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The Misunderstood Matrix of Karma, Reincarnation, and Soul Contracts


“Perhaps the Dreams are of Soulmates” by Cameron Gray

By David Nova | From Deus Nexus

In the last few years, a new esoteric paradigm has emerged on the internet, and on several spiritual blogs, that represent a diametrically different view of previously accepted spiritual systems and beliefs. This sea change may have started from the insights of a few select bloggers, but these new ideas quickly spread across the internet like a wildfire. These ideas resonated with many awakened people, particularly when all the hope and hype of the Mayan calendar date (December 21, 2012) passed without incident and turned into spiritual disillusionment.  A case might be made supporting the link between the Mayan calendar disillusionment and these spiritual concepts that emerged shortly afterwards which attempted to explain why conditions on Earth are still perceived to be predominantly negative.

A House Divided

There has been a big split right down the middle of the spiritually awakened community, to the extent that the term “New Age spirituality” and previously accepted ideologies are now perceived as just another constructed religion from the dark forces to manipulate the masses, whether partially or wholly true.

Here is an imperfect description of this division: On one side of the split we have the awakened who believe that we are now living on an emerging 4th Density Earth, who still believe in clearing karma and learning soul lessons. On the other side we have the awakened who believe we’re still being held hostage by dark (and false light) forces and now believe that reincarnation and soul contracts are the tools of our enslavement. Naturally, there is some gray area in the middle.

What If I were to say that both beliefs are perfectly valid and true?

Personally, I fall into this gray area. I hold no personal judgement for either side, because I see and relate to both sides simultaneously, as strange as that may seem. I can hold two contradictory views and see the truth in both sides. This may be an aspect of my attempt to move beyond dualities. I also feel that only when we begin to view the Universe in a holistic way, as one enormous integrated Being, do we begin to come closest to the Truth of these things.

This split seemed to accelerate after the Mayan date, December 21, 2012, when a lot of folks who were rather superficially invested in spiritual awakening became disillusioned. Others who were invested in a paradigm of miraculous transformation or divine intervention felt quite understandably betrayed. Some writers ceased channeling. Others changed their direction, 180 degrees.

What then emerged from the other side of this so-called 2012 portal was an understanding of what has been termed the “False Light.” That is to say, many of the Light Forces and channeled entities who were previously worshiped for giving us the undisputed Truth have now been called into question and relabeled deceivers, or “False Light.”

I do believe there is some legitimate truth to this new understanding, however I would also warn against throwing out “the baby with the bath water” as the expression goes. Don’t mistakenly or accidentally throw out the Real Light with what is perceived as the False Light. “Some Discernment Is Required,” should be a label that you attach to every one of your beliefs, especially the ones that you find are particularly emotional.

The Dark Matrix Within the Cosmic Mind

A recent post by Anna Merkaba describes the prison of a Dark Artificial Matrix built within the construct of the Cosmic Matrix. Much like a Russian Nesting Doll, our world is made up of a series of inter-nested realities.

There is a matrix that the earth is on, which really is a system of encodings. What has happened is that another matrix was created within a matrix  by the “dark side”, human ego, reptilians, archons, etc, etc, all those who wanted to take advantage of the amnesia that humans are under in order to harness the energy from this planet.  Source

The original film “The Matrix” was instrumental in representing this holographic reality, as both a positive and a negative concept.  The Dark Matrix is one that is artificially created by parasites to enslave souls and farm their energy.  The Neutral or Cosmic Matrix is the foundation of the manifested physical Universe, it is the playground by which spirit can enter the material realms and exist as individualized, self-actualized entities. It’s creation and intent is neither evil nor good. It simply is. It’s one giant Holodeck for consciousness and spirit.  Some refer to it as a classroom.  All of it exists within the mind of God/Source.

The Dark Artificial Matrix was built within it and upon the same basic principles of the Cosmic Matrix, taking it hostage, twisting it to a dark agenda, basically creating a very dark basement inside of a bright and beautiful house. Our world is basically trapped in the basement of God’s house.

I resonate with this model, as it reflects a concept of the Universe that I’ve come to understand very well.  I’ve described this particular cosmology in great detail in my metaphysical series, “Season of the Serpent.”  In it, the warring realms of Duality, the angelic order of Yang’Ash and the demonic chaos of Yin’Dru, are part of the Dark Matrix that exists to control Earth and the Astral Plane.  However, there is a greater reality of Light beyond this dark artificial illusion. There are subtle levels of the Cosmic Matrix that allow greater freedom and consciousness, yet still allow individualization.  Without this larger Cosmic Matrix, there would be no creation and no expression of physical life… period.

However, I tend to think some people are over-generalizing, confusing, and misunderstanding the differences between these two very distinct systems. They are lumping them together into one mish-mash of misunderstanding.

The ultimate difference is that behind the Dark Matrix there is a parasitic force pretending to be God; behind the Cosmic Matrix there is only you forgetting that you are an aspect of God. Both systems use similar rules of engagement, these rules are just used for very different purposes. One pulls you down and puts you to sleep. The other helps to wake and raise you up to your true self.

By focusing upon the negative matrix, we’re focusing upon resistance and ignoring potential assistance.

It should also be noted that there is a huge difference between (1) saying you’re awake – knowing you’re an aspect of God, and (2) feeling it within every molecule of your entire Being – stretching beyond time and space. The first awakening can happen overnight. The second could take many different lifetimes to complete. It is the temporal human ego that does not comprehend this – the human ego, much like a child, much like the Illuminati, wants to be God now in this flawed, limited mortal body and mind, within this Dark Matrix. But it never will, because the world “as it is” (fallen, 3rd Density) was never designed for that expression. The frequency of our world and our DNA will need to change first.

This Confusion Over Karma, Soul Contracts, etc.

Let’s examine some of these spiritual concepts and beliefs that have been turned upside down recently.  They fall into the category of what I would call “Pre-Birth Terms and Conditions.”



Soul Lessons

Soul Contracts

I’m not going to break down each one of these topics; there are plenty of  articles that explain these subjects in greater detail. Rather, I’m going to paint a general overview of the topic.

The common variable these four conditions have in common is the spiritual amnesia we are born with. Because we are born inside the Dark Matrix we are burdened from way more spiritual amnesia than we rightly should be.  We should be aware of our connection to spirit, but we’ve been robbed of that connection. Yet even under the natural laws of the Cosmic or Natural Matrix we would be born into our human bodies with some form of amnesia because we simply couldn’t handle the full memory of our multidimensional selves in this existence.  The experience would probably be like taking LSD all day, every day. We wouldn’t be able to function in this material world or appreciate the limitations of the experience. Just like when you play a video game, there are rules in place to make the experience more fulfilling – like uncertainty – you don’t know what’s going to happen.  However, the Dark Matrix took over the game and rewrote the rules to enslave our incarnations, to trap us in the game.

So this new paradigm would have us believe that all of these Pre-Birth Terms and Conditions were put in place by the parasites of the Dark Matrix. There is some of truth to this, but there is also a whole lot of fear-based distortion behind this belief as well.

Now, I’m not particularly fond of the concepts of Karma or Reincarnation. It doesn’t sit well with my ego.  The idea of signing a Soul Contract has always sounded a little silly to me.  And of course, attempting to learn a Soul Lesson is always a bitch.  But we need to ask ourselves if our objections to these concepts are perhaps emotional or ego based. Are we simply being children who refuse to clean up our own room?  Or are these beliefs really designed to keep us tied down on the energy farm? What if both situations were equally true?  It’s a strange contradictory Universe we’re living in, isn’t it.

The more you expand your understanding, the more you begin to realize that both the Light (Service-to-Others) side and the Dark (Service-to-Self) side are playing the same game, with the same rules, on the same field, but for entirely different outcomes. This is not the same as the false duality paradigm of Good vs. Evil and Order vs. Chaos which is manipulated by the Dark (Service-to-Self) side.

Our beliefs tend to keep us enslaved, whether here on Earth or on some lower plane of the after-life still controlled by some Demiurge.  We need to move beyond the belief systems and religions that keep us limited in our understanding of the Universe and our true selves, whether that be Christianity or some New Age mumbo-jumbo.  Only when we question our long-held beliefs do we experience spiritual growth.  And that’s why we are here in this incarnation, to grow beyond our limiting beliefs.

Did you know that the word religion means to bind or limit an adversary? It comes from the Latin word and verb “religare”, which means “to bind”, “to hold back”, and “to bind fast”. In magic, it is a “class of spells intended to thwart and hold back the progress of an opposing force or practitioner.”  Source

On the other hand, just because We are aspects of God doesn’t mean that we get to do whatever we damn well want any time we damn well please.  It doesn’t mean that we get to make poor decisions without consequence.  It doesn’t mean that we are free from the responsibility of our actions and creations.  It doesn’t mean that we get to hurt other aspects of God and not have to make amends for being a jerk.  This is what small children expect. This is not what responsible adults or fully conscious aspects of God expect. Thus we have burdened ourselves with the laws of Karma and Soul Contracts.

It may help to no longer think of these Pre-Birth Terms and Conditions as religious belief systems. Instead, focus on the concept of energy exchange. The negative energy that has been put into a closed system has to be balanced somehow.  You are God.  You are responsible for all of your negative energy, just as you are responsible for the mess that you make, in this lifetime and all of your previous lifetimes.  You have to clean it up  You have to balance it.  Jesus (or some extraterrestrial race) isn’t going to clean it up for you.  Jesus didn’t come down to Earth to get you out of the mess you created.  He came down to teach you to forgive yourself for making it. The only person who is going to let you off the hook is you, your inner-Christ, your real authentic self, the God within you.

Believing these contracts to be a Devil’s trap only strengthens the grip of the trap.  You’re evading   responsibility for your own creation, bottling up the negative energy of unconscious pain and shame, giving it to the darkness when it simply needs to be released to the Light.

So when I read some blogger’s dark essay obsessing about the Archons trapping souls with binding Soul Contracts and Soul Lessons, convincing them to reincarnate and work off Karma, I have to say, “So what.”  Obsessing about these things isn’t going to change it.  Exposing it is only telling half the story – a fearful story. I would remind them that, “We’ve already got an ace card in our pocket.”  Maybe it’s just too Christian for some people to accept these days, but it really is this simple.  Just forgive yourself.  Forgive others who have wronged you.  That’s how you clear Karma.  That’s how you get off the wheel of Reincarnation.  That’s how you avoid more Soul Contracts and painful Soul Lessons.  That’s how you move beyond duality. These dark entities don’t want you to forgive anything.  They want you trapped in repetitive cycles of shame and ego so they can feed off your negativity. You can’t be both fearful and forgiving – these are of opposite polarity, very different vibrations. Stop obsessing about all the darkness and just forgive. It’s not easy, but it is simple.

OK, end of sermon.

The Continued War Against Darkness

I can already hear the protests: “it’s all well and good to forgive, but more love and light wont stop the Illuminati or the Archons from taking over the planet.” Actually, I beg to differ.  Cleaning up and creating a more positive vibration will help drive the demons away. They will have nothing to feed upon.  They will at least leave you alone.  What, you thought you were immune from these parasites?  And it will also lessen the off-world inter-dimensional power of the cabal.

But yes, of course, Love and Light is not enough.  We need to keep exposing the Truth.  We need to keep fighting for healthy food, water, and skies.  We need to keep working on alternative energies.  We need to stand up to tyranny.  We need to do all of these things, and we will accomplish them with greater ease and effect when we transition from our isolated frightened ego selves to our true divine selves.

Pre-Birth Contracts of Service

There is one other type of Pre-Birth Contract that needs to be discussed that probably has a little more relevance to the people reading this post.  It’s the notion that you signed up as a volunteer light-worker (ground crew or wanderer) for this incarnation.  You’ve already cleared most or all of your Karma.  You choose to reincarnate here – you weren’t forced to return.  You signed up to complete a job, like a member of the Peace Corps, working in a foreign land.  Only, you don’t remember volunteering for anything.  You don’t remember what you came here to do.  But you know you have some purpose or some mission to complete.  You feel it deep inside.  Perhaps you are already undertaking it.  Perhaps you got a little lost.  It happens.  You needed to turn around and retrace your steps, find your footing and your confidence.

This is the hardest kind of contract, the one we freely choose as fully conscious aspects of God in our higher state.  The world doesn’t appreciate who we are or what we came to do.  The world works against us because we are unwelcome intruders.  We have come to subvert the system.  We have come to clean up our collective Karma and end the duality game.  We have come to shine our light in a very dark place. We have come to take down the Dark Artificial Matrix. We are often required to operate in faith. We are quiet ordinary heroes working behind the scenes. And sometimes it does not feel like an honor or a privilege to serve. It feels like a terrible burden.  We sometimes forget why we are here, what it’s all about, and where we come from. Raising up a planet from darkness is not easy work. We just need to remember to forgive ourselves.

About the Author

David Nova is the author of the metaphysical fiction series “Season of the Serpent.”  He is a truth-seeker, a Wanderer, a blogger, and the moderator of Deus Nexus: Messages For An Entangled Universe.  For additional information about the author or his novels, visit his website, or his Facebook page.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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47 thoughts on “The Misunderstood Matrix of Karma, Reincarnation, and Soul Contracts

  1. I’ve been waiting for an intelligent article about this topic. When I saw it in my e-mail box, I said … oh, finally. Recently I’ve been pondering about karma, free will, soul-contracts quite a bit myself because things did not seem to add up. In part, because of the conflicting messages you are mentioning and to some degree by looking back on my own life journey. Ultimately came to the very same conclusions as you are describing so I know that I am not alone. In my research of the truth, I have came across the two part interview with Sherry Wilde by Wisdom from North. In the second part, Sherry Wilde talks about karma, which seems to resonate with your message. She does not go into as much detail as you do but gives her take as to how humans got trapped in, what I like to call it, our cosmic hamster wheel of karma. (I have your book on my Holiday list.)

    • Thank you for your comment, such a very nice compliment. I believe I’ve listened to some of Sherry Wilde’s material as well at some point. It seems there are quite a few folks who’ve been confused by this whole debate, and so I felt renewed inspiration to address the issue. I hope you enjoy the book(s). I’ll have a new one coming out soon.

      • Thank you David for letting me know, I will keep an eye on your new release.

        As I read through the comments it seemed to me that the deeper we are following our rabbit a new information is resurfacing paired with a new question. What Nathan & Aline put forward was another piece I have not heard of. It would be great if you’d follow up on it at some point.

        I have similar thoughts of Demitra’s and I agree that with a hijacked 3D consciousness mixed with the amnesic return into a hostile environment, humans have been vulnerable and had little chance to realize what is going on in order to get out. This has been changing and time will tell …

        I have the same opinion as you about consciousness. It is embedded in all humans I believe and at some point deeds have to be balanced. As to how much and how long rituals can help some I am not certain. But, here we are getting into the physics of consciousness that perhaps no mystery to many of our ancient wisdom but it is to our science and to most of us.

        I am not sure how it works with the puppet masters but if we want to align ourselves with your message of your last paragraph, perhaps we should carefully balance how much thought we feed to them. Having said that, only knowing their true nature allowing us to adjust our selves accordingly and regularly. Otherwise all the efforts “to bring down the Dark Artificial Matrix” would dissolve in fluffy spiritual ideologies. That is also why I appreciate many of your darker articles. I admit, I am not ready to read some of them at the time they arrive, but I get to them eventually because I think it is important to be aware.

        I think the reason why our ‘task’ feels like a “terrible burden” at times because not only that we are working through our own karma – most of us with great suffering – but we also need to find the perfect equilibrium so we can keep up our spirit. Indeed, not at all an easy task.

  2. Reblogged this on Twin Flames and commented:
    Brilliant article by our friend David Nova, it nails what we have been working on recently, namely, why soul agreements with parasites are here, and how we can revoke them. Today we found that there is an association in the mind between the giving of a gift and an agreement being made, so that anytime somebody gives something to us, we are now in an agreement with them to give them something in return. Additionally, when we give them something, they are also bound by an agreement to return the favor. A parasite will avoid their debt and manipulate another person to take it for them, these are considered masters (archon in the Greek), while the slave now has twice the debt to carry, and must find others to share their burden. This debt can be translated to be understood as karma, which is spiritual debt; money and sex are both material currencies that reflect this energetic concept. Picking apart all of the associations with gift giving, agreements, orders, trading, purchasing, etc., is essential to sovereignty, as gifts are meant to be free and without strings; it is only when a gift is divorced from any returned compensation that we can again experience this sovereign personal power.

    Read David’s fascinating post and prepare to have your mind blown. xoxo

    • Great new insights about giving, Nathan.

      I was actually going to employ a similar analogy in this article about karma being a simple debt payment in the Cosmic Matrix system, but Karmic debt is more like compounded interest in the Dark Matrix, but then I thought that was too much of a tangent for this post.

      • Very cool! Well, we tapped it, and many similar angles today, a solution key of sorts has been entered into the collective consciousness, as we all seem to be working on angles of this… synchronicity is in the air! XOXO

      • Incidentally, compound interest was also brought up and tapped on as a part of this, as well as a jubilee for those who have been taken advantage of with this system. Additionally, a world wide re-balancing is about to happen that is energetic in nature, and not just in the financial system…I think the dark matrix understands this is coming and is trying to get a grip on it, so that they can eventually bring back their debt system within a few years and keep humanity enslaved. If they can keep the majority of people’s beliefs in debt in tact, they can pull them back to their system after the karmic re-balancing happens that coincides with the coming pole shift.

  3. I enjoyed reading this; very well said! 🙂 Thank you for sharing, David.

    Allow me to add my own thoughts to the mix, if you will.

    In order to keep us reincarnating back into the system, karma is a Matrix sticky-trap construct which uses conscience and feelings of guilt against those who are so pre-disposed to such sensitivities, while those who lack a conscience and have no concept of guilt whatsoever, are not subject to karma in that regard.

    We have to ask ourselves: What would our 3D experience be like without the conspiring archons in the background? If we don’t ask this question, entertaining the imagination along these lines to see what kind of environment might potentially arise from it, and how it would affect us differently, we narrowly assume that people, as a rule, are inherently bad and are thus compelled to make bad decisions and bad choices, which naturally would require pain and punishment as a means of correction. However, I submit that for ensouled beings of conscience, this is not so.

    It seems to me that many of us would very well be making completely different choices and decisions, many of which would not be burdened by karmic law at all if we were not living our lives under constant duress. And while there are some who may very well continue to make the same decisions and choices, the very fact that they are not subject to spartan limitations and harsh disciplines frees them, automatically, from our present irrational taxation system of Karma.

    Anyway, I contend that precisely because ensouled beings are not free to be themselves, and are outrageously limited in every conceivable way, that they are grossly penalized for the most minor of matters and are then forced by the Lords of Karma to bear that burden (often lifetime after lifetime because of the memory wipe) that is based on nothing more than a mockery of true justice.

    • Yes, I agree, within the system of the Dark Matrix we are “grossly penalized” and live “under constant duress.” However, I was struck by something I read or heard recently about the elite activities at Bohemian Grove, particularly their supposedly mock sacrificial ritual called “the cremation of care.” According to this source (I think it was Mark Passio’s video) these elites and politicians partake in this ritual to clear their conscience of all the negative stuff they are about to do in the upcoming year. The takeaway being, they still have a conscience they’re trying to silence. So i’m inclined to believe every human being has a conscience. It may be atrophied, but they still face the laws of karma. It is the puppet masters, who manipulate the duality game, who get the elites and their hired thugs do to their dirty work for them, who keep their hands clean of karma.

      • Interesting, this “cremation of care” ritual falls closely in line with the concept of penance as put forth by the Catholic Church, only in reverse — as in: if one confesses after the deed is done, there is absolution.

        These kinds of religious practices don’t actually assuage true Cosmic Karma but for those repeat offenders within the Matrix they most certainly do end up striking up a deal with the Lords of Karma.

        The confessional, then, turns out to be the ritual for the everyday man, similar to the elites’ “cremation of care” ritual, and both are enacted to appease the Lords of Karma; to dismiss karmic charges for deeds done (before and/or after) with the promise of protection against repercussions within the Matrix. The rest of us suffer the biased consequences.

  4. Overall, this is very level-headed article. OMG, what planet are you from David and could we have some more of this level-headed, good discernment info please!

    But, I don’t like the black and white terms “Service to Self” and “Service to Others.” One good, the other bad. I call b.s. That’s still so black and white dualistic b.s.

    First of all, one must SERVE THEIR OWN SOUL by awakening, healing and preparing themselves for ascension BEFORE they can be of any REAL service to others energetically. You first serve your own soul by healing and reclaiming your personal power and sovereignty. THEN you are in a position to TRULY serve others.

    And not all “Service to Others” or things that parade around with that label are actually a service to others.

    Many an entity above the veil (atv) have certainly served themselves, even if in what one person termed “the cosmic ego” sort of way, in the name of “service to others”.

    Anyone blindly following “high (ET) council” and Galactic Federation Command black and white rules, even at times when it’s NOT the right thing to do in that situation are doing anything but “serving others” except perhaps in providing you with an opportunity to wake the hell up to what they have been up to and give ’em a good swift kick. Note here that these atv beings who have caused problems for this ascension are NOT the typical “dark” archon types. I’m talking GFL and ET councils here. Ya know, supposedly the “good” guys. The deluded, idiotic “good” guys. We call them the yahoos.

    And as David said in this article, I’m not telling you this so you can develop all new levels of fears, “Omg, we can’t even trust the ETs above the veil.” Have faith and trust in yourself. Hone your discernment skills. Don’t get all judgy (to coin a Buffy-ism), just “do the right thing” in any given moment. SEE what IS. Then deal with appropriately… which may not be in the exact same way or even remotely so as the last thing / being you “dealt” with. Hold their feet to the flame. Keep the pressure on them. They want to preach about us “wanting the truth”, then make them, if nothing else, reveal themselves and their energy, no matter where they are coming from and folks, most of where these yahoos are coming from is just from sheer ignorance. They preach at us to wake up and they’ve proven to need some awakening themselves.

    Luckily there are also beings atv who have truly been of help in this, but they were not the self-appointed “governing” types. And neither were / are WE. Here’s something to run by your own resonance and discernment. If you came here to get this planet ascended, know that you did so AGAINST ET council advice. Those council types were ready to write off Earth and humans. I’m glad we came here to do this and are getting it done. I’m also glad that other “rule breakers” like ourselves stayed atv because we’ve definitely needed their help in getting these self-involved, self-appointed, highfalutin councils and commands put back in their place, cut down to size, put in appropriate-sized britches. And yet the sovereign beings atv still needed a good kick to find their own spines and get after these council / command types. Lessons and “re-memberings” for all!

    I have been involved with someone else on the other side of the world, for over 2 1/2 years we have, at our higher selves’ and God’s urging, been involved with cleaning up some garbage ABOVE the veil that was causing problems for this planetary / human ascension. Some ET council and commander types were as black and white, undiscerning, selfish and inconsiderate as any sleepy incarnate human could be. Both of those groups want to be black and white, swinging wildly from one extreme to another when the reality of the situation never is that black and white.

    Those above the veil (atv) love to tell us how this ascension is up to us and yet make no mistake that they have called the shots on some things. Now, before I continue, do not get confused on this point… if you do not heal and prepare yourselves for ascension, you will NOT be ascending. It matters not what your fellow human is doing, or ETs atv or Gaia or whoever. There are others, other than incarnate humans, who have a role in getting this planet ascended, but if YOU do not do your own inner healing work, you’ve removed yourself from the game. Period.

    But, one of the ways that WE were misused by some entities atv was that ascension forerunners like myself were used to transmute not only crap energy out of the planet – which we came for, and she (Gaia) cooperated totally on that, but then again, she asked us here and she is not under a consciousness veil – but to then transmute destructive energy for still-sleeping (or partially so) humans.

    This is just NOT how free-will and consequence work and yet those atv (above the veil) obviously needed a refresher course on how free-will and consequence works. So we were used supposedly in “service to others” transmuting what was their consequences of their choices, which really was a DISservice to them and was holding them back from awakening fully to their own creations (which is what consequence is) and accepting their own Responsibility and Power.

    And this whole scene SO beat against everything the Divine itself “taught” / reminded me of many years ago about how you cannot steal someone’s karma. But some entities atv “forgot” or got hit with a stupid stick or something and here we were, incarnate beings having to remind them of something that anyone who is NOT under a 3D consciousness veil SHOULD JUST KNOW! Humans have a consciousness veil, what was THEIR excuse?

    Well, I’ll just say it, as far as I care, ALL of dimensional experience is dualistic in nature, all is veiled, it’s all just a matter of degree. I’ve come to say “as below, so above” because I’ve seen too much of the idiocy that goes on down here also going on atv. Stupid rules, self-appointed Grand Poobah’s, boot lickers, you name it.

    We had to hammer on those atv to make them stop utilizing our energy in that way as it was fricking knocking us out and was, yes, actually a DISSERVICE to the addicted-to-4D level folk who we were supposedly being used to “help”. And if they would have knocked us forerunners out, well, we could easily have died, having our physical vessels far overworked doing unphysical things like being used as fricking human antennae and left with little to no energy for us to use outwardly / physically to maintain our own vital signs. If we would have died, for us, hell, that would have been a fricking relief, but then the planet and any “on path” humans would have been f*cked. (Excuse my French. You can BET that it is for emphasis.)

    So, these 4D level people who woke up to some degree, but wanted to “dwell” on the 4D ladder between the 3D and 5D levels (why in the hell would anyone want to set up camp on a ladder rung is beyond me), who ALSO came here to assist Gaia, were not only of no help, but then became the BIGGEST part of the burden of getting this planet ascended. Between them and their council / command counterparts atv, this planetary ascension got turned into a “lightworker rescue mission”. SO counter to FREE-WILL that it’s not even funny. It just flat doesn’t work.

    And you wonder why this ascension didn’t happen 2 years ago? Well, there ya have it. Are you still sensing the need for healing coming up? Then get on it and stay on. This is it! If you don’t know if you still have work to do – ask! Then pay attention and you’ll be clued in. If there’s still healing to do, the opportunity will present itself and by God, seize the opportunity. You may also be beyond a 5D potential now and are being used for the planetary effort. They may look an awful lot the same. You may know which it is, you may not. It really doesn’t matter much since they are both handled the same way. Acknowledge it, let it flow through, feel it, then release it. Rinse, repeat.

    Did you get discouraged because the ascension didn’t happen 2 years ago? You obviously weren’t connected into the planetary ascension process enough to know WHY, to also know, it didn’t get “canceled” or wasn’t a real thing. It did absolutely get post-poned and I just told you some of the biggest reason (from atv and btv) on why that is. And if you are finding yourself getting hammered with healing energy in recent month, YOU are part of the reason why we are still all here. Take the bull by the horns folks. Get it done.

    Now, all of you out there who are getting energetically hammered here in the last few months, finding yourself joining the choir of 4Ders who are all singing, “I thought I was done with that, but…”, YOU ARE the 4Der, wishy washy, rung-dwelling, lightworkers that I am referring to here. I know you all like to pass the buck and point fingers and just love to shirk responsibility and at the mention of how “lightworkers” have gone astray you all distance yourself from the lightworker label and claim you are not one. Well you are! It’s what you came for and it’s what most of you actually do, whether you care to admit it or not and whether you are half-*ssed about it or not. One definition of light is “information”. If you are out there blogging to beat the band and sharing info in hopes of enlightening others YOU ARE a lightworker. Quit getting all black and white about that label and making “lightworker” the next dirty word in the language. It’s not. But it’s like the question all those superhero comics ask – “How do you choose to use your power?”

    The time is NOW. You’re getting hammered lately because you are NOT going to be allowed to set up some ‘tweener state 4D “dwelling” hologram so you can take your sweet time at ascension. Not happening. No one else is transmuting for you now. You are feeling the FULL consequences for YOUR choices and your level of healing. To ascend or not ascend. THAT is the question! Many have been sensing this and have described it as “make or break”, “do or die.” Yeppers.

    Those atv (the problem children, which we call “yahoos”) also couldn’t pull their heads out about the whole individuated experience and self-sovereignty / selfhood thing. They couldn’t help but keep looking at the whole of Earth humans as a collective, energetically, instead of seeing each individual at their own level of evolution and self-empowerment. It’s all about self-sovereignty and self-empowerment here. That’s what we all came to learn and master. We didn’t come here to be a bunch of fricking lemmings who are so happy to “in unity”, “collectively” all run off the cliff together.

    Make no mistake! This planetary ascension is happening because of INDIVIDUALS who stepped into their own healing, discernment, Divine connection, Responsibility and Power. If we all would have insisted on “fitting in”, in sinking to the lowest common denominator, in “leaving no one behind” mode, this planetary ascension would flat NOT be happening. This is ALL about the POWER OF THE INDIVIDUAL. And trust me, no free-will human can or will be “arm-twisted” into ascension. If they don’t choose it and do what is necessary to heal COMPLETELY, they / you won’t be ascending. (to the reader – if the shoe fits)

    And folks, do NOT fall prey to the next level of disinformation being put out by channelers and the likes. Some are FINALLY going so far as to start distinguishing between the various levels / frequencies of beings on this planet who are currently all mixed up together – 3D, 4D, 5D+. They are FINALLY starting to address the 4Ders directly, using the term “4D” and actually saying you better get it done… except then they mix in with that truth, the lie of “… in the coming years…” Folks, there are no more “years” to this anymore. This can truly be more accurately measured in days now, which may, before you know it, turn into hours and minutes. Messages like this, are just reinforcing the lollygagger issue that the 4Ders have had a problem with through out.

    Now, we have a small “collective” of advanced beings here now who are at a high frequency and yep, we have worked together to keep the world from blowing up while we get the planet ascension-ready and have had to do our best to hold ourselves, mostly our physicality, together while we have channeled so much energy to and fro that it’s not funny and we’ve kicked on idiot yahoos atv and were forced to wait FAR TOO LONG for laggard 4D rung-dwellers to get their personal poop in a group.

    They had a very few of us doing one whole hell of a lot of energy work for a few more – not necessarily the 3D level folks who have been rather firm in their commitment to 3D (the vast majority of the world’s population, make no mistake, this harvest will be of high QUALITY, but of very low quantity, most human will remain in 3D), but for the wishy washy, half*ssed 4Ders who just wouldn’t apply themselves to PUSHING THROUGH TO COMPLETION.

    Also in line with David’s message – I want to leave you with the energy of this – you do no create by fighting someone else’s creation. You don’t fight or resist. No.

    What you do is you CREATE ANEW.

    And THAT right there also honors everyone else’s free-will. The cabal and those still duped by them, they all have the right to create as they so choose. But so do you. You want something different than what you see “out there” then “in here” you create a new “out there”. You may not “see” it yet with your physical eyes, but stop fighting and resisting someone else’s creation. If you don’t like what they are doing, then quit feeding it with your energy. Fighting and resistance IS still feeding energy into it. Remove your energy from it. Stop participating in it. It’s not about putting your head back in the sand. You know what’s going on in their creation. And with your STRONG Divine connection and knowingness, you’ll know the details you are supposed to know without immersing yourself in that sludge day in and day out. Enough with knowing every detail. Worry is a prayer for something you don’t want. Release your fears – FULLY and COMPLETELY.

    CREATE ANEW! NOW. Do your inner healing work NOW. Do not wait. You are TRULY almost out of time. There are no more “years” left.

    • Thanks for your great comment, Cathy. I’d like to responsd more fully when I get a chance to read all of it, but I’d just like to clarity that the idea of “service-to-others” vs “service-to-self” comes from the RA Material, “The Law of One,” a channeled work which I strongly resonate with. Anyone who studies the RA Material, which is not easy, knows that “service-to-others” is a principal of service to the One/Source, and primarily means working on yourself first in order to be of any real assistance to others. It is about the polarity of consciousness, not black and white duality. In RA’s cosmology, ultimately all divisions of the Universe find they are aspects of a Universal Whole.

      • Ah Deus Nexus, very good. You know that. I know that. Does everyone who keeps hearing those terms know that? Those here, who bother to read the comments do now, because of you and me. Thank you for stepping up with that clarity, which just reinforces all I said too.

        But DN, there are folks out there who literally think and say that people who do and advocate “doing one’s own inner work” are selfish. And yet there is no other way of doing this. And by doing one’s own inner work, you raise your frequency and in so doing, through that, are offering the best chance available to the next person. And yes, we can “say” things to others also. But we cannot arm-twist them into it. And it does not serve us / ourselves, nor the planet or anyone else to go down with their ship.

        But these people who deem us a selfish by doing and encouraging / advocating doing one’s own inner work, also think that we should be running around “out there” trying to “save” everyone. As if we could.

        We cannot force anyone else to ascend. What we do is make an offering. All that we choose for ourselves, we can intend that it be available to anyone else who would care to choose it. We can offer it up with energy and words, but we surely cannot force it on anyone.

        But unless we repeat all that you just said right there about S2S / S2O, every time we use those terms, well, these terms themselves are truly not the best way of expressing what you and I just did.

        It’s also a matter of “knowing one’s audience.” The people who already know what you and I do about these terms, we don’t, for our own sakes, even need to read such wonderful articles as this one here. We live it.

        But for those who we are attempting to reach, to “enlighten” others with such, well, we have to consider their perspective and help them understand what we are TRULY communicating.

        And nope, doing one’s own inner healing and ascension-prep work is NOT selfish.

        And WE don’t EVER leave anyone else behind. But they themselves may very well choose to stay behind. And that is their free-will right. I honor and respect the gods that they are and their creations, even if that is not MY creation.

    • After reading your full comment, I think you would probably enjoy my novels very much, and that’s not just a sales pitch. I cover a lot of the same ground that frustrates you about some know-it-all ATVs. “As Above, So Below,” is what these novels are really all about. We are them and they are us. And I have done my fair share of screaming at them over the years, but I don’t blog about that – I turn it into fiction. As you say, “CREATE ANEW.” And I know just what you mean when you say: “Between them and their council / command counterparts atv, this planetary ascension got turned into a “lightworker rescue mission” But then I could write an entire post speculating about that. XOXO

      • DN, that’s great that you’ve written fiction about this sort of thing. And you are probably right that I would enjoy it… but not right now or any time soon. I’m so burnt out on all this tripe.

        But perhaps years after ascension, when I’m in the mood to do something in the old, slow way, I’ll look up your books. I’ll probably be doing my “Primat Conehead reads the Bible” laugh as I’m reading, but unlike Primat, I won’t be laughing AT the book, but WITH it.

        Again, great post and yep, keep creating anew.

    • Yes, sometimes I feel I need to write a series of posts about “The Law of One” but I just don’t have the time, so I have to hope that some people know what the hell I’m talking about. The problem with that material, is the unfortunate choice of words, like “Harvest” that triggers a knee-jerk reaction. Yes, it’s a lousy word choice, it’s not what these books are about, but they were channeled in the early 80s, and if people really understood the message and didn’t get sidetracked by the vocabulary, they’d embrace the perfect cosmological picture the words paint, a complex and beautiful universe.

      Anyway, I have struggled with the whole “work on yourself” vs “save everyone else” motive myself this lifetime. It’s one of my last karmic lessons here, being a martyr in a previous lifetime I guess. It’s all about finding balance and wisdom, which is very 5D. 4Ders are happy to be service-to-others-martyrs. But you are correct, you can’t save anyone else. They have to save themselves.

      I have to say, I’ve found the last few months to be especially pleasant, peaceful, even blissful. The healing/cleaning process seems very smooth now, probably, because I’m no longer offering any resistance or expectations. I feel the new energies now more than ever before.

      • Yes, I have a felt a relief from energetic work BIG TIME in the last few months… at the same time that many others are moaning and groaning and singing the chorus on their song about “I thought I was done with this issue, but… ”

        I have done a bit of energy work in recent months and it has made me sleep quite a bit at times and yet still no where’s near the amount of sleep that I’ve gotten over the past 5 years of intense energy work.

        I heard a TV show character who had cancer say, “On the good days I sleep 13 hours. On the bad days I don’t sleep at all.” Well, I’ve often equated the exhaustion levels from this to those that a terminal AIDS or cancer patient might feel… minus the illness. On the good days, I slept 13 hours. On the heavy energy work days I’d sleep 18 hours, sometimes even more.

        And yet now, recently, when I am awake, I don’t have the overwhelming exhaustion that I’ve felt for most of the last several years doing WAY too much energy work. And hey, it’s the dead of winter and my entire life, I have always flowed with the feminine energies of winter and allowed myself into almost hibernation mode so I’m sure that is still also contributing some.

        And during all the energy work, in the few times when I was left alone / given a break from that service work, it was like night and day, like someone threw a switch and on those days I would have loved to go take a run or similar if those atv had not completely trashed my body. I was a life-long athletic, still eat whole organic food and take supplements when I feel a need to and yet the energy work felt like an elephant sitting on my chest at times. Who knew those atv wouldn’t take as good of care of my physicality as I myself did / do.

        And ya know, it’s really been irritating because when doing my own energy work years ago, I didn’t fight and resist the process much. The few times I did, it just convinced me that was not the thing to do. So, then to be held back by others’ resistance, yep, both atv and btv… well, grr. I love ’em to itty bitty pieces but they’ve still ticked me off and you can bet I’ve learned to have “release maintenance” through these “ascension years” and it all just fits right in with the transmutation work anyway as I’ve transmuted through my own personal field, often expressing it emotionally.

        Since about mid September, I feel like I’m being allowed to FINALLY lift and expand (sounds like a bra commercial, eh?) 😉 into levels that I’ve been ready for since early 2011 and yet wasn’t allowed to.

        And seeing the obviously necessary “constant cattle prod” of recent energies applied to the 4Ders also indicates that things are actually MOVING now in ways that weren’t happening in prior years.

        Yes, I too could write many a NON-fiction book on this whole scene…. and somewhere or another, probably have. 😉

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    • I believe in astrology (to some degree.) I have software that creates some detailed birth charts. I don’t believe astrology can accurately predict our future, but it can tell us what psychological influences are working upon us. Our birth chart can reveal aspects of our personality and shed some light upon some of the lifetime lessons we are here to learn. It’s not just about our sun sign, but the complex relationships of all the planets in our horoscope. Even more fascinating to what we are learning about the cycle of ascension is the idea of Astrological Ages – that we are currently leaving the Age of Pisces (the fish/faith & monotheism) and entering the Age of Aquarius (freedom, expansion, & universal consciousness) Here is an article about it:

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  15. Gratitude for this great information of higher knowledge. This information truly help me to understand the Matrix much better. ~Namaste~

  16. Well written. Thank you for sharing.

    In the eyes of Prime Creator we are all perfect. We do not need to resolve our so-called dark karma thru endless reincarnations. If we are loving and doing good deeds, our high vibration is detected on the archon radar and we are hunted down and forced to emit the low emotional energies on which they feed.

    These anklebiters have an agreement with the evil hijacker of our universe to cause us misery. They have many tricks to set us up to fight with our spouse or neighbor, or cause us to have an injury. They and other controllers have our lives mapped out before we are born to ensure our suffering…auto accidents, wars, diseases, divorces.

    Pure blissful universes do not have karmic debt, reincarnation systems, or soul contracts. Each being is sovereign with limitless powers of manifestation. There is no good or bad, nor judgement/duality…only blissful neutrality, also known as unconditional love.

    The very good news is, this hijacked universe is rapidly being reformatted into a blissful universe via the gamma photon waves. No one will be judged…if you want to live in bliss, you shall…we are all perfect. One might prevent a delay, however, by not judging others for their crimes.

  17. Thank you, thank you! I have been searching for information explaining the gray areas in relation to these topics. I’ve seen many articles about soul contract revocation and they all resonate of fear and were missing an important part of the puzzle. Your article vibrates true to my soul. I felt a tremendous relief seeing what I was having diffullty reconciling in my mind and heart.

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  20. Hello David:

    I don’t know anything about you, but I like what you wrote in this blog. I have had a lot of spiritual experiences with both friendly and unfriendly beings, and have found that things such as demon-like beings and negative ETs exist. Even though I’ve communicated with love-based spirit beings for a number of years, I haven’t been a fan of channeled sources (nor the supposedly enlightened gurus of this world).

    Yes, one needs to be weary, but some people seem to be going too far with this false matrix business. I have read of many NDE accounts where it seems very doubtful that the people who have such experiences are being fooled by some Archon-like beings. I’ve experienced divine love on numerous occasions. I’ve also experienced the negative energy that demon-like beings have radiated. When I compare how such differing energies feel, it is hard for me to believe that demon-like beings could create divine love. I doubt that they could handle such an energy level. Plus, many NDERs go through life changing life reviews where no stone is left not turned. It is hard to imagine that demonic beings would be responsible for such reviews.

    It seems as if some of the people who speak of Archons are influenced by gnosticism. The Apocryphon of John speaks of Archons. It also says the following:

    “And I said, “Lord, these also who did not know but have turned away, where will their souls go?” Then he said to me, “To that place where angels of poverty go they will be taken, the place where there is no repentance. And they will be kept for the day on which those who have blasphemed the spirit will be tortured, and they will be punished with eternal punishment.”

    The Apocryphon of John also speaks of things such Adam and Eve and Noah’s Ark. I don’t know the entire history of the false light/matrix/forced reincarnation viewpoint, but I wonder why some of such sources use a word (Archon) that has a source that has some things in common with fundamentalist Christianity, such as eternal damnation.

    Perhaps some dark beings are trying to mislead people by getting them to be overly caught up in dark matrix-like viewpoints. If a person is overly influenced by this way of thinking and doesn’t even trust an experience of divine love–well then–never mind what happens after such a person dies, how will such a person trust the love he (or she) experiences during this life during mediation and other moments?

    If we want our discrimination to work well, we need to avoid extremes.


    • Thank you for your comment. I completely agree with you. I think this situation is very much like the C.S. Lewis quote about Devils:

      “There are two equal and opposite errors into which our race can fall about the devils. One is to disbelieve in their existence. The other is to believe, and to feel an excessive and unhealthy interest in them. They themselves are equally pleased by both errors and hail a materialist or a magician with the same delight.”

      Unfortunately, I think many new agers are now going to this other extreme of an “excessive and unhealthy interest in them.” which may help explain the recent popularity of this false light matrix ideology. I agree, I do not believe that archons can imitate an afterlife experience of divine unconditional love. What they can possibly fake, and perhaps what they might use to entrap souls is a feeling of false bliss instead. However, what entraps souls on the lower astral planes of the afterlife are usually their own belief systems, and this archon false light matrix may be just another belief system that prevents souls from reaching their true destination – back to the loving heart of God Source.

      • The CS Lewis quote makes a good point. It could be that negative beings could create a blissful experience; however, I’ve found that divine love is more than an energy that feels good, it includes qualities that are very dynamic and positive. In a way, love is an action, a way of being. Yes, belief systems are a concern. Various sources that seem credible speak of souls that have a state of mind that causes them to get temporarily stuck in lower realms. Perhaps it is significant that they aren’t forced to reincarnate. I help stuck spirits move onto a positive direction, and through this work I have found that not only are there unfriendly beings, there are also positive love-based beings that try to help souls that are abiding in lower realms and in some cases influenced in a negative way by unfriendly beings.

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