Ukraine, US, Canada Vote Against Russia’s Anti-Nazi Bill

Ukraine, US, Canada Do Not Back Russia-Initiated UN Resolution on Heroization of Nazism

Resolution expresses concerns over the spread across the world of various extremist political parties, including neo-Nazis as well as racist extremist movements and ideologies

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hitlerUNITED NATIONS, November 22. /TASS/. The third committee of the UN General Assembly on Friday adopted a resolution urging countries to adopt more efficient measures to struggle against the heroization of Nazism and other forms of racial discrimination, xenophobia and intolerance.

A total of 115 out of 193 UN member-states voted in favor of the document, initiated by Russia. Three countries opposed the document – Canada, the United States and Ukraine. Another 55 delegations, including from the European Union countries, abstained.

The resolution expresses concerns over the spread across the world of various extremist political parties, movements and groups, including neo-Nazis as well as racist extremist movements and ideologies.

The text also warns against glorification of the Nazi movement and former members of the Waffen-SS organization and erecting monuments and memorials to them.

Therefore the document calls on states to take more efficient measures in line with international standards in the human rights sphere to fight these developments and extremist movements posing a real threat to democratic values.

The resolution unequivocally condemns any denial of the Holocaust and calls for ensuring the ratification and implementation of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD).


The U.S. has Installed a Neo-Nazi Government in Ukraine

Reposted from: Global Research | By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

This article first published in March 2014 at the very outset of the Ukraine crisis explains the nature of the Kiev proxy regime. we are dealing with a Neo-Nazi government supported by “Western democracy” and the “international community”. 

According to the New York Times, “The United States and the European Union have embraced the revolution here as another flowering of democracy, a blow to authoritarianism and kleptocracy in the former Soviet space.” ( After Initial Triumph, Ukraine’s Leaders Face Battle for Credibility,  NYTimes.com, March 1, 2014, emphasis added)

“Flowering Democracy, Revolution”?  The grim realities are otherwise. What is a stake is a US-EU-NATO sponsored coup d’Etat in blatant violation of international law.

The forbidden truth is that the West has engineered –through a carefully staged covert operation– the formation of a proxy regime integrated by Neo-Nazis.

Confirmed by Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, key organizations in the Ukraine including the Neo-Nazi party Svoboda were generously supported by Washington: “We have invested more than 5 billion dollars to help Ukraine to achieve these and other goals. … We will continue to promote Ukraine to the future it deserves.”

The Western media has casually avoided to analyze the composition and ideological underpinnings of the government coalition. The word “Neo-Nazi” is a taboo. It has been excluded from the dictionary of mainstream media commentary. It will not appear in the pages of the New York Times, the Washington Post or The Independent. Journalists have been instructed not to use the term “Neo-Nazi” to designate Svoboda and the Right Sector.

Composition of the Coalition Government

We are not dealing with a transitional government in which Neo-Nazi elements integrate the fringe of the coalition, formally led by the Fatherland party.

The Cabinet is not only integrated by the Svoboda and Right Sector (not to mention former members of defunct fascist UNA-UNSO), the two main Neo-Nazi entities have been entrusted with key positions which grant them de facto control over the Armed Forces, Police, Justice and National Security.

While Yatsenuyk’s Fatherland Party controls the majority of portfolios and Svoboda Neo-Nazi leader Oleh Tyahnybok was not granted a major cabinet post (apparently at the request of assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland), members of Svoboda and the Right Sector occupy key positions in the areas of Defense, Law Enforcement, Education and Economic Affairs.

The Neo Nazi party also controls the judicial process with the appointment of  Oleh Makhnitsky of the Svoboda party to the position of prosecutor-general of Ukraine. What kind of justice will prevail with a reknown Neo-Nazi in charge of the Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine?

Cabinet positions were also allocated to former members of the Neo-Nazi fringe organization Ukrainian National Assembly – Ukrainian National Self Defense (UNA-UNSO):

“Tetyana Chernovol, portrayed in the Western press as a crusading investigative journalist without reference to her past involvement in the anti-Semitic UNA-UNSO, was named chair of the government’s anti-corruption committee. Dmytro Bulatov,known for his alleged kidnapping by police, but also with UNA-UNSO connections, was appointed minister of youth and sports.Yegor Sobolev, leader of a civic group in Independence Maidan and politically close to Yatsenyuk, was appointed chair of the Lustration Committee, charged with purging followers of President Yanukovych from government and public life. (See Ukraine Transition Government: Neo-Nazis in Control of Armed Forces, National Security, Economy, Justice and Education, Global Research, March 02, 2014

The Lustration Committee is to organize the Neo-Nazi witch-hunt against all opponents of the new Neo-Nazi regime. The targets of the lustration campaign are people in positions of authority within the civil service, regional and municipal governments, education, research, etc.  The term lustration refers to the “mass disqualification” of people associated with the former government. It also has racial overtones. It will in all likelihood be directed against Communists, Russians  and members of the Jewish community.

It is important to reflect on the fact that the West, formally committed to democratic values, has not only spearheaded the demise of an elected president, it has instated a political regime integrated by Neo-Nazis.

This is a proxy government which enables the US, NATO and the EU to interfere in Ukraine’s internal affairs and dismantle its bilateral relations with the Russian Federation. It should be understood, however, that the Neo-Nazis do not ultimately call the shots. The composition of the Cabinet broadly coincides with U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland ” recommendations” contained in the leaked telephone call to the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine.

Washington has chosen to spearhead Neo-Nazis into positions of authority. Under a “regime of indirect rule”, however,  they take their orders on crucial military and foreign policy issues –including the deployment of troops directed against the Russian federation– from the the US State Department, the Pentagon and NATO.

The World is at a dangerous crossroads: The structures and composition of this proxy government installed by the West do not favor dialogue with the Russian government and military.

A scenario of military escalation leading to confrontation of Russia and NATO is a distinct possibility. The Ukraine’s National Security and National Defense Committee (RNBOU) which is controlled by Neo-Nazis plays a central role in military affairs.  In the confrontation with Moscow, decisions taken by the RNBOU headed by Neo-Nazi Parubiy and his brown Shirt deputy Dmytro Yarosh –in consultation with Washington and Brussels– could potentially have devastating consequences.

However, it goes without saying that “support” to the formation of a Neo-Nazi government does not in any way imply the development of “fascist tendencies” within the White House, the State Department and the US Congress.


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  1. To: The Subcommittee on Regulatory Affairs and Federal Management / Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee October 26, 2016
    In 2010 the lead investigator and attorney selected identifiers prior to creating a ruse of an investigation. Each identifier selected from, and exactly identical to, SS Nazi identifiers used to precede the contrived Nazi fabrications and falsifications to fit each identifier. The Nazi torture tactics as well as the propaganda tactics used on the general public to gain participation in committing crimes and/or looking the other way have been crafted during these past 6 years by the lead investigator and attorney from Columbia, SC to include thousands now, individuals and many businesses and public offices as well, all victims. The crimes in this case of Nazi torture and propaganda to dehumanize, de-spiritualize, and create distrust in the general public of the United States government, will be the easiest to prove, having 6 years of documentations all fabricated in various manners and piled one upon the other; but also, the most heinous imaginable and unprecedented in the US, and will expose the widespread and rapidly destructive ability of those employing Nazi tactics in this manner which seems to be undetected. The focus, as I hope is being monitored by those in intelligence areas regarding the current advancement of the Nazi agenda in the US, is not like its counterparts bombing buildings; but, in the silent arenas such as I have described, to utilize only one person at the core, me in this case, in order to adversely manipulate the will of many.
    All my efforts to expose this have been blocked; so, I find this agency to be the place where there are those whose profession it is to investigate problems of this nature and whose understanding of all these issues is acute and will not be deterred in the same manner used by the attorney and lead investigator with those before you, that you will easily recognize all constructs to deter you are simply the evidence to which I am alerting you. I also trust that as the US prosecutor during the Nuremburg trials noted, the intent of the articles created was not only for the present moment and crimes; but also for the future, in anticipation of the continued threat of Nazism and that no matter how unreasonable the crimes against humanity and peace appear when reported, no matter how large the scale – of collusion, misfeasance, malfeasance, corruption, aspects of lawlessness, improper practices, and activities to the detriment of the public necessary to determine changes needed, to quote from the Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs – it would be addressed, exposed, and measures put in place to prevent those crimes and never lose sight of the threat of Nazism.
    Of concern during the Nuremburg trials was not only the difficulties in assessing the psychological aspects of Nazi propaganda and the success of denazification strategies, but also the lack of information from so many victims over the course of many years prior to, during, and after the 1940’s. Everyone – except those responsible for the 2010 design of the Nazi crimes referenced here – is a victim, and understanding the long term proliferation of Nazism and its propaganda tactics necessitates each victim being included in the assessment of the threat, completely unhindered from fear, the fear that I witness every day, the fear that the tenets of Nazi propaganda tactics intentionally create.
    Melanie van Kampen Hilton Head, SC 29928
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