20+ Animals With Unexpected Colors

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waspThis isn’t a Photoshopped post – those are these animals’ natural colors! Most animals land somewhere along the black, brown or yellow color spectra, but not these strangely-colored animals! Their unexpected colors illustrate that nature has a far more colorful and diverse color palette than you might have realized.

If there are any strangely colored animals that you think we missed, add them to our list! The only rule is that their color has to be natural. And don’t forget to vote for your favorites!

#1 Purple Snail

Purple Snail


#2 Nicobar Pigeon

Nicobar Pigeon

#3 Black Rooster Ayam Cemani

Black Rooster Ayam Cemani

#4 White Peacock

White Peacock

#5 Pink Katydid

Pink Katydid

#6 Pink Orchid Mantis

Pink Orchid Mantis

#7 Blue And Green Parakeet

Blue And Green Parakeet

#8 Rainbow Cricket

Rainbow Cricket

#9 Pink Robin

Pink Robin

#10 The Regal Ring-neck Snake

The Regal Ring-neck Snake

#11 Indian Bull Frog

Indian Bull Frog

#12 Pink Dophin

Pink Dophin

#13 Albino Squirrel

Albino Squirrel

#14 Albino Crow

Albino Crow

#15 Blue Lobster

Blue Lobster

#16 Halloween Crab

Halloween Crab

#17 Red Velvet Ant

Red Velvet Ant

#18 Northern Cardinal

Northern Cardinal

#19 Chimeric Lobster

Chimeric Lobster

#20 Red Slug

Red Slug



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4 thoughts on “20+ Animals With Unexpected Colors

  1. Reblogged this on Tania Marie's Blog and commented:
    These are so uniquely beautiful! I’m personally really vibing with the Purple Snail – love snails and this one is so enchanting makes this faery want to ride its beautiful spiral shell, the Nicobar Pigeon – loving the rainbow essence that seems so like a painting and reminding me of my own paintings and my painting style, the Black Rooster Ayam Cemani – so mysterious and iridescently potent, the Blue and Green Parakeet – I have a soft spot for this one, as I used to have blue parakeet and my brother a green one, and here this one merges both, and the Regal Ring-Neck Snake – loving the vibrant colors and that amazing, magickal teal, wow!

    Between this and Iceland’s amazing photos today, I’m feeling extra enlivened with inspiration, which is perfect for a brief painting spree of custom pieces I’m about to jump into here shortly. MMMM!!

  2. Reblogged this on Reiki Dawn and commented:
    these pictures that Tania shared via her post do brighten up my day in all the splendid array of color that mother nature creates. isn’t it amazing! thank you for this respite of beauty. never can have too much. love to all

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