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Benjamin Fulford and The Winter Soldier

By Deus Nexus

winter-soldierHonestly, I was not going to repost any more Fulford articles.  I was going to refrain from any more commentary on the subject. I was going to focus on delivering my own message for a change instead of picking apart someone else’s — a far more productive venture.  I have some of my own posts in the works dealing with the topic of duality.  However, after my last post, Fulford Digs Hole Deeper – Has He Revealed Himself?, I have received several requests for a follow up.  Obviously, people wish to see the matter discussed.

In a recent analysis of the film “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”, a blatant documentary about the eve of victory and subsequent defeat of the New World Order, I uncovered a not so hidden occult message that relates to the “ritual beheading of the Hydra.”

By the end of World War II, the Nazis failed in their quest to bring fascism and the Third Reich to the globe. Their secret British Rothschild financiers eventually betrayed them.  The United States, the home of Continental Freemasonry, appeared to defeat them.  Yet Nazi scientific and occult secrets were clandestinely smuggled to safety.  Some reports even state that Adolf Hitler made it to Argentina via submarine.  But for the world at large, the Hydra was ritually beheaded.  World War II cleared the path for the United Nations, the IMF, and the World Bank.  It set up a new duality game, between the United States and the Soviet Union.

What new duality game will then be set up if the Nazi faction of the Illuminati are once again ritually beheaded, exposed, and arrested?  An outside extraterrestrial threat?

What if World War II were about to be replayed?  What if the United States was the new Nazi Germany?  NATO the Axis powers?  The BRIC nations, China, Russia, Iran, Brazil, etc the new Allied powers? What if this new World War was an apocalyptic combination of the Great Depression, the Cold War, and World War II?  Would such a war usher in a true New Global Order and a new global financial system, free from the unipolar superpower control that the United States of America has enjoyed for the past 25 years?

A troubling thought.  Is it a likely scenario?  Probably not.  And yet the world is rapidly moving in that very direction.  A line has been drawn in Ukraine.  Russia and China are poised to launch a financial nuclear attack on the U.S. Petrodollar, while the MSM continues to keep American citizens in the dark, painting pictures of a new cold war.

Benjamin Fulford writes, (5-5-14):

The big push by the Nazi cabal government in the US to use Ukraine as a means to destroy Russia is blowing up in their faces and is instead leading to the total quarantine of the criminals in Washington D.C.

The Nazi plan is to fan the crisis in the Ukraine as an excuse to start a boycott of the Russian oil industry and thus bankrupt Russia. This plan worked before when the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan was used to start a boycott of Soviet oil and thus bankrupt the Soviet Union.

This time, however, the opposite is happening. First of all, British Petroleum (British Monarchy), Shell (Dutch Monarchy), Total (French Rothschilds) and Exxon/Mobil (Rockefeller) are all deeply involved in the Russian oil business. That means the European oligarchy and a large part of the US oil oligarchy too, are not going to go along. Neither will Saudi Arabia or Iran or other major oil producing countries. Their governments have said so repeatedly.

The Germans will not go along with any plans to sanction Russia either because German industry is deeply interconnected with the Russian economy.

So Mr. Bush, it seems you and your Nazi buddies have run out of friends.

Mr. Fulford would make an excellent S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, just substitute “Hydra” for “Nazi cabal” in his latest post and you have another exciting episode of ABC’s hit TV series “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” which by the way is still running the same NWO storyline of The Winter Soldier on a weekly basis.

It’s rather curious then that he happens to mention what have been playfully described as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse — Big Oil — British Petroleum (British Monarchy), Shell (Dutch Monarchy), Total (French Rothschilds) and Exxon/Mobil (Rockefeller), all run by elite bloodlines, as turning against the interests of the Hydra.

I would very much like to believe that these cabal oil barons have all come to their senses, have come to the side of the light, that they will willingly allow their empires to crumble with the release of new free-energy technologies, but somehow I very much doubt that they will just sit back and give up their power so easily.  They have been actively suppressing patents and Tesla’s technologies since the early 1900s.  No, the citizens of the world will have to release these technologies themselves.   Apparently, the citizens of the world will have to do everything themselves, including the liberation from abusive generational satanic bloodline control.

Fulford, (5-5-14):

The WDS suggests that instead of focusing on murder, the Nazis should purge their ranks of psychopaths and redeem themselves by releasing some of their hidden technology.

On that front, the people who promised to deliver a free energy device to this writer last month said they still had a few technical problems to overcome but that they hoped to be able to demonstrate a working prototype in mid-May. Let us see.

How does one sit at a conference table in a meeting with psychopaths and tell them they should focus upon something other than murder?  How does that conversation go?  I would love to be a fly on the wall in the middle of that conversation.  (I’m sure, by now, our various intelligence networks have drones the size of insects that act as actual listening devices.)  It would either take an extraordinary being of light with divine patience, balance, and wisdom; or it would take a wiser psychopath, one who sees the necessity of reducing random bloodshed — I’m thinking of a scene from the HBO show “True Blood” where various elite ruling vampires are debating around a table, one side wants to be true to their vampire nature and openly hunt humans for food, the other side wants a show of restraint to maintain the illusion and their power over the “cattle.”

So which ones are the White Dragon Society?  Patient angelic beings of light or a cabal of reasonable vampires?  It’s a fair question.  After all, we know next to nothing about them.  They have apparently been quietly hiding behind history for thousands of years.  And we only have Fulford’s word that they even exist at all.  We must take it on faith, but then Fulford has eroded such faith.

In my last post, I demonstrated that Fulford has chosen sides — he has chosen the reasonable vampires over the bloodthirsty vampires — he has chosen the Jesuit Vatican, the Rothschilds, and the British House of Windsor.  His weekly publication repeats the same refrain, again and again, “the Hydra will be defeated.”  Will it just be a ritual?  A play?  Or will the defeat of the Hydra finally lead to lasting peace on Earth, not another era of duality games.

Now, I am not opposed to the idea that elements of the cabal will indeed repent, that they will decide to work with humanity instead of trying to control and murder us.  Elements of the cabal may prove invaluable to the future of the planet, releasing information and technology, pushing us further and faster than we could ever imagine.  They already have that head start.  They only need recognize that we all benefit a million fold by working together.  We will all be richer working together, all happier working together. Only by reconciling and recognizing our sameness, our unity as beings of spirit will we make the leap into that golden age.  Forgiveness will be vital to overcome past trauma, to move forward.  We need to move beyond duality.

Unfortunately, we are not yet at that point. Unfortunately, those standing in the light must remain calm, balanced, and vigilant, for those in darkness are still trying to distract and deceive and lessen the influence of light upon the Earth.

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8 thoughts on “Benjamin Fulford and The Winter Soldier

  1. Well its of absolutely no value if the Nazi’s give or don’t give out free energy machine. Just mentioning it only keeps Fulford in the hole he dug for himself many years ago. And whats he trying to prove questioning whether the White Dragons in China exist? Duh, just as real as the Black dragons are and ever were!

    You know It simply is unfathomable to me that whether its Nazi’s, Cabal or Illuminati they will change their feathers. No way some one goes fro corrupt baby killers to just another group of Bro’s! I would not live in the same 500 square mile area that was known to have any Nazi groups. Again forgiving and moving on is great but key to this is MOVING ON. In other words, “LEAVE ALL THE TITLES, BOOKS, PHOTOS, AND I MEAN ALL in the fire box then light it on your way out.

    There has to be laws in the 5th dimension but lets hope they focus on genuine rehabilitation and not putting offenders with others in a cage! This being said I welcome everything re-started after the ascension is complete. I think there will be a lot of group meetings trying to rebuild lives that have been shattered from evil governments! I lost my home first by divorce verbiage and then when I should of had the chance to save my 170 k investment the corrupt mortgage company would not accept money or negotiate with me. Obama’s crap that was suppose to help did nothing and was nothing.

    It would be nice to have the opportunity of paying off a place to own again. I know it wont be a nice country home by a lake with 5 acres but that’s cool. Actually I like living in town and have my eye on an old abandoned church built in 1894 and sitting next door to my business:):):) A loft for me and my cat friend Libby upstairs and the downstairs for my engineering business! Oh can we just start smacking folks to get them awakened? Ok, alright I will be patient:):):)

    Anyway I have already built a perpetual-centrifugal force free energy machine years ago. I was contemplating patenting it so could afford to build a real one and then I found many dead ends started by others and heard articles that seemed would eventually threaten my very existence if I pursued the venture so I gave it up for wood power with solar that worked well for many years raising my family. Nope I agree with you Jean this guy has the look (well thank God his picture is no longer displayed) and feel of someone who could play both sides easily. Blessings and Love to all…..Mike

  2. Have you seen the recent TV series Dracula? They have the white hats vs the dark hats in it as well, along with Tesla’s free energy to take down the oil tycoons. Throughout, both sides are lying, manipulative, and brutal…and the “good guys” are a vampire and vampire hunter both bent on revenge, not saving humanity. In the end of season one, the free energy device is destroyed, along with the hopes of overthrowing big oil’s financial base…but the battle between the two sides rages on. Its just another holy war and humanity is the pawns in their battle of perception and opinion, and free energy to the false light is a tool to win favor of the masses, not something actually meant to benefit them.

    Great post, thanks for sharing your insights on the current faces in the game. I’d love to hear your thoughts on Cobra sometime as well. xo

    • Great connection, Nathan. Yes, I saw a couple of episodes of NBC’s remake of Dracula. It was more about secret societies and Tesla technology than Bram Stoker’s version of Dracula. Isn’t it interesting how Hollywood has slowly morphed the vampire over the decades, from horrific monster to romantic hero?

  3. Wow my daughter and husband are vampire fanatics and it seems so strange to me. I haven’t watched TV save a couple of movies in 8 years. I am a thermal dynamics engineer with my own business and love restoring older cars, rock climbing and marshal arts. Huge Bruce Lee fan!

    I have been awake since Christmas Eve 2012 when my late Mom, Dad and the Lord came to cheer me up and ask me to find anomalies on the internet. I discovered planet X took pictures and some how managed to attract several inter dimensional space ships that put on a show for people and 2 of them still hang in the space above my business. I send many letters to Senators, Congressmen, Representatives and occasional governors asking why Obama hasn’t been impeached yet.

    Single after a 32 year marriage dissolved all while recovering from an accident and I’m finally ok with it. Now that I explained who I am because sometimes I’m not sure anymore I hope that explains why I know most the players and guarantee they will be defeated not with guns as I don’t own or use them but by Love. Very powerful energy and Gods weapon of choice:):):)

    Seriously I don’t know a lot about Cobra except they are late getting info out and then it is the minimum. I don’t think there’s much power there kind of like the modern Nazi’s I guess. I know they have a viewpoint on Ukraine but again its pretty much down the middle of the road when that country is anything but down the middle of the road. Putin needs to step in and protect the Russians from the Nazi’s and other radicals planted by our corrupt government. Pretty bad with neighbor killing neighbor and for what? Russia is a free legitimate republic much like the US was before JFK was taken out by Bankers (Rockefeller’s etc.) and I wished I spoke Russian as I would consider moving there.

    Hope this helped and not bored! Blessings and bright light to guide your journey to higher frequencies….Mike

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