Strange Anomaly Behind ISON?

DN: I’m not sure how plausible this story is, but I will be interested to see if it develops. Before It’s News does not have the best track record for reliable information.

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Is what appears to be a sun-sized object behind Comet ISON (as shown in the images and videos below) actually a planet/sun or some sort of strange anomaly? The internet is blowing up today about what some are calling ‘Nibiru’ which suddenly appeared as Comet ISON was approaching the sun. Check out the images and videos below. There clearly is something, or more than one thing, there. Check out the time stamps on the images and videos. What is it? AstroDanMan79 is calling these a strange anomaly. Is there a rational explanation for this?

Interesting Artifact photo anomaly_zps96602216.gif

Check out the 1 minute 28 second mark for this same anomaly and questions from the videographer…. what is this thing?