Empty the Mind to Perceive Source

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Credit: Zazzle

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

In our society, the mind’s generally seen as a good thing. Gaining knowledge is very important, and what other way to do so than to use the mind and its practically infinite capabilities?

I have nothing against the mind, and neither do the spiritual teachers we’ll hear from here. Like them, I recognize that the mind can be and is a very important instrument for the expression of consciousness and the gaining of knowledge, and it can take us very far if we know how to use it.

However, amidst our quest for answers to the secrets of our existence, humanity has mistakenly filled our heads with so much knowledge of our physical reality that we’ve forgotten about the greater reality that exists beyond our surface perception.

In our mad dash for answers, we’ve overlooked the greatest truths and secrets…

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