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The Drama Behind A New Financial System


By Deus Nexus | David Nova

Everyone has been shouting about a new financial system, some in hope, others with fear.  Here is my perspective on the real possibility of a new system/reset and the inevitable delay of its rollout.

I believe that both the promoters and the nay sayers are partially correct in their hyped-up assessment of both the financial salvation and the cabal deception.

From the outset, we should probably presume that the concept and structure of any new global financial system originated within the cabal-Illuminati.  Who else brokers in elaborate financial structure and power?  Was it not their centuries-old agenda to create a New World Order, the foundation of which would need to be a new global monetary system?

However, we should not dismiss the very real possibility that Light Forces are successfully attempting to co-opt and transform such a financial structure for the liberation of mankind.  This has always been the path of liberation and change – subtle influence behind the scenes – moving the world from darkness and slavery, into light and freedom.

It should be pointed out that true forces of Light do not come to another Divine Being’s rescue.  They do not storm the hill like the cavalry in an old western.  Rather, they aid that Being internally, helping him to help himself.  They provide support and opportunity behind the scenes, allowing that Being to learn from and experience the act of liberating himself.  It must be this way, or we are not truly free in any spiritual sense.  It sounds like a paradox, but we are enslaved to the chain of events of the material world so that we may discover our true freedom as Divine Beings in the spiritual world.  The same holds true for an entire planet.  We are being aided in helping ourselves out of our own mess, but the mess is still ours to clean up.

Here is an example of what I’m talking about – When the Internet was created, it was initially a secret defense operation, connecting labs and universities.

The Internet got its start in the United States more than 50 years ago as a government weapon in the Cold War. For years, scientists and researchers used it to communicate and share data with one another.

The Internet has since exploded into a world-wide communications network that is now a crucial tool of humanity’s liberation.  It should be relatively apparent that the Internet has been co-opted by the forces of Light and Freedom, that it has served as a counter-balance to the mass mind control of the Cabal controlled mainstream media.

I believe something similar is now happening with the developement of a new financial system.  Many people might say that it was inevitable that the Internet became what it is today.  Similarly, is it not inevitable that any new financial system must be open and transparent?  The push and pull of so many competing voices and interests should ensure it, as long as they are awake.  There are cosmic forces greater than man dragging us into an age of global freedom, global cooperation, global communication, and global responsibility.

RIght now, there seems to be a whole bunch of power-plays going on behind the scenes in regard to the rollout of a new financial system.  I have decided to stop reporting many of them as such information seems to serve no positive purpose.  You’ve got different factions within the Cabal fighting each other.  You’ve got a growing alignment of nations seeking greater international power.  You’ve got old super powers struggling just to maintain their influence.  You’ve got ancient secret societies stepping into the spotlight as potential saviors.  You’ve got an insane bunch of Satanists desperately hoping to start an Apocalypse.  You’ve got an old religious institution repositioning itself, hoping to emerge from the fallout “smelling like a rose.”  Basically, you’ve got a whole lot of chaos going on, people panicking, trying to buy time, trying to salvage their reputations, trying to grab as much money, power, and influence as they can before the whole illusion comes crumbling down around them.

It’s the same old thing that has been playing out for thousands of years, only this drama is accelerating and evolving on a daily basis.  These players are deluding themselves if they think they still have any measure of control over this situation.  They don’t.  It’s outside of their hands.  And the sooner they realize this, the sooner they surrender to the new positive energies of Global Consciousness that are entering this planet, this solar system, the sooner things will fall into place the way they should, for everyone’s benefit.

Are any of them really thinking about what is best for the world, for humanity?  Or are they just trying to salvage their egos and maintain their power?  Maybe some of them are beginning to wake up.  Maybe some of them are leaning in the right direction.  Maybe all they require is a slight adjustment to their thinking, to their motivation.  Maybe if enough of us start singing the same joyful tune, they will reluctantly join in.  Eventually, they will have no other choice.

Imagine the early days of the Internet when you probably had universities and corporations and defense contractors and intelligence agencies all fighting amongst themselves to control this new technology before it went public.  It still went public, and they have spent decades attempting to put the cork back in the genie bottle.  Even now, they are struggling to control it, by turning it into a global surveillance system.  Even that tactic has been exposed to the public.

But a funny thing happened once the Internet was set free, once it went public.  It became a tremendous boon (or boom) for the entire world economy.  It slowly began to raise all ships simultaneously.  Similarly, the release of new technologies, such as free energy technologies, would be a tremendous boon for the entire world, for everyone including the rich and powerful.  They would enjoy an even better standard of living – if they could just realize that it is not such a terrible thing to share abundance with the rest of the world.

I do not pretend to know how all this will unfold.  However, I believe that it shall unfold organically, in direct correlation to the awakening of the people of Earth.  We can make all the predictions we like, but until more people start waking up, people in high and low places, the delays will only continue.

The private schemes of self-interest, be they nations, corporations, banking cabals, secret societies, or the Roman Catholic Church shall surely fail.  We are entering a new era where there must be a collective global perspective to confront the collective challenges that are awaiting us.  Any service-to-self attempt to take control of this process shall fall apart like a house of cards, causing more delays until the time for corrective action is trust upon us.  At every turn, the cabal is being forced into a corner of their own making.  The Light Forces needn’t do a thing but apply a little more pressure to keep them there, forcing them to surrender even more ground.

Time is on the side of the Light.  But this delay is not indefinite.  Sooner or later, it’s all going to come to a head, it’s all going to collapse, it’s all going to be exposed.  At that point, you are likely to have what some people are calling “The Event.”

The question is, are we going to wait until that dramatic moment happens before we get our act together?  Are we going to wait until we run out of options before we act?

I would advise people: they shouldn’t assume that this will be a bump-free ride.  I would advise people: take common sense precautions during this turbulent time of change and transformation.  I would also advise people:  do not surrender to fear.  Your worst fears will not become a reality.  They seldom ever do.  All things shall unfold for the best possible outcome for mankind… all of mankind… not just you, or your community, or your country, but for all Divine Beings on Planet Earth and beyond.  The new world we are entering is about Global Consciousness.

Fear looks at Global Consciousness and sees the New World Order.  Love looks at Global Consciousness and sees Ascension.  One day, many years from now, when we have accepted and healed the darkness within ourselves, we may look back at these dark times and give thanks to the role the darkness played on our path toward freedom in the Light.  We will forgive it, knowing that it had to be this way.

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