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Social Sciences and the Destruction of the Individual

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Social sciences and the destruction of the individual

by Jon Rappoport

January 3, 2014


Think of this article as an introduction, a prelude, and an invitation to my three collections: The Matrix Revealed; Exit From The Matrix; and Power Outside The Matrix.

Everything in those collections is about the individual—not merely his bare-bones survival or his desperate attempt to hold on in an increasingly Group world. No.

The Matrix series is about the unlimited expansion of the power of the individual, in thought, in action, in creating futures and new realities. This kind of natural power is a joy.

The Matrix series is all about accessing that power and using it.

Okay. Here is the prelude…

Consider this: an individual writes a book in which he states that the individual doesn’t exist. That’s quite a hustle, if he can get away with it. And of…

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