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Youtube Interview with David Nova


Nathan and Aline of present a live Youtube interview with David Nova/Deus Nexus, discussing his book series, “The Season of the Serpent”, Gnosticism, and his awakening process.  June 18, 2014.

David Nova is the author of the metaphysical fiction series “Season of the Serpent.” He is is a truth-seeker, a Wanderer, and the blogger Deus Nexus.

Nathan and Aline, Twin Flame soul mates, are spiritual teachers and founders of Unity Tantra and the Divine Pollination Hive; which utilizes EFT meridian tapping to integrate the shadow side within. Their  passion is to assist the earth, and all of its inhabitants, in the transition from the low vibration of fear based love, and into the higher vibration of integration and truth based love — the Divine Marriage. They feel that this transition will lead to a real and lasting peace within each and every creature across the globe, where even “the wolf shall lie down with the lamb”.



This project has been a calling of mine for a long time. After watching “The Dark Side of the Rainbow,” the curious and altogether astounding Synchronicity/mashup of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” and “The Wizard of Oz” in the summer of 1997, a vague idea for a fantasy novel developed into a metaphorical tale of spiritual awakening, exploring the nature of duality – culturally, politically, and spiritually.

This metaphysical fantasy series incorporates real life Synchronicity with a unique mix of historical, esoteric, and extraterrestrial background, presenting a modern re-imagination of the Garden of Eden tale. What’s really going on in the Universe? What’s the meaning of life? This inspired fantasy series attempts to capture the intergalactic, multidimensional drama happening behind the scenes in a simple, eloquent parable.  READ MORE


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