Perspectives on Ascension Predictions

deusnexus_100It’s refreshing to get a young person’s perspective on Ascension predictions and the speed of planetary liberation, particularly when it surprises us by taking a long range viewpoint.  We often misrepresent youth as being short-sighted, but youthful energy serves to remind world weariness of the inner source of strength we often forget that we have access to.

Wes Annac’s message may be uncomfortable for those who are impatient, weary, and believe that our Ascension is long overdue.  Of course, I understand there are many who are suffering, emotionally and physically, who are stretched thin, who are anxious to see the world change for the better, much soon rather than later.  I’ve endured the darkness myself for many more decades than I would have liked.  I am tired and weary too.  So it should be comforting to know that there is a whole new generation of young people ready to pick up the torch.  Every generation that has come before has made the path of Light a little easier to travel.

And though I have held out hope that the world could change rapidly, I have always held faith in the long term process of transformation.  History has taught us that the Universe moves deliberately and slowly, sometimes across many lifetimes. The illuminati bloodlines have always understood this fact; it is perhaps their greatest strength, yet the souls of the Light are often impatient – and it is reasonable to be so.  Yet it is more likely our incarnated human ego that demands transformation within a single lifetime.  This has always been the case, since the days of the early Christians, who believed that the second coming of Christ was eminent during the last days of the Roman Empire.  It has been this way ever since.  Every spiritual generation has held the same hope that they would be the ones to see Heaven descend to Earth.  So we keep setting these dates … like December 21, 2012.  But the dates mean little.  They merely push us forward to do the inner transformational work that we still need to do, to bring Heaven to Earth.

I’m reminded of a scene from one of my favorite films when I was about as young as the writer featured below.  St. Elmo’s Fire was a coming of age film from the mid-1980s staring up-and-coming ‘Brat-Pack’ actors Rob Lowe and Demi Moore.  Late in the film, Rob Lowe delivers an unexpected, yet inspirational message that sheds meaning to the film’s unusual title. It’s a message to comfort any world-weary soul, whether they be 22 or 62 years young. – DN

Billy (Rob Lowe) comforts Jules (Demi Moore) and assures her that they’re all going through the same tough times.


My Perspective on Ascension Predictions

Reposted from: Culture of Awareness | by Wes Annac

earth-ascensionThere’s something I feel like I have to say, and even though part of me is hesitant to say it, another, more overwhelming part of me is practically bursting at the seams to get it out. Please note that with what I’m about to say, I don’t intend to sound uncompassionate or uncaring about the plight of those who’ve been concerned about the matter I’m going to discuss.

With as much compassion and understanding as possible; as much love as I can muster up, I feel like I have to say this:

I don’t really care when ascension happens.

A lot of seekers who resonate with the idea of ascension have been talking about potential deadlines, dates, etc. for our ascension to happen in a bold and undeniable way. Whereas the date of December 2012 was advocated for a long time by a lot of seekers (including me), we’re now hearing about 2017 as a possible ascension date.

Channeled sources who are otherwise genuine are coming out with new predictions (some of which are answers to questions they’re posed by their loyal readers/listeners) and telling us to stay vigilant for the next few years while the energy continues to intensify.

Please note: I’m not saying I think those predictions are false or the sources who are giving them aren’t genuine or valid. I’m not saying the energy won’t continue to intensify and potentially dazzle us with how pure it’s becoming, because I can personally attest that it’s getting purer than I would’ve ever thought or expected.

I’m saying that in all honesty, I just don’t care when the biggest ascension-related events are going to manifest. I don’t!

For me, this time we’re in right now is the ascension, and I’m sure a lot of you will agree. Sure, the energy could (and probably will) intensify dramatically into 2017, and we could’ve witnessed a lot of bold and undeniable changes by that point. But whether or not we experience literal ascension in or around 2017 doesn’t matter one bit to me.

If I can be honest, I’m in it for the long haul. Feel free to disagree with the somewhat radical statement I’m about to make, but if the years and decades go by and we don’t happen to see any major events, be them related to ascension, financial abundance, disclosure or anything else, I’m still going to be out here doing my thing.

I’m still going to work as hard as I can to advocate spirit and enjoy the good vibration that results.

Like Steve Beckow recently said, the reality of all of this is just too apparent for me to a) continue to focus on dates, manifestations and other affirmations of things I already know but I’m just starting to really discover or b) give up all hope and faith when predicted events don’t manifest.

I’ve long decided to stop giving my energy to dates, timeframes, or manifestations of any sort. Yes, a worldwide financial restructuring would be amazing and we could do a lot with the funds that’d result, but I’m focusing on what I can do right here, right now with the funds that are available and the inspiration I receive from spirit to uplift myself and my planet.

Yes, planetary ascension will be the most spectacular thing we’ve ever experienced when it does happen. And I do think it’ll happen, despite my wariness with dates and predictions. With the extent to which consciousness and awareness have already grown on our little planet, collective ascension’s inevitable!

As strange as it might sound, I think my complete acceptance of the reality of everything we’ve learned about – ascension; the channeled sources who speak to us from the higher realms; the disclosures that’ll inevitably take place and the fall of the cabal, which’ll precede or follow them; the general spiritual nature of our existence – is causing me not to care about dates or manifestations anymore.

A bold, direct collective ascension can happen in my lifetime or not. It really doesn’t bother me either way, and even if it doesn’t happen in my lifetime, I can look back on my life as a wrinkly old man and know that I did everything I could to strengthen and support this ascension.

No matter what happens or does/doesn’t manifest, I’m a warrior for the light and that’s an empowering thing to realize. I’ll always be a conduit for spirit, with the exception of a few articles here and there (like this one) where I have my higher self step aside so I can give my personal opinion.

I’ll continue to happily follow the various genuine channeled sources that are out there, and if they make a prediction or say something that doesn’t resonate with me, I’ll brush those words aside and embrace the things they say that do resonate.

If certain channeled sources seem to continue to say things that don’t resonate, I’ll respectfully place my attention on other messages that do resonate without acting like the sources I once followed suddenly aren’t genuine anymore just because I didn’t personally agree with their words. This hasn’t happened, but that’s what I’d do if it did.

I’ll continue to embrace spirit and everything that comes with it, and I’ll continue to do everything I can to strengthen this ongoing spiritual revolution.

I’m getting the increasing feeling that however cliché it sounds, we really are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Even if it turns out to be the longest, most gradual and arduous process we’ve ever experienced, I think we’re literally creating our ascension step by step; channeled message by channeled message; article by article; book by book; song by song.

Every creative and spiritually inspired thing we do contributes to our ongoing planetary ascension, and even if all of our work doesn’t seem to have been enough in fifty years, you can bet I’ll keep going. Again, I’ll know that I did everything in my power to help enlighten and uplift humanity, and that’ll be good enough for me.

An unprecedented sense of liberation comes with recognizing that in a sense, we are ascension. Weare the higher realms.

We’re the light. We’re the anchors; the world changers; the gatekeepers; the lightworkers. We really are the ones we’ve been waiting for, and we have a lot of work to do to change things. We’ve hardly started the greatest of our work, even though we’ve done a lot so far, and we have the potential to do things we would’ve never thought possible.

And it starts with a simple decision to be creative. To be loving.

To empty our consciousness of the ego and use the daily enlightenment that results to create real outer change by facilitating real inner change. This is our mission, and we’re being supported by an uncountable number of higher-dimensional souls who just want to empower us, or, at the very least, help us see that we’re already empowered.

When a channeled source is asked direct questions that relate to timeframes or manifestations, they can’t help but give the best and most honest answer they can, given that they don’t experience physical time like we do.

Sometimes, they’ll come right out and offer an unsolicited prediction, and the best thing they and we all can do is hope that the collective vibration’s in the right place when the timeframe they predict reaches us.

When a prediction’s made, some seekers will go off the deep end with anticipation and giddiness that can turn into disappointment, despair and depression when the predicted events don’t manifest. I’ve rode this carousel plenty of times, and I chose to get off of it a long time ago.

Nothing will stop me from knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that our higher selves, guides, etc. in the higher realms exist and assist us, because I’ve experienced a lot of bold validations that were never predicted; that never hinged on a certain timeframe.

They just happened to me, and I was left to go from there with a concrete understanding that this is all very real.

With this knowledge in mind, I’m going to break out of my shell even more than I did before. I’m going to continue to advocate the spiritual concepts that resonate with me, which include ascension, the Company of Heaven, etc., and I’m going to shine the light and raise the awareness I came here to shine and raise.

It’s time to break free in the realest and purest sense, and I’ve long been ready to stop hinging my beliefs or my willingness to work hard on the CoH or some financial guru making good on their predictions.

I completely understand why some seekers choose to, and honestly, most of you have been in this game much longer than I have. I’ve only really been here since 2010/11, whereas some of you have waited for disclosure, ascension, etc. for years and maybe even decades.

Maybe my youth is what empowers me to feel this way about predictions. Maybe it’s the fact that I recognize that the ascension/‘new age’ crowd is only one of many crowds who’ve discovered spirit and work very hard to spread awareness and raise the planetary vibration.

Maybe it’s because I recognize that there are so many other spiritual groups out there doing the same things we’re doing (raising awareness of corruption and the spiritual nature of our existence) who don’t hinge their beliefs or their work on any predictions or manifestations.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been inspired by the Rastafarian crowd; the crowd of seekers who follow eastern philosophy/spirituality; the scientists who are presenting spirit to the world in an undeniable way; the tried-and-true earthy hippies who use psychedelics to explore their consciousness.

None of these crowds are waiting on anything, and in fact, they mostly rely on themselves to find enlightenment and help the rest of the planet do the same.

They’re doing their own thing; becoming aware of spirit and presenting it to the world, and they aren’t holding their breath for any bold, affirming phenomena to grace them. They recognize that this is a day-to-day mission, and most of them seek to do everything they can in every moment to make sure spirit has a voice in this world.

Without recommending conformity, I’ll say that we can be like them.

We, the ascension/channeling/’new age’ crowd, can strengthen our work without the continuous hindrance of dates, predictions and manifestations, which discredit our movement more than the fact that we claim to speak with higher-dimensional spirits or anything else.

We can continue to advocate the existence of the Company of Heaven and humanity’s ability to communicate with the higher realms. We can continue to advocate the idea that we’re collectively experiencing a planetary evolution, and we can do it with the liberation that comes from ceasing to need our heavenly reality to be right here, right now.

I think that’s the biggest problem with the prediction/manifestation issue – our heaven’s already here!

This is such a difficult thing for a lot of seekers in our crowd to come to terms with, because even though we can sit down in any given moment and, if we’re determined enough, experience a meditation that’ll take us to the exact place we want a bold ascension event to take us to, when we look around, we see that our world’s still in shambles.

This disappoints a lot of us, and it makes us think that after all these years, the world just won’t change. Well I’m here to tell you that it will, it is, and we’re the ones changing it. How are we changing it, you ask?

Not by waiting for ascension, disclosure, abundance, etc. Not even by uprooting the cabal and creating a planetary society that’s run by the people and not the cabal (which is an important distinction to make). Not even by grabbing a mainstream news camera and filming the descent of a mothership onto earth.

We’re changing the planet by embracing our spirituality and our creativity. We’re changing the planet by offering our neighbor a friendly smile as we both leave for work. We’re changing the planet by working hard to raise humanity’s spiritual awareness and playing just as hard; enjoying ourselves when we could otherwise stoically work away.

We’re changing the planet by listening to the endless advice so many spiritual teachers have given us to create inner change before we expect outer change. All of these wonderfully uplifting things will change the world more than any date or manifestation we patiently wait for year in and year out, and the great thing is that we don’t have to wait for them at all!

We can start them right now, and all it takes is the willingness to see that we are heaven. We are the higher realms, and nothing will ever take that away from us – especially a failed prediction or our own obsession over when things will finally arrive.

I think it’s time to stop focusing on arrivals and manifestations and start focusing on what we can do to make the most of our time here on earth. Whether or not we ascend in this lifetime, this could very well be one of the last lives we each experience on this little blue world, so why not keep our spirituality close and do everything we can to joyously raise awareness?

This is what I’ll be doing from now on. I’ll happily and humbly write, channel, play music and do anything else I feel inspired to do to move humanity forward – physically and spiritually. Who’s with me?

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6 thoughts on “Perspectives on Ascension Predictions

  1. This is a good and productive attitude. Sooooo many folks on a lot of different sites have complained about missed predicted dates it nice to hear from someone that has gotten it.

    And I quote ” We will ascend when over 50% of the world population has learned to give 51% more than take”. That has always seemed reasonable to me if we are to believe that Gaia and all lifeforms are going to ascend together as one.

    I have been continuously stating on several blogs that instead of continually winning or waiting for a Knight in shinning armor get your buns up and STAND! I don’t know about anyone else but at 58 years young I don’t recall ever having been handed any free pass to live here or anywhere! No sir I like all of the rest of you good folks have had to earn my way.

    I have had 8 surgeries in total, died for 8 seconds and finally lost every last cent that I worked over 30 years for. Lost my wife of 32 years and my oldest daughter after her divorce left with 2 of my grandchildren 4 years ago depriving me of that earned privilege as well.

    Although I date occasionally most of the time I stay focused on work 7 days a week. If I just sit around I end up fighting loneliness and good memories that end up hurting in the now. My secret to enjoying life? The Lord and my folks came Christmas Eve 2012 to both apologize for not believing in my seeing the true events of 9/11 but also to tell me to help investigate the darkness taking over this planet. From that point on I have been on a mission to assimilate data (information for most) as a computer engineer and find truth that everyone could benefit from.

    The reality is folks we have all been duped and re-duped for thousands of years and unless we wake up and make a stand TOGETHER we will never ascend but rather stay in this loop of obeying the every command of the elite. That includes the lucifer they created and ultimately Satan while Gaia gets darker and heavier with every passing day!

    Haven’t you seen the place getting lighter and day by day a little more love making it happier? What Wes writes here is both encouraging and probably true. No one knows the complete truth of where we are going or even when. I look at it this way, thousands maybe millions of folks were awaken at the same time period with the knowledge of seeking out the truth and spreading the word. I don’t know about the rest of the awakened but I was never once promised ascension. This came about months afterwords. As a friend and brother of Jesus, not a church goer, not a Jesuit or hard Christian I trust him and the visions I have received all my life. Some happen fast others take years to manifest themselves in this paradigm! Thanks for the great post now spread it around!

    Love and blessings through the knowledge of divine light there for all…..mike

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