Free Energy Politics the People Need to Know, Episode 2.

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all-have-secrets-facebok-cover-jpeg-t2This show will help all those interested in free energy to understand what goes on in this unique industry behind the scenes.

This is an expose into the secrets and the underbelly of the free energy world with tips on how we can use the new paradigm business model to overcome the nonsense that’s holding humanity back. This interview with HopeGirl, Kami B and Indie Irie cover a wide variety of important topics including; the QEG, types of personalities and behaviors inside the free energy circles,  Hype-attack-and-discredit; Business patterns that occur in free energy circles, the 5 reasons why humanity has not had free energy, The 4 rules the de-bunkers follow to keep you from knowing the truth, positive people in the free energy circles, and how the “Big Boys” are already introducing free energy concepts into well known businesses.

The People’s Free Energy Show Episode 2: Free Energy Politics the People…

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