Unknown Multicolored Glowing Light

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in5d_glowingFor the past week or longer, there has been a strange, glowing UFO in the horizon of the western sky and according to SkEye and Stellarium, there are no stars or planets in that area.

If you are looking at the western sky in the early evening, you will see Arcturus glowing as well as Venus.  You will also see a light to the left of Arcturus that is not defined by either SkEye ot Stellarium.

You will see this bright light in the early evening in the western sky.

SkEye is a free app for your cell phone that maps out the sky for you.  With this app, you can see every known star, planet and constellation.

Similar to Venus, this light is not seen very high above the ecliptic plane of earth’s orbit.

While zooming in on it with my Canon 35x Powershot, the light would change from red to green to white.  Even with a tripod, I had difficulty zooming in and focusing in on it but I will continue trying to get empirical video and photos of this anomaly.

My particular sighting came from the Gulf Coast of Florida but this sighting has also been reported from coast to coast in the United States as well as all around the world.

Unknown Glowing Light In Evening Western Sky - Starship? Comet? Nibiru? Hercolubus? | In5D.com

From New York City, “I noticed a star of unusual brightness. It seemed to be flickering from red, to blue to green to white.”

From Virginia, “Incredible. I live in Virginia Beach and work in Norfolk. I’ve been noticing this object for about a month now, I just shrugged it off as Venus. I tried using Google Sky on my phone but no label came up for it – and I still convinced myself that its Venus and that my phone must just be buggy. I’m weirded out now and still can’t fathom this being a strange planetary object…”

From Massachusetts: “I’m in Massachusetts and I saw it Wednesday evening. The strange thing is, there were no other stars in the sky, none. My husband tried ti convince me that it was Venus, but I don’t think so. It was too big, too bright and like I said, there was not a single other star to be seen.”

From North Carolina: “I live on the foothills of the blue ridge Mts …. near Boone NC and I have been watching this “object” for a year. I remember last year on the way back from Charlotte my son noticed it after I had been watching it for a while. It has gotten allot brighter.”

From England: “Finally I find someone else who can see it. I see it also and when I looked in my telescope it made me feel ill. Its weird looks like a cell or germ it flickers red and blue. It changes shape and when I look at it I get this creepy feeling like it knows I’m watching. I’m in northeast England and it becomes visible just after sunset.”

From Spain, “we were traveling north on the Alicante-Valencia highway, close to Denia. It was after sunset and we were surprised to see a very bright star (the brightest star one can see in the sky) that pulsated with different colors.”

From Brazil, “First, I thought that it could be Jupiter, and then I tried to see it better using a telescope. I didn’t see the moons of Jupiter that normally appear when you are using the telescope, and I realized that the strange object was emitting light of its own, and not reflecting the light of the sun as a planet does. I enlarged the image several times using the telescope, and I realized that the object, although very bright, was rather small. The next day, using the Stellarium computer program, I realized that there was no object showing in the location that I saw.”

In Japan, a witness saw a ‘mysterious luminary object’ from their window in the western sky above the trees. ‘It was emitting light, shining brightly, changing colours, green, yellow, red and so on. It was moving vertically, up and down, while spinning.’

From New Zealand, “I was walking down the stairs to my car when I saw this really bright star shining. It kept changing colours from red to green in the western sky.”

From Scotland, ” During a recent trip to Italy, at the Pedra e Cupa campsite in Budoni, Sardinia, at 5am on Saturday 4 July a bright star was clearly seen in the western region of the sky and was the only star visible in the sky at this time. Was it the ‘star’?”

From Canada, “I see it to from Ottawa, Canada, here it more active around 20:30 pm, it flickers like crazy and the top part grows white then reduces to red weird star….”

UPDATE: I took the following video on the evening of October 16, 2013 looking toward the western sky from the Gulf Of Mexico in Florida:

I have been documenting a UFO in the western sky and tonight, I captured the UFO pulsating and expanding while changing colors and shapes. At the end of the video, I slowed it down 4x to allow the viewer to see the changing colors and shapes of this UFO.

I have clearly documented that this UFO is not Arcturus, Jupiter, Venus, Antares, Mars or Saturn, nor is it a satellite, comet or asteroid. If you look of Stellarium or the cell phone app, SkEye, you will not find anything in this area of the sky.

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Gregg Prescott, M.S. is the founder and editor of In5D and BodyMindSoulSpirit. He hosts a weekly spiritual show on In5D Radio and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States through In5dEvents. His love and faith for humanity motivates him to work relentlessly in humanity’s best interests 12-15+ hours a day, 365 days a year. Please like and follow In5D on Facebook as well as BodyMindSoulSpirit on Facebook!

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667 thoughts on “Unknown Multicolored Glowing Light

  1. I live in Shreveport, Louisiana , and I too have been observing this pulsating, color changing, shape changing object in the western sky, since late Feburary 2015. I kept it to myself for some time in fear of being thought of as crazy! I finally pointed it out to my fiancé in May; he is now obsessed & crazed by it… We have numerous pictures & videos of this thing…. We’ve also witnessed what looked to be some sort of fire-power put off from it along with a few fainter surrounding objects. And along the way, it’s not just been one thing, but several. I’ve seen more with my naked eye than I care to disclose with just anyone… I don’t know what to think of the things I’ve seen and known I was NOT hallucinating ! I can’t even wrap my mind half way around this strange phenomenon . WHAT THE **** IS IT????

    • I live in Florida and had the very same experiences and thoughts when it comes to this “thing”. I have pictures of it changing colors and pulsing as well. The truth is we will only know the “truth” when it is decided we should. But I can tell you… This thing was not in the night sky when I was a kid!!!!

      • @Rob … when you say, “This this was not in the night sky when I was a kid!!!!” … I concur … I don’t remember Sirius being SO bright AND multicolored … Sirius has always been bright, but now it’s almost like the real Sirius has disappeared and the disco ball is the “new” Sirius !

    • P.S. My mom was out walking the dog and came in yelling that she just saw a star flip in the sky, that’s how I came to notice it. Never seen that happen since though. Sounds crazy, but she was literally shaken.

    • Dear writer,
      Your not “crazy” just highly observant like myself. I have also noticed more appearing in other locations. They appear to be communicating with each other. Yeah, my wife says i’m “obsessed” with it too, lol.
      It is a very, very unusual happening, which people like our selve cann’t help but be interested in.
      There’s three possability’s i’m down too, of which none are comforting, really.
      A “nutron star”…a “black hole” or “extra terrestral”…i’m hoping it’s the Extra Terrestrial because the other two world most certainly end the Earth and/or our solar system.
      Keep looking up…
      Your Artist friend from Florida
      Jamie Hamblin

  2. I saw few weeks ago and watched for over 3 hours. With my spotting scope. It was different flickered multi color I zoomed in. It was like a ball(matrix) that kept changing different colors. It stayed in the same place. Might be nothing , but I curious continued to come out on the porch and check. It was still there each time . Have not seen it since that night. Interesting, I felt as if it was something different.???

  3. I live in south Kentucky, out in the hills with a great view of the stars, have been watching this for four years. There is another in the north eastern sky also. Both change colours, its the watchers. I believe they set and there is always one around. Many farmers have noticed also.

  4. Nov.28 2015
    I’ve seen this exact same object in the eastern sky from the thumb area in Michigan . I live approximately 35 miles as the crow fly’s from the ambassador bridge going to Canada I thought it might have been a surveillance blimp until I brought out my spotting scope and got a good look at it . then I wondered if it was a hologram being projected . but now reading this post I realize I’m not the only seeing this then I looked towards the south and noticed another one not as bright and further away tonight I went out and counted seven ! what the f@# k’s going on? thay don’t appear to move . the government has to know about this. I mean it appears to be world wide. Is it some kind of a hoax? Is somthing looking over us ? Head’s up people!
    P.S. also noticed a lot of air traffic around the one by the bridge which is highly unusual so it must of spooked the security forces at the border

  5. im in tennessee and ive seen this same “object” ive seen it look like a star but while watching this “object” it all of a sudden starts flashing red or green . im confused as to what it is. it is in my north western sky. then in i noticed a more distinct white “object” in the eastern sky i know is not a star or the I.S.S or a satelite because it is visible 30 minutes to an hour after the sun passes the horizon wtf are these “objects” im a pagan who has been studing astrology since i was 13 and these “objects” have only recently shown up in the last 3 years.

  6. To those of you who noticed it years ago, has its size ever change over the years? Bigger smaller? Did you try to observe it with more powerful equipment?

    • The object in the WESTERN sky that I’ve been watching off and on for the last 3 years has moved from the SW to point west and slightly lower in the horizon. It seems to have gotten brighter and perhaps a little larger.

    • Whoa if you guys’ observation is correct, some official will have to acknowledge it publicly at certain point when it becomes impossible to ignore

      • Actually Goofy, KAdcock & Jazzlily we are the same person. I thought I lost the first post so reposted. But I agree you would think there would be some sort of public acknowledgement by this time.

      • I think if it stays relatively stable, they will probably keep ignoring it. But if it keeps getting bigger over time, eventually it will probably look very prominent and cause panic. Then the government will come out and say ‘nah we don’t think it’s a threat’, even if they know it’s gonna cause massive changes.

      • Honestly, there is so much more information leaking out all over the place, including the strange objects that are appearing on NASA’s ISS camera feed (which they keep turning off), this is the least of their problems. Now if this ‘light’ suddenly does something very dramatic that simply can’t be ignored by those who pay little attention to the sky… then yes.

      • Agreed. Maybe this is what all those DUMBS and prepping are for. We don’t know what they know but we can at least watch what they do.

  7. if we are talking about the same thing, i first saw the red and green twinkle in june
    of 02. with my wally world 70mm, 64x base telescope using the 1x eyepiece and both the 3x and 1.5x barlow lenses. total magnification 288x. a bit hard to center and focus
    but it can be done. the best description i can give is one of a piece of corrugated pipe
    turned at a 45 degree angle so you can see into the end with the corrugation ridges “seeable” down one side. a red light on one side and a green light on the other. not sure if the light on top was whitre or yellow. the most interesting thing was when the green light was on, smaller orbs of light would fly into the end of the pipe. when red, the orbs exited the pipe. like a traffic light in outer space. was at some friends house when this happened. he looked and was in awe like me. his wife looked and to this day
    refuses to talk about it. from ne alabama, in june 02′, 9pm it was at an approximate azimuth of 30 degrees. in august 13, it was at the horizon at dusk, 7 o’clock position in relation to venus. the evening star.

      • Big Toe, your pretty much described it. But I didn’t see it until Dec. 2013 and only with the naked eye. I made my first post here Dec. 2, 2013. Live near a small airport and I see planes fly by all the time. The first time I saw it I thought it was a plane coming straight at me. But as I watched, I realized it wasn’t moving. Continued to watch it into Jan. Sometimes it appeared as if it was spinning/rotating. It would get brighter then dim, brighter then dim, similar to the beam of a lighthouse while multicolored lights pulsed around the perimeter . I called it the New Star of Bethlehem. Saw it again last year around this time but more due west instead of SW at about a 45 degree angle. Haven’t looked for it this year. Seems to be seasonal and only visible for a few hours a night.

      • haven’t seen thru a scope since 02. did try again in 13. pointed it out to my son and a friend one evening but didn’t have scope with me. went back next night to same spot at dusk but it was too overcast in that direction. watching it that one night for about 30 minutes was, well, enough? would like to try again sometime with larger, stronger scope and camera set up. very distinct red and green. when you see it you will know.

      • meant to add, in the 70mm diameter scope, at 288x, what i saw was about 1/2-5/8in tall. best word to describe cause it seemed upright. oblong because of angle.

      • Fascinating! I will find a telescope and try to see it myself. There’s a lot of light pollution where I live, that could be a challenge. I will report back if I see something.

      • I live in Sacramento, CA lots of light pollution here too. But my star(?) was the biggest and brightest object in the night sky outside the moon, truly beautiful.

      • Thank you jazzlily that’s great to know! It’s incredible that they would just pretend it doesn’t exist as there’s no official acknowledgement or even discussion about it in the controlled media.

  8. My husband and I both witness this strange object last night December 19, 2015 in Fremont Ohio. It looked like it was spinning with red, green, blue and clear lights. It would seem closer then seem farther away. We then drove more out of town watching this object. Is it a UFO ? What could it be ?

    • Dear Kim,
      I’ve been seeing the same light’s for some time and their are more than one. l told my neighbor about it a few weeks ago and he thought I was loosing it until last night when I showed him and it creeped him out but have no fear! Others including my wife have been seeing them for about 10 years they are always in the same place in the sky on the next clear night look at the same area you seen yours and it will still be their the government has been using holograms for about 20 years so I’d think it was that before I’d think it was a UFO don’t let it spook you.
      P.S. look out just as it gets dark they will be the first lights in the sky and you’ll be able to pick them out real easy.

      • I agree with your comment. The next false flag will be an alien invasion. If one pays attention it is obvious the govt. wants ppl. terrified of aliens.

  9. I noticed the same pulsating coloured light that everyone has been describing last night in the UK. I told my sister and she thought someone was projecting light into the sky. I watched it for about 30 minutes and noticed an increase in air traffic around the spot in the sky. There were no other stars in the area. I managed to take one good picture of it and it showed up as a line of different coloured orbs. Strange.

    • Question for OHLONGJOHNSON. You mentioned an increase in air traffic around that spot in the sky. I also have noticed that. The planes here are orange in color and make no noise. Is that also true in the UK?

      • Sheila, where are you located? So much chatter on the light this winter, and I haven’t seen it yet. Saw it in the Southwest & Western winter sky (Dec/Jan) in 2013/14 & 2014/15, but not this winter, yet. Bummed. I’m in Sacramento, CA

      • I am located north of Cincinnati in Ohio. Also, I don’t see just one of the mysterious objects but many.

      • I have noticed it too in the South Coast of the UK,and yes a lot of air activity too.I always get a sense as if it can see me or something.Something is defiantly going on up there.

  10. Yes Sheila. there were orange lights flying close by and then flying off again. But it seemed like they were a great distance away, too high to be normal passenger jets. JazzLily, spotted the light in SouthWestern sky from the UK too.

  11. An internet search lead me here… This seems to be the same object I just noticed a couple of weeks ago, due south of where I live in Mobile, AL. It has been there every night since I first saw it- some nights further southeast, and some a little more to the west, out over the Gulf of Mexico. I’ve checked with local agencies, Coast Guard, etc., and they have no information. We do have a lot of military activity/exercises along the coast here from time to time, but I’ve never seen this type of thing before…

  12. Could it be I.S.S. That i also have seen and took photos…It seem to change color…It reflect the light of the sun…To me …it is the International space station….

  13. I have been noticing this object for 3 years now. Tonight I decided to look at it with my binoculars. Blew my mind. It looks like someone in the sky has a red,green & yellow sparkler and is swinging it all around just like a kid does. I could see the irratic lines and spirals with no pattern. It moved from the southern sky to the west and out of sight in about one hour. I am in Southern Indiana, USA. I believe the govt. wants us terrified by aliens and they will do a false flag with holograms.

    • ok I’ve been thinking about this and I don’t know how many of you have heard of Project Bluebeam (research it) but what if these lights we are seeing are the set up for the Project Bluebeam psyop? Satellites with holographic image capabilities. They would need lots of colored lights for that. Something to ponder.

      • Carol, I see these in the western and northern skies, usually in the summer to late fall months. The sparkler effect you are seeing, though, is from looking through the binoculars and any slight movement you are making. I did the same thing and wondered what the heck was going on in the sky! If you can brace yourself well or look through a stationary telescope the effect will be gone. You’ll still see the beautiful colors of these stars but not the movement.

  14. I noticed these about 2 years ago but I have never just seen one I see 10 to 20 every night they only flickered red and yellow sometimes green but now I see blues purples greens reds orange fade in and out and they also seem to move around some I’ve also pointed them out to other people and some don’t see it and look at me like I’m crazy but then theres others who see it and why has any governments not even acknowledged any of it.

  15. It is in between Jerome AZ and Mingus Mountain AZ no one local seems to be talking about it.

  16. I saw the lights today in the sky… I live in thane… Maharashtra… I saw them for a couple of minutes… Red white green yellow types… I saw them at 11:00 pm

  17. Just noticed this same anomaly tonight in the North western sky having previously observed about eight months ago, from Fermanagh Northern Ireland. Unlike any star I have ever seen flashing really bright green red and white lights. Strange…

    • I just seen the same thing this morning. Couldn’t sleep and happened to look outside and seen it. After looking online briefly saw people stating there were multiple orbs of light pulsating but the original one I saw was definitely the brightest. Please if there are any updates please post. Columbus, OH

  18. I’m in McDonough, Ga. and I’ve noticed the same bright light changing colors red to green to white a few years ago. Tonight 9.19.16 I see 4 of these lights. One in the western sky and 3 of them in the southern sky. I can’t believe no one knows what these lights are. What I do believe is someone knows and they don’t want anyone else to know .

  19. I witnessed a bright red & green ball of what appeared to be lights moving from south to west moving juuuuuust below the cloud line of Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand at 5:44am 27/09/2016.
    It moved like no plane or aerial object I’ve ever seen. At a speed, flight path, and altitude which seemed very foreign. I felt very strange watching it and have been buzzing ever since while sitting at work. Immediately after leaving the city to head out to a smaller town where I work, the thick low-lying clouds cleared unnaturally and the stars were visible. I seen two stars which seemed to be rotating an invisible object to the south of the Orion constellation. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them, as I watched, one star broke the rotatoinal formation and headed North where it eventually faded out of sight. Google search led me here, just trying to find some answers..
    This isn’t the first time I’ve witnessed strange objects in the night sky of Southern most New Zealand. Strange.

  20. Everyday when I come home from school I literally see outside of my window and it changes colors I live in Virginia and I live in the North but you know it’s in the north so and my mom will just tell me that it’s blinking stars but I think it’s something else I just looked it up today cuz I was just sitting there wondering what it was

  21. Seen the same pulsing colourful light from Italy, Germany and Scotland. In Italy it was particularly bright, and I could clearly see that it wasn’t just one, but two of them very close together. Low in the NW sky. Definitely not a star (as we know them, at least). Definitely not a satellite (didn’t have a regular orbital movement and it was static for more than one hour)
    Did anyone ever tried to look at it with a telescope?
    Have a good day folks!

  22. I live in Charlotte NC. For 7 yrs I was a cross country truck driver. Even before that i have been watching the changong muti-colored object in the wetern sky. While on the road I would see it all the time in every state in the US it seemed. Now living in Chalotte again I was wathching it every night until about mid Oct and havnt seen it since. But now it has been replaced by a very bright light that hovers in ways that I dont believe we have the technology for. I was in the Air Force and we never had anything that can make moves like this can. In a second it makes a lightning bolt pattern. Im glad im not the only one seeing it. I called the tv station, here, about it about 12 yrs ago andd they hung up on me. It is as bright as the landing gear light on a 747 or brighter and in the southwest sky….the colored one was always in the west.

  23. Here in Georgia USA always around 1:30-2 am just sitting way up high in night sky are three objects. I Compair them to surrounding stars and they are obviously different.
    They are all vertical…red and green pronounced blinking lights…a little yellow. They change positions but mainly just sit still…gradually they will change spots over time as i check on them.
    Been here about a week. It is end of Nov. 2016 btw.
    If anyone else notices these let me know. Email me…jenna.d.c73@gmail.com.
    Thank you.

  24. West Texas is also were I have seen it. I have seen it land in a small farming town called Belding tx. My nephew and I went further to investigate and we ended up seeing It land maybe about half a mile away from us. It was I. The middle of the road. Multicolored in the sky red and white when it landed. Scared us almost to death! It lands when it’s out from 8:30-9:00.

  25. On a LIVE television forecast this “new, too bright, weird star” was spotted and debated right on the air with the meteorologist, cameramen, helicopter pilot, and camera crew, At first, everyone said it must be Venus but the pilot and the METEOROLOGIST were truly perplexed claiming, “We don’t know what that is!” I live a 100 miles outside Chicago and I have been seeing it for a couple of years. I was truly taken aback and felt a bit scared to tell the truth the first time I encountered it. Where did it come from? Why so close and so bright?
    Now it seems to be getting brighter, bigger and CLOSER…though it does “disappear” often, even in a matter of an hour…No. It is NOT a plane, it will stay perfectly positioned for at least and hour or more, and than is just gone…I have shown friends and family it on many occasions and they just say, “Wow, wonder what it is, and then just go on like it isn’t a big deal??? DENIAL obviously. Isn’t ironic that the new Nasa asteroid rover is called PANIC??? HMMMM….Oh and by the way I just started seeing a red and green flashing star near it, and the “news” is now reporting this is normal. Red and green flashing stars? A really, really big , new, bright star in the sky the last few years, that no one has ever encountered before? What are we not being told? Why do we not question more?

    • Well, finally someone is seeing and talking about it besides this group of crazies. I saw it for the first time three Christmases ago when I dubbed it the new Star of Bethlehem. The last year or two I didn’t really see it. But this year it’s back bigger and brighter than ever. You described it exactly. Following are the posts I made back in Dec. 2013 when I first saw it. Three years have passed and we still don’t know what it is.
      12/2/13 6:10 p.m. Sacramento, CA: I’ve seen this light for the first time tonight. It’s brighter than any star or planet I’ve ever seen, but can it be Venus? It pulses colored lights around the perimeter. At first I thought it was a plane that was coming straight towards me, but it never moved. I did see it dim and go almost completely out and then come back again brighter than ever.
      12/2/13 7:00 p.m. PST Sacramento, CA: – less than an hour after first comment: Went out to look at the light again. It’s completely gone.
      December 4, 2013 at 12:29 am: A new star of Bethlehem ? ? ?
      December 9, 2013 at 9:26 pm: Light very active tonight (Dec. 9, 6:16 p.m. PST). Many colors flashing around the perimeter. The center white light dims slightly then gets brighter on a somewhat regular bases. I liken it to a lighthouse light that’s rotating. It sure looks like a space vehicle of some kind.

    • Hi Lori & Jazzlily – This is the one I’ve mentioned also. I’ve been seeing it for several years also and it is definitely NOT Venus! In my area (Hudson Valley NY area) I see it in the southwest sky early evenings usually from 5-7 p.m. I see it most often in the fall and winter months but it’s always in the same area. It sometimes looks like a cross to me. Most people just get that cognitive dissonance stare when I show them. They don’t want to see it. How can anyone miss it?! It’s so big and bright. What the hell is it?

      • Exactly, Shar! You are seeing what I’m seeing. Largest, brightest object in the night sky outside the moon in the southwestern sky. Several posts talked about seen several bright objects in an line or arc across the eastern sky, I think I’ve seen them but they are small, minuscule in fact, by comparison. The one we are seeing is totally different. It sure would be nice if someone could tell us what it is.

    • Has any ever figured out what this is I first saw it Nov10th and I get the same response from people.. oh must be a planet. And I’m like no.

      • I’ve been following this post for 3 years and as far as I know no one has come up with a conclusive, persuasive answer. And the people I’ve asked and shown this heavenly body too are bewildered but unconcerned. WHAT IS IT?? Question of the century.

      • Hi Jazzlily & everyone else. I agree with you that it’s been several years and no one has an answer for it. Half the people don’t even want to acknowledge it! Fluoride Brains or cognitive dissonance.

  26. I live in Italy and have beenseeing the objet from some time more or less same position (south/west), very bright, may be seen before you can see any star or planet.
    What is it ??

    • Hi Domenico in Italy, welcome to the group. What is it?? That’s the question of the century for those of us who cared enough to find this post. The consensus is no one knows. From another watcher in California, U.S.A.

  27. That is a really great video of the anomally. I was just observing it this evening. 1/16/2017 and it is just spectacular .

    The light , the colors are so vivid and well defined. I have probably tried every app there is available from playstore. This does not show up on any of them.

    It is very clearly the brightest object of this type. I have no clue. I am in central florida looking south east. The sky is very clear. No clouds visible. Many stars are visible. None but this one is doing this.

    It really appears to be spinning. When I went out it was about 1945 hours. ( 7:45 pm )
    It was at about 20 degrees. It is currently 2040 hrs. It is around 40 degrees above the horizon.So I believe that is known as geosynchronous ??? .I don’t know.

    BUT .. As I have only a limited view out my back yard of the western sky. Due to trees . I also have noticed one of these objects that appears to be the same dang size and displays the same bright colors. It sets over the northwerstern horizon this time of year at around 0230 hrs. It too does not appear on any sky map as far as I am able to tell.

    I just wish someone could tell me what I’m / we are looking at here.

    Thanks .

    • my wife and I have been watching these ufo’s?for the last 2 years and we believe that they are satellites of some kind or maybe they are used in conjunction with all the drones you see at night as a way to navigate them either way they are something that is used to invade your privacy absolutely ridiculous in my opinion with the state our country is in I think that our money is better spent elsewhere

  28. I still see it. I call them the watchers. They seem to be looking after us. They visit people on a higher vibration and those sensitive to energy. They also seem to show up around any type of military base, nuclear places and places that emit lots of energy. I believe they are protecting us from ourselves. They are from the future.

  29. i am seeing two of these large lights. one at dusk in the western sky. visible only for about an hour. the other appears around 2am in the eastern sky and still bright at dawn. from ne alabama. in reference to my post from 12/10/15 i still haven’t made a chance to observe with a scope and camera set up. i want to draw it in close and record this phenom.

    • Several people mentioned they have seen more than one. Since you do not see them at the same time can you really assume they are not one and the same? Just moved to a different location? From my vantage point (central California) it’s always just one but I’m not up in the wee hours of the morn.. I’d love to see more than one ‘watcher’ in the night sky. With all the satellites out there you’d think one would zero in on one of these things and take some decent pictures to share with the world..

  30. It is so crazy. The pictures and videos are really quite good regardless of the blur. It is still very easy to see the color changes. It is incredible how large the one in the eastern sky at dusk early evening is. It does traverse the horizon along with all the other objects in the sky. Geosynchronous ?? .

    For those who repeatedly claim it is VENUS we are seeing. You are going against skymap that shows Venus almost opposite the object in the sky . Atleast currently .2/6/17 from central florida USA

    • I finally looked up the word Geosynchronous. You would think, but from what I read it would be there every day, but this thing in the southwest seems to be seasonal. I’ve only seen it during the winter months.

  31. Cartersville, GA around 7:30pght lm 2/17/2017, there was a bright yellow light, in the WESTERN horizon. Object appeared to be flying lower than planes. When looked at through binoculars the light was not yellow but, red, blue,vans yellow. I took a picture, and there appeared to be no light at all. As you zoom in there is something there, but cant make out what it Is?

    • That is the question! What is it? When I first saw it I thought it was a small plane flying directly at me because of the multicolored flashing lights. Then I realized it wasn’t moving. I google searched and found this sight. If it is a Geosynchronous or something similar as LMEFastPay suggests someone out there should be able to give us a definitive answer. Why don’t they? We’re just a bunch of dunderheads with questions and no answers.

      • I first spotted this back in the late 90’s , and still see it in the western sky tonight , haven’t been able to figure out what it is , it moves in all direction up and down left to right , goes in circles sometimes .

    • C. Bradley, I am in Caddo Parrish, Louisiana; (NW corner of state) I have been observing these multi-colored “orbs” right at 3years. I have literally hundreds of photos and videos, and when zoomed in, (even with burst shots ranging from 5-30 pics) each one is slightly different. From color to shape. One thing that each and every one of the share, are images of strange FACES!!! Very creepy! Some have comical expression while others have evil, chillike as well as very beautiful womens faces; some have me or than one, up to 3 & 4 face like/silhouette images…

      • I see mostly one and when I zoom in on the pic it has a different shape every time. Definitely pulsing or something. One of the zoomed pics looks like a Nike swoosh! Any way you can post your faces? It’s so freaky!

  32. In the Western Chicago area night sky,I have seen 1 r/w/b pulsing star 5years ago then there was 2 then 3 now this past april 2017 there is 5 pulsing r/w/b stars in the western sky starting just under ORION and stretching to the north about 280° elevations 25° to 45° like a fence pattern. all pulsing stars in focus BEFORE ORION is in focus, so they are closer to earth.

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