hands.  They didn’t want the money.  What they wanted was the New Society Cobra promised where everyone is treated equally, with respect and dignity. It’s sad to say that is not what they got.  [D] was soon dismissed.

“Well, [D] was the main writer of Prepare for Change,” said [T]. “At some point he was ‘FIRED’ (how you can fire a volunteer?) and the leaders started blaming [D].”

This sudden and unexpected change demoralized the IT Team, losing a trusted partner, someone they only had praise for, someone they truly respected and loved working with. The organization must have felt broken.

Off the record, [D] corroborated the story that the IT Team was telling me.  However, due to the emotional toll this situation has taken, [D] declined to be quoted for this article as he wished to put the entire episode behind him and move on to more postive things.  I certainly don’t blame him.


“Ok, [so] we continue our positions. But we discovered that the treatment from the other Leaders was like boss or CEO of a company,” [T] explained.  “Yes, a toxic environment.”

He went on to explain that the Leadership created a “Round Table Council,” but [D] was not a part of it and neither were any of the volunteers. In the opinion of [P]: “The ‘leaders’ claim to be ‘democratically elected’. None of the 275 volunteers I know voted for them to be ‘Leaders’. I wonder who ‘democratically elected’ them.”

At this point, I’m starting to get an uneasy feeling myself, particuarly about the strange hierarchy of this organization. “Round Table Council” is a phrase I seem to have heard elsewhere, in a very different context

“According to former British intelligence agent John Coleman’s book, The Committee of 300, the Rothschilds exert political control through the secretive Business Roundtable, which they created in 1909 with the help of Lord Alfred Milner and South African industrialist Cecil Rhodes.”

“Roundtable inner Circle of Initiates included Lord Milner, Cecil Rhodes, Arthur Balfour, Albert Grey and Lord Nathan Rothschild.  The Roundtable takes its name from the legendary knight of King Arthur, whose tale of the Holy Grail is paramount to the Illuminati notion of Sangreal or holy blood.”

From: The Federal Reserve Cartel: Part III: The Roundtable & The Illuminati

You would think that the Leadership Team could have come up with a less provocative name.

I considered volunteering for Prepare For Change myself a few months ago; however, I was deterred by the amount of personal information they required just to sign up: my name, address, email, phone number, my job, and a list of my skills.  In this age, with personal privacy increasingly at risk, I felt there was no reason to provide so much detailed information to an unknown website, just to consider joining a grassroots movement.  I had my own doubts long before this episode.


At this point, [R1] tried to insert his own guy into the IT Team, someone who was actually his own employee (a conflict of interest?)  [R2] was a designer, not a programmer. Trying to help, [D] surrendered his administrative access to him. According to [T], [R2] proceeded to cause a lot of damage to the website structure because he didn’t understand how it was created.  At this point, [T] admits that he was forced to block [R2]’s access to prevent him from doing further damage to the site. Furthermore, [T] was obligated to correct the damage caused by [R2]. [R1] was making greater demands, sometimes forcing the team to work till four in the morning to implement his changes.  Under [R1], the situation becoming a tense and acrimonious work environment.

A mirror site was created to allow [R2] to continue to work without damaging the PFC site. However, according to [T], the mirror site also became damaged, so it was not possibe to implement all of the Leadership’s changes. This caused a great deal of anger and frustration, so much so, Cobra, who up to now had taken a backseat, was forced to step into the situation.


Cobra sent an email to the leaders asking them to be calm.  “Ok, all leaders stopped for a moment, but was only a short time.” [T] explained, hinting that Cobra’s calming influence was short lived. Things quickly got worse. More unrealistic demands were being made, mostly from [R1], and the IT Team was perceived as being uncooperative. Suspicions were rising.

According to [T]: “The IT Team had noticed that some times the site was quite slow… As the site already had 11 translated languages, multiple active email accounts and a average of 7 thousand hits daily, it required time and planning to make a full migration to a better hosting plan. [It] was a work-in-progress, but this was stopped drastically.”

Because the site was slow, [R1] sent out an internal email requesting the fixes be done in less that a week. In an email reply, the IT Team explained they needed more time to plan or else they might lose content and possibly break the language versions. Their warnings were ignored.

Apparently, Cobra was informed that there was a problem with the IT Team, that they were blocking the progress of the site. Yet the members of the Team claimed that they were just concerned with maintaining the integrity of the published content and that they were simply asking for more time to work out the problems. And this in when the Leadership and Cobra began demanding the IT Team hand over the administrative access codes.


As I understand it, this request was tantimount to firing the entire IT Team, though the request was initially couched in consilitory language. There was already some evidence that new people were waiting to take over. Reading through the emails, you can see how the tension between Cobra’s Leadership and the IT Team quickly escalated into a shouting match.

“Things calmed down a bit but it was just a break,” explained [E].  “Then they begun demanding the codes, after saying [R1] would no longer have any influence on our work.”

An internal email from the Leadership stated: “I spoke with Cobra yesterday and I announced our conversation to all the New Society groups. He never designated [R1] as the leader. He doesn’t intend to appoint anyone as that is not of the light. Our new society group is set up as an advisory council. [R1] has been neutralized…. Please send me the codes.  If you are in doubt that this is what [Cobra] wants let us both call him.”

[T]’s emailed response: “About the codes, we will decide as a team, no problem… Well, we can define levels of access for the codes, like that, a person that have the access to our DreamHost account is able to destroy all things very easy, so this person need to be very trustable or need to have high knowledge…”

The IT Team was concerned that handing over the admin codes might lead to irrepairable harm to the site and all their work. Perhaps, they were also stalling for time, trying to figure things out for themselves, if they still trusted a network they had worked so hard to help build.

As [E] states: “So we begun summing up the facts.  Showing this kind of contradiction was the last straw. We felt they were lying about [R1] and our relationship became impossible and we decided to resign and you know the rest…”

In a private resignation email [T] states, “We worked hard here, but the leaders [were] only capable to demand things, ‘we want this, we want that, for me the site is not concluded, change this text because my name didn’t appear here, bla bla bla’.”

There was clearly a lot of distrust and acrimony on both sides of the fence. In another email, where the Leadership attempted to address each of the IT Team’s concerns, in what reads almost as comical desperation, the person repeats the request for the codes at the end of each and every paragraph. This person asked for the codes nine times in one email.  It’s a little unsettling.  The IT Team’s email response was less than professional, a capital letter shouting match, and [T] admits they handled the situation badly.

And then Cobra finally got involved.

[T] described the phone call: “I was working on the site logged on my personal Skype account. Cobra called me, I answered the call and I just heard someone very angry claiming for ‘the codes’ for the ‘good of humanity’. Cobra said things like ‘My organization needs the codes’, and ‘Your team is blocking our progress’. I tried to ask for more information, but Cobra had no time to lose explaining things.”


The final straw for the IT Team was when the Leadership began to suggest that the reason they were being resistant was due to Archon influence.

[T] said: “Well, we tried to block this tentative, but on another day they started telling all Leaders that we [were]  under archon control, and we [were] not able to support the entire LIE!”

This is perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the entire story, an all too familiar historical malady.  When the Roman Catholic Church wished to silence their critics, they called them heretics.  When certain evangelical Christian groups wished to silence their critics they invoked demonic possession.  More recently, when the Church of Scientology wishes to silence their critics they call them a “Suppressive person”  This is a sad state of affairs.


And so the IT Team resigned and surrendered the codes to Cobra.  However, this was not just three or four guys.  In total, more than 270 volunteers made up of language translators from around the globe resigned with them. But before they did, they posted their now infamous resignation letter on the home page of the Prepare For Change website which they had built and paid for.

Mr. [E] had this to say: “I’m a designer with 20 yrs of experience. I work with digital media since 1998. I’ve seen hundreds of my projects being given to other professionals and I don’t have any problem with it. The diference here is that we were giving our work, and all the translation teams effort, to an absolutely unproven under capacited professional. This isn’t right given our audience and the responsability we had with humanity. Unfourtunatelly we felt forced to do so.”

[P] adds: “And, in fact, [R1] and [R2] proved they had no technical competence because, even having access to all files and databases, they’ve chosen to start another website from scratch, throwing all the volunteer’s work right through the window.”

Meanwhile, under a new IT Team, continues to suffer from technical problems.

I asked the IT Team why they held on to the codes so long before giving them to Cobra’s people.

Mr. [P] answers: “You ask us why we hold the passwords for so long. I reply [to] you: because they belonged to us (and I mean “us” as all the people who have worked hard to translate things and form local groups). It’s matter of fact. The leaders never registered even a “trade mark” called Prepare for Change. We started this task willing to help people and we found ourselves inside a turmoil and holding the responsability of taking care of a number of people’s data and hard work. What do you think we were supposed to do?”

In their public resignation, the Team states: “Just to clarify the situation, Cobra and leaders want [to] control all published content, we want a collaborative website. They want [to] publish only authorized content by the council of leaders, and they are thinking that only the selected group of leaders have the discernment to decide what is truth, we want a free expression place where anyone could post their opinions and feelings, but being accountable for their words and acts. They want you to follow them under Cobra’s guidance, we want anyone willing to built a brave new world to join us together as one, under her/his own internal guidance.”

In a recent statement released by the Prepare For Change leadership, the Leaders dispute this allegation: “For the record there has never been any restriction on comments, content or on submissions by anyone anywhere in the world as long as the comments articles and submissions followed our protocols.”

Mr. [D], one of Cobra’s Leaders, who declined to be quoted for this piece, did express the tremedous disappointment he felt in the outcome, as well as his amazement at what a small team of professional people, whom he still considers friends, were able to accomplish under so much pressure.


I’m grateful for this lesson, in part because it has served to remind me that we CAN NOT change the world by our deeds and our desires and our well-intentioned works.  We CAN NOT change the world with commites and organizations, networks and Round Tables.  We CAN ONLY change the world by changing ourselves.  We must transform ourselves, from within, to become that which we seek on the outside.

We must start by valuing people first.  We must place treating people with dignity and respect ahead of our brilliant ideas and our high-minded ambitions.  Prepare for Change was supposed to be about a free and divine people working openly together for the benefit of mankind, not about an enlightened group of self-proclaimed leaders abusing the hard work and dedication of their volunteers.

Volunteers should always seek their own leadership and authority from within.  They should learn that they don’t need a council of elders to tell them what is true.  We should all seek to find our truth within, and not rely so much on charasmatic leaders, giving them all of our energy and power.

If Cobra’s Leadership had an issue trusting their own volunteers, then perhap they needed to take a look in the mirror and ask themselves why they have given themselves this lesson, take a deep breath, relax, and start becoming better managers.

Ok, so I’ve been pretty hard on Cobra’s Leadership team.  I’m sure they are under a lot of pressure preparing for Cobra’s “Event.”  However, I no longer subscribe to this “Event.”  I don’t believe it is going to unfold as they say it will.  In fairness, I hope they can learn from their mistakes and set out to create the sort of wonderful society they say they want to manifest.  I wish them Love and Light on their journey.

Indeed, we should all be working towards building a New Society… but let’s start by working on ourselves first… our Highest Selves.

Additional Note:  The IT Team by no means acted like saints throughout this drama, as they will be the first to admit.  They still struggle with themselves over the outcome of this unfortunate situation, and they are learning their own lessons from it.  They wish to move on to a more positive endeavor.

About the Author

David Nova is the author of the metaphysical fiction series “Season of the Serpent.”  He is a truth-seeker, a Wanderer, a blogger, and the moderator of Deus Nexus: Messages For An Entangled Universe.  For additional information about the author or his novels, visit his website, or his Facebook page.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.


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13 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes at “Prepare for Change”

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  2. Very interesting. I am/was a major coordinator for PFC and lately I’ve been having some doubts myself. I must say Rob Potter’s conferences started it as they seemed like a big scam. It started to feel like the old “don’t do anything now, wait for us to save you” routine. Almost like they anticipated an awakening and wanted to manipulate it (and milk it for as much cash as possible- have you seen a quantum resonator?). I’ve kept a couple Facebook groups open about it in anticipation of this since Cameron Day’s false light post. If you really want information and understanding I refer you to

  3. This is a complete one sided report, I am genuinely disappointed with this site disiminating false information for the sake of filling in its blanks , I am ashame of this site that only looks for drama to entertain its readers and by that falling in to the hands of the adversary, the very same enemy we are all here to defeat, we want a Golden Age world but yet we refuse to change the very same behavior of hate & separation that put us there in the first place, if you want to hear and read more ” interesting & entertainng” stories please feel free to listen to our Jesuit Pope who says beatifull things before the masses but does the opposite behind the curtains , that is the Jesuits ” Modus Operandi” and we, the sheep, fall for it over and over gain ! does not anyone sufficinetly enlightened knows by now that anything that creates ” Disharmony and separation ” is not of the light ?

  4. I don’t think any of this reflects on Cobra. Cobra is working very hard to bring the Golden Age to planet earth…but it seems many people are still stuck in the old realities which means bickering, fighting, power struggles, etc… It seems that [T] decided to take his grievances public in order to get some validation. Is that really serving the light? This seems like a very thoughtfully written blog, but did you consult all the parties involved, or are you just relying on the reporting from [T] and [D]? For one thing, I find [T]’s claims that the whole team of of 270 volunteers quit. I have seen on other blogs where very few of the translation volunteers actually agreed with [T]’s actions.

    It’s hard work to birth the New Reality…and sometimes messy. So we humans can always learn from our mistakes and try to do things better the next time. Perhaps the people involved with this website were too naive, forgetting about human frailties. Perhaps in their excitement, they moved too quickly and made mistakes that were hard to recover from. The human failings that happened in this instance are no reason to decide that we don’t believe in the Event. This is not a logical connection.

    • Obviously, yes, this is a one-sided story from the point of view of the IT Team. I admit that in the post. However, I found them to be open, honest, thoughtful, and passionate about what they were doing to help. The human failings made for a very difficult work environment and caused many doubts about PFC. None of this reflects on Cobra or what he talks about. I only wrote this story because I felt there was an important, yet difficult lesson in here to be learned by all.

      I have partially changed my own opinion of The Event for other reasons, based upon my own inner intuition, not based upon this drama, but perhaps on some of the lessons learned from it.

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  6. There are more meanings of “Round Table” than those of King Arthur and the British imperialists. During the Revolutions of 1989 in Eastern Europe “Round Tables” were initiated in Poland, German Democratic Republic, Hungary and Bulgaria to manage a peaceful transition in their countries. See more here:

    Revolutions of 1989

    I’ve to admit the term “Round Table” is handicapped and it would have been better to choose another name.

  7. I wondered what was going on, as I had signed on months ago and then everything went kaput. I realize what was said here was only given by the few involved. But wow, I was really impressed with the initial website. Such hard work had gone into it and it’s a beautiful site. I don’t much about website building, programming, etc but I can only imagine the amount of hours that went into the organization of so many people, their creative ideas and then finally putting it all together. I know all meant well as is obvious by so many volunteer hours that went into such a huge project. I know it will all work out though, as it should. We are just getting started with realizing a world at peace and as humans, we aren’t perfect. Yet. Bless all of you for your good intentions because you meant well! Peace!

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