Dont Miss The Point Of BEING Here

Reposted from: Zen Gardner | by RJ Spina, Contributor

It’s so easy to lose focus with the myriad of distractions and lies ever present in today’s insane world. No doubt the totality of it all can make this existence feel brutish, slow and even painfully pointless but the real reason for being here is quite the opposite. Let’s rediscover it together and remind ourselves of just what THE point of being here is.

The best place to start is with fundamentals. Nothing in and of itself has any meaning. Existence itself is a blank canvas and through the utilization of our senses/perceptions we give it and ourselves meaning (it and ourselves is the same thing, paradoxically).

The second fundamental is the magic of the Human Experience lies within the cosmic and divine experiment of Free Will. The opportunity to be here is OUR choice and we get to CREATE who and what we wish to be and the kind of world we wish to live in. You, me, everybody and everything participates in the co-creation of Here and Now.

But it is at this point that the grand paradox demands its dance. Within Free Will there exists an even GREATER aspect to the point to being here and it may not be what you have been told or taught. It’s very simple but inherent within simplicity is elegance and efficiency.

All that exists, exists to experience, learn and evolve; seemingly for itself individually AND for the greater good SIMULTANEOUSLY.

Let’s pause here for a moment.  When you are ready let’s look more closely…

The application of experiencing, learning and evolving is so intrinsically personal, individualistic and unique to each and every entity that every journey is just that, UNIQUE. And that too is the point. There are trillions of sentient beings (humans, animals, fish, insects, plants, etc) on Earth right now and all are having their own personal experiences, learning in their own unique way and evolving at their individual respective speed.

How else can our Creator learn all there is to learn without the incomprehensible enormity of infinite possibilities?

And if everything and everyone is unique and on its own personal, distinctive journey of experiencing, learning and evolving at its own respective speed, wouldn’t comparing and having expectations of others be pointless?

More specifically, so many of ‘us’ experience frustration because ‘others’ don’t seem to get “it.” We see behavior of those we deem ‘unawakened’ and we get upset and angry. Why? Because we feel we know better. But what IF those people/entities really aren’t aware yet in terms of their evolution? Does that make what they are doing wrong? Wouldn’t they NEED to have certain experiences in order to learn and evolve? Didn’t you/me/we at one point in our spiritual evolution have to learn those lessons as well in order to know better?

What about the people/entities whose point in being here right now is not to ascend but to help facilitate the ascension of OTHERS by providing examples of the behavior we don’t want? Remember, Ascension happens INDIVIDUALLY. I cannot make you ascend nor you me. At best, anything we say or any action we take will serve as a bridge for self discovery, for the individuals we wish to help ascend and for ourselves.

When we look at our Creator’s inspiration not with our physical eyes but with the eyes of awareness, where everything and everyone is needed and must play its part, there can be no other way.

Maybe considering this and having compassion is the best place to start in regards to our perception of the ‘unawakened.’ And if you’re saying to yourself, “Yeah, but I have always known hurting other people is wrong” I don’t disagree. But you did LEARN that… somewhere at some point.

We are all where we are at and it is not the same place, literally, figuratively or spiritually. And it has to be that way to capture and illustrate part of the wonder and point of BEING here; the uniqueness of every single sentient being and its experiences; the personal history we innately carry within the journeys of our respective Souls and the individual/collective growth we experience when we communicate and share this knowledge with one another.

Something wonderful also happens when we apply this knowledge through our intent, thoughts and actions solely for the BENEFIT of others… we TRANSCEND just having knowledge and EVOLVE within the beauty of service to others. And in my heart, THAT is what resonates with me.

And there is the great paradox yet again. Individual ascension and collective ascension…both at once AND separately, simultaneously.

This transcendence we speak of IS the Awakening. Our Awakening to a greater awareness is the propulsion up the frequencies on the never ending journey of greater knowledge and compassion.

And this takes us full circle. So what is the real point of being here?

It’s the same reason now, as it was before and forever will be; no matter here, there or anywhere…

To understand the point in BEING here all you have to do is ask yourself this simple question:

What did I learn and did I love?


RJ Spina


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