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Black Structures Now Hidden Behind Moon

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10/20/13 – Phone interview with a major government player, revealing the truth about the recent government shutdown of all space related projects, and the military buildup led by FEMA.

L_shape_UFOsecureteam10 CLARIFICATION: Due to massive viewer demand, I will attempt to answer some of the questions surrounding this interview to the best of my ability. What I know is as follows; the man being interviewed contacted us here at Secureteam through our personal email address not linked with our YT account. We arranged and did the interview over the telephone, from which he called us. The number he called from was spoofed, meaning that his original location was blocked from means of tracking. This has been verified to be true. The name he used in the interview is an alias, as well as certain locations mentioned in the interview.

We were short on time due to our sources constrictions, and did the best we could to get the main points of this information during the interview, hoping to clarify said points more in depth on a follow up call. We were under the impression from the get-go that this entire process was under our source’s terms, as we have not made contact with him for the two days following the interview. This man is risking a lot to get this information out, despite his understanding that many viewers would dismiss said information no matter what evidence presented. Leaks like this do not always come neatly wrapped with verifiable sources and proof. There is a process to uncovering the truth, which often comes with much waiting, and in small but big steps. I ask that all of our viewers be patient, and suspend the reservations they might have about this interview, as I can assure you the powers that be are counting on you not to do.

We will post updates momentarily and as soon as we can get in contact with our source. Stay tuned, subscribe and keep an open mind. These are very strange times indeed.


Images Leaked Of Space Ships That Are Behind The Moon – November 12, 2013

Published on Nov 12, 2013

HI-Res images: http://www.mediafire.com/?q9d1754sb69…11/12/13 – New satellite images courtesy of our government source, displaying the very real objects approaching earth from behind the moon, and the activity going on there. Stay tuned for more updates.FYI – Tolec Confirms these space ships are piloted by ET humans from the Alpheratz star system.  See below……

Published on Oct 23, 2013

http://www.andromedacouncil.comThis Andromeda Council report is based on a critical review of recent information confirmed by my Andromeda Council contacts regarding – “L” shaped ships allegedly docked on the back side of Earth’s Moon as reported in an October 20, 2013 – “secureteam10” YouTube video by an alleged outside NASA consultant.


** added notes: for the record, the people from the Alpheratz star system – they are from the planet: Ja’korta {JAH-korrta}One of the other reasons they are here is that they are planning to… they are prepared & are looking forward to… the dimensional up-shift that will happen throughout this whole solar system.As far more emotionally & spiritually advanced humans – they already have extensive knowledge as to HOW this higher dimensional transformation will take place for planet Earth; they know what to expect, changes large & small. Which is why, as 3D organic humans, they will be able to provide whatever assistance is necessary.

Enormous Extraterrestrial Craft Hiding On The Moon


Tolec-Andromeda Council Confirms Ships on Back Side of Moon
Enormous Craft Detected on Moon


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    I normally do not like to post anything that cannot be sourced and verified….this is just hope for reality on my part…what is real anyway?

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  4. Just wondering if these craft are connected to the E.M.V.”S NASA photographed on the RINGS of SATURN & the Sun….

  5. i believe it makes sense neither its reptilians or the creators that all cultures worship with the pyramids its insane and keep doing what your doing the government cant control us forever they’re has and always been greater things then our panet

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  9. The space ships are using dark energy, they have thier own strong gravitational pull, and electricity/waves that conduct with movement like friction or heat. non the less the metal can with Stand the coolness of mars and the heat of the sun. Energy could be utilized from our ecosystems as well like water where I believe they reside in las Angeles or Alaska.

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