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Breaking Free From The Wheel of Karma


There are several bloggers out there writing about breaking free from the karma trap and the cycle of reincarnation, but I strongly resonate with Sherry’s explanation below.  She captures the situation beautifully.

Other writers are focusing their thoughts and emotions upon the fear of Archons or reptilians, or some false light beings fooling us into these endless karma agreements. I do not resonate with these writers’ ideas.

The problem I have with these explanations is that they are writing from a place of ego and fear, not love or trust, and the difference is actually pretty astronomical when you are talking about freeing yourself from the wheel of karma.

It is love and trust that frees the heart and soul, while fear and resistance continues to hold us down. In the realms beyond earth, thoughts and emotions are as tangible as solid walls.  Love is like a balloon that lifts us up.  Fear is just dead weight pulling us down.

If you are focused upon the belief that negative entities are imprisoning you on Earth, then you are giving those negative entities power over you and feeding their continued existence in your life (or even lifetimes.)  Then yes, you are agreeing to the trap.  You haven’t yet remembered to be your own Master.

However, if you choose to view the situation in a positive light, that these lifetimes are a gift from your soul, then you are empowering and liberating yourself.  You are waking up and realizing that yes, you, your soul, your true self is completely in control and always has been, and always will be.  Anything else is an illusion.

The truth is, most of the people who are truly awake and reading this are probably ready to leave the wheel of Karma anyway.  Perhaps your soul has already decided this is your last physical 3D incarnation.  But perhaps you have one more lifetime left, one more opportunity to experience the miracle of life or learn more about the infinite expressions of love.  You shouldn’t fear another dip in the pool, and really that’s all this life is to your infinite and eternal soul, another dip in the pool.  Your true self is fearless and filled with childlike wonder.  Watch a small child sometime, and you will remember how fearless your soul is when it has returned to this world, refreshed and healed.  Too many of us lose this innocent fearlessness as we grow up.  We release it while we expand our egos.

It is the ego that fears the wheel of karma – death, reincarnation, and rebirth.  The ego knows it only has one lifetime to live, that a new ego is born when our soul returns for another incarnation.  But no ego is ever lost. Every ego is a precious aspect of your soul, like a favorite pair of clothing.  You are the sum of all of your lives, all of their experience, all of their knowledge, not just any particular one.  And that is what makes you an amazing immortal being!  You are so much bigger than you know or realize!

Years ago, when I was faced with the unbearable understanding that I had returned to this miserable planet Earth, suffering from amnesia, unable to remember who I really was, I immediately rejected the idea.  The thought of it was heartbreaking.  And it is still difficult to live in this world without full access to all the knowledge and memories of my soul.  But I now trust that I came here for a reason, for a purpose.  Despite the hardships, I actually choose to return, to be of service, and I feel this burning need to serve deep inside, despite my mind constantly telling me to give up the fruitless effort.  My lower mind finds ways to argue with my higher self all the time.  But always, the guidance is the same…  to let go of my fear and resistance, to forgive imperfection, to surrender to love and trust.  That is the path that leads to freedom and completeness.  And that is how you exit the wheel of Karma.  Your mind can not will itself out of it.  Your heart must release it with grace. – DN

The Death of Karma

Reposted from: The Forgotten Promise | by Sherry Wilde

recycleA while back….when we weren’t looking, karma slipped quietly from the planet. It had been born into the three dimensional world through the fear based thoughts humanity held against themselves and been supported by our belief in separation, along with the horrible thought that we had been abandoned by our Creator. We sustained karma by projecting our deep seeded guilt onto others and our selves. Humanity forgot that it was not possible for our Creator to forsake us and for the longest time we never realized that we were the ones that turned our backs on Him. This event created such a horrific sense of guilt that we could not bear to look upon it and so projection of our fear based thoughts brought into being a world that reflected and supported those very beliefs. After all, we are powerful children of a powerful Creator and we have been endowed with certain gifts. This world…this world that was originally created as paradise became a world filled with disease, destruction, pollution, war, abuse and death as a result of our thoughts.

And so the cycle began. We projected our fear onto our bodies which became sick physically, emotionally and mentally. We projected our fear onto the planet which had no choice but to reflect back to us those patterns of imperfection and our Heaven on Earth became hell. We projected our fear onto our “other selves” and we experienced more separation through poverty, racism and war. Our belief in separation was so strong that it followed us even beyond our seeming death- the bodies demise being the ultimate proof that we were indeed finite, limited beings. So upon leaving our body karma said to us, “You have not learned your lessons! Go back into form and try again…only this time try to get it right! You harmed another and so you must pay the price.” And we bought into it. Really what option was there- it was our game- we made the rules and now we had to play by them. And so the beautiful planet of earth became a planet of recycling….souls coming into form over & over again in an effort to “get it right.”  We became trapped by the game of karma. We bought into it hook, line & sinker….the idea that we were flawed…. the idea that we were limited, little, imperfect failures at life.

It seemed an impossible situation. How does one awaken when one does not even know he is sleeping? Well, our Creator thought of that and he set the alarm…that’s right. Because we were given free will, we were allowed to have this experience of separation…this “fall into darkness”, but we would not be left to languish in the darkness forever…writhing in the pain brought on by our guilt and feelings of abandonment. Our alarm clocks are going off now- certainly you see and feel that something is occurring…..we are being awakened in whatever way our Higher Self has determined works best for us. So rub the sleep from your eyes…there is work to be done! It is time to remember the truth of who you are….innocent, perfect children of an all Loving Creator. We are Love created by Love. We do not need “lessons” and we do not need to learn anything other than to remember who we are. We are all here at this time for the very same reason. Each and every one of us has a job to do…a job that we have been chosen for, gifted with and entrusted to complete. You know what it is.  Karma has left the planet- there are no more excuses for buying into the game of fear. Extend only Love….. forget fear… it was never real to begin with.  (-: