Discerning Alien Disinformation, Pt.1

An excerpt from: Discerning Alien Disinformation | by Montalk

Gray-AlienDistinguishing between peaceful and aggressive aliens is easy. A more difficult question is how to discern between positive aliens and negative ones pretending to be positive. This question is important because research suggests not all alien factions are sincere or have our best interests at heart. If hostile forces cunningly imitate benevolent ones, then anyone refusing to acknowledge this possibility invites deception. Those who deeply investigate the alien presence will inevitably conclude that such impostors are already here on earth waging psychological warfare upon us to disarm discernment and create within the population a growing desire for their imminent arrival and leadership.

Description of the Primary Alien Types

I will begin by surveying the primary alien players: Greys, Reptilians, Mantids, and Nordics. These are the four recurring characters in both legitimate research and alien disinformation literature.* Of course there are other alien types, but they are not as prominent as these four, who appear in source after source. Therefore I will skip discussing the less noteworthy aliens and focus on the popular ones.


Greys are the most commonly encountered type of alien. They are between three and five feet tall with disproportionately large bulbous heads. Their skin varies from dolphin-grey to porcelain white and has a dry, rough, highly elastic texture. Hair and ear- lobes are absent; nose and mouth are vestigial. Greys are known for their prominent eyes, which are catlike or else completely ob- sidian if concealed beneath a dark covering. Their eyes range from small to large, round to almond-shaped. Their manner of move- ment may be described as swift and serpentine but robotic and graceless.

Greys are known to experience panic and frustration but lack complex emotions like empathy, compassion, love, and humor. This suggests their awareness is sustained by the primitive reptil- ian portion of the brain while the rest is purposed toward psychic and intellectual functions. What qualities make them useful has been overdeveloped, while the rest has been reduced. They are minimalist lifeforms optimized for their intended function.

Greys are genetically engineered, psychically enhanced, trans- dimensional worker-beings endowed with rudimentary sentience and a computer-like intelligence. In their most basic form they are artificially intelligent, programmable, organic robots grown in vessels from harvested biological materials. Greys work in groups, linked psychically into a hive mind, though each has some level of autonomy.

Their DNA is a modification of the reptilian genome, opti- mized for maximum psychic and cybernetic qualities. Cybernetic means they are remotely controllable when necessary, function- ing as remote psychic probes, avatars, or portals through which the consciousness of their superiors may temporarily operate. So although by default they are programmed yet intelligent automa- tons with their own basic awareness, they are readily possessed or controlled by an external intelligence.

The Grey genome can infuse psychic and cybernetic elements into a fully sentient species through hybridization. This produces a new race that is psychically more potent but consciously more controllable. Tall Greys with a sentient demeanor and individual- ized consciousness are an extreme example of this, while Greys in their quintessential form are short worker drones; the former are often seen leading or supervising the latter. Any proportion of hybridization is possible with any number of species including humans and animals.

Greys are sometimes physical, other times seemingly ethereal. They can vary between these states depending on how deeply they have been projected or dimensionally rotated into our di- mension. If deep enough to share the same level as us, they will be completely physical to our senses. If only partially, then they will be invisible to our eyes yet lurking around to observe and influ- ence. When physically invisible, Greys can still be intuitively de- tected, seen and tracked by animals, and perceived during astral projections or the hypnopompic state of consciousness.

Some Greys are not physical beings but thought-forms, which are etheric constructs without physical bodies who lack the abil- ity to materialize in the physical. They would be used more for human possession, influencing, and monitoring purposes, whereas the tangible Greys are used for physical tasks like han- dling abductees.

Aliens native to another dimension, who require interaction with humans without crossing the dimensional border them- selves, may use Greys as remote probes for psychically subduing, managing, and extracting human abductees from the physical plane. If Greys are grown from biological materials harvested from our world, their bodies would consist of materials already attuned to our dimension, which affords them easier operation within our physical environment. This would be the main reason Greys are so prevalent in abduction reports.

Another reason Greys are so commonly reported is that they are convenient front men for alien or human military factions wishing to keep their own involvement in the abduction phe- nomenon hidden for strategic purposes. These include Reptilian, Mantid, and Nordic alien types. Less is known about them than the Greys because they are met less often and are fewer in num- ber. That does not mean they are less involved in the abduction phenomenon; they manage their abduction programs from be- hind the scenes and allow the Greys to continue with their given assignments without intervention by authorities unless de- manded by circumstance.


Reptilians are humanoid beings with alligator-like features including vertical pupils, scales, and sometimes tails. There are different factions and types of Reptilians, though they all share traits of being highly intelligent and good tactical strategists; some even have excellent human language skills. Only a small minorityareofrelativelybenevolentorientation,* whiletherest appear too heavily locked into their genetically programmed pre- disposition toward psychopathy, power, and control. The latter are commonly implicated in incidences of rape, torture, and mutilation of humans by aliens.*

Reptilians are transdimensional and can physically manifest in our dimension for limited periods of time. Normally they stay back in their dimension in a more ethereal state and remotely operate Grey drones. When interfacing through a Grey, they can remotely feed off the emotional energy emitted by a terrified ab- ductee nearby. This lifeforce energy is a source of nourishment and power for all interdimensional aliens of a negative orienta- tion, as it does for their ethereal bodies and technologies what physical fuel does for our physical bodies and technologies. Rep- tilians are seen less often than Greys, but are known to be one of their superiors.


Mantids are man-sized preying mantises with triangular heads, large wraparound eyes, and long bent arms. They are rarely seen except in the company of Reptilians or Greys aboard ships. Their consciousness is unemotional, calculating, but highly proficient in technical matters. They likely work as technicians specializing in consciousness manipulation, timeline alteration, and dimen- sional engineering.


Nordics look like white Caucasian males and females. They are usually fair-skinned with light-colored eyes and primarily blond hair, though some have darker hair. Compared to the average human, Nordics tend to have better physiques, larger eyes, and greater stature. They are also telepathic and have superhuman intelligence. Nordics are also interdimensional beings normally existing beyond the dimensional veil, the difference being that sentient Nordics are relatively more adept at projecting themselves into our physical plane for extended periods of time than Reptilians, Mantids, and Greys. They can and do walk among us in public without notice.

Nordics fall into three main categories. When seen working with Greys as docile assistants, they are likely servile clones or synthetic humanoids rather than actual sentient Nordics. When they function as controllers and supervisors to Greys, Mantids, and Reptilians, they are Nordics of a negative orientation. When they are fully sentient, individualistic, ethical, and supportive of freewill, they are Nordics of a positive orientation.

Thus the Nordic physiology itself is no indication of orientation or intention. This is further complicated by positive and negative types blending smoothly into each other near the middle of the spectrum. Qualitatively speaking, the more negative Nor- dics have a coldness behind their eyes, positive Nordics a warmth, and servile Nordics a certain vacuousness.