Bilderberg Closing Remarks Leaked???

Although I think this Bilderberg speech is a clever fraud, there is certainly enough truth buried within it to warrant sharing this diabolical mindset. It exposes a misunderstood motivation, that it is not the end-goal of obscene wealth that the elite pursue, but the end-goal of technological immortality and world domination.

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Creepsville! This is important to read, though, as it does give an idea of what the transhumanist, self-proclaimed “gods” are thinking. It’s so psychopathic and self-congratulatory that a normal person wouldn’t dream of it, and a truly spiritual person wouldn’t need to think that way, because a truly spiritual human knows that these answers and capabilities lie within human beings themselves, minus all this technology and transhumanist cow manure. Actually, cow manure has value and helps good things grow, so my apologies for insulting bullsh!t by comparing it to our world “leaders.”

Anyway, here are the leaked, translated Bilderberg Closing Remarks. If you decide to read — and I recommend you do — please recognize that  from the remarks we can glean exact guidelines for how to avoid most of what they’re engineering for us:

Create cross-overs amongst different communities; don’t fall for the black on white, Muslim on…

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