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The Conflicting Message of “Let It Go”

By Deus Nexus | David Nova

Let_It_Go“Let It Go,” is not just the most popular Disney song every produced, it’s also a very simple spiritual message that is often misguided advice.

It has almost become a New Age mantra: Let It Go. Release your cares, your guilt, your anxieties, your fears, your burdens, your pain, your past, and any control you think you have over your own future, “Let go, and let God,” just Let It Go.

But is this wise advice?  Does this seemingly Zen-like phrase really make us happier, healthier, and more spiritually evolved?

Or does this New Age bumper-sticker-commercial-jingle simply allow us to slip into a blissfully ignorant slumber, and in the process, escape all responsibility for ourselves, our lives, and our world.

I would like to refer to them as “Willful Children” – not because they are too obstinate to wake up, but because they have chosen to remain as naive and unburdened as children. They retreat into the freedom of a false innocence, and the Matrix is happy to feed them childish distractions. Many are simply too afraid to face the enormity of the illusory world they live in.
– Deus Nexus | The State of Being Sheeple

Let It Go is a process of spiritual and psychological detachment, and as we shall see, there are two types of detachment, conscious detachment and unconscious detachment. One form is highly enlightened and the other is extremely foolish.  Can you guess which type of detachment Disney is promoting?

Disney’s Mechanism of Mind Control


For 11 years, the National Retail Federation has been creating its annual Holiday Top Toys Survey, and, for a decade of that, Barbie has found her place at the top of the must-buy list. However, this year, Queen Barbie has been dethroned by another queen: Elsa from Disney’s “Frozen.”

According to survey results, one in five parents (20 percent) intend to buy some kind of “Frozen” merchandise for the little ladies in their lives knocking Barbie to second place with 16.8 percent of planned gift purchasing. (source)

As any parent alive right now can tell you, “Let It Go,” Idina Menzel’s standout song from the fifth highest-grossing movie of all time, is still being sung ad nauseam more than a year after the movie debuted in theaters.

While she was initially thanked by parents for such a wonderful movie and song, “Frozen” director Jennifer Lee is now greeted by parents who are just sick of hearing the same song over and over again. And guys, she really feels badly about it. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Lee acknowledged that she feels your pain, parents, and she offers her apologies. (source)

The Disney Corporation is masterful at inserting subliminal messages into their innocuous cartoons. So when Disney came out with their animated blockbuster “Frozen” and the chart-topping, New Agey song “Let It Go,” I was immediately suspicious of the message.

Real_SimpleHere is a snapshot of a magazine cover I found in the checkout line of a supermarket the week of Christmas. Yes, the universal message of a viral Disney song has made it into the grocery store shelves of pop-psychology. Notice the fluttering ensemble of Monarch butterflies that accompany the headline’s message. I’ve been seeing a lot of Monarch butterflies lately in advertising this fall season, the colors presumably reminiscent of autumn leaves.

Monarch programming is probably the ultimate form of unconscious spiritual and psychological detachment, and Disney presumably has a long sordid history with Monarch.

*note: victims of Monarch programming require a level of assisted healing and integration that is well beyond the scope of this article.

What is Unconscious Detachment?

But isn’t living in the moment a good thing? Isn’t focusing on the positive a healthy attitude? It depends. Are you doing it consciously or unconsciously?

BlindfoldUnconscious detachment is just another form of avoidance – the avoidance of any thought or emotion that might be considered painful or upsetting. It is an avoidance of facing what has been termed “the shadow side.” We all harbor negative thoughts and feelings.  How we deal with them is the key to the issue.

Unfortunately, popular psychology and New Age philosophy too often tell us to avoid these negative thoughts and emotions, to focus only on the positive and push anything negative out of our mind, to bury and suppress it, as if sweeping it under the rug makes it magically disappear – “out of sight, out of mind.”

Would we recommend this course of action to someone dealing with a disease or a serious illness? Of course not. A serious illness will only get worse the longer we ignore it. Even a simple paper-cut might become infected If we don’t attend to it. Then why do we think ignoring our negative thoughts and emotions will work any better? Because we underestimate their message. Often when we have a negative thought or emotion it means some aspect of our lives needs to be addressed, usually an internal belief or attitude.

The problem is, we’re not making it disappear by ignoring it.  We’re merely shifting the negativity from our conscious mind to our subconscious/unconscious mind.  When we bury emotional negativity, often we are simply stuffing it into our physical, emotional, and etheric body, creating a petri dish for more illness and disease.  When we bury negative thoughts, we’re creating a new script for our subconscious mind to work off of.  Then we may find ourselves manifesting some unintended results. We may also be accruing many more soul lessons in the future.  The Universe (and our higher self) doesn’t want us to ignore our problems or our negative thoughts; it wants us to face them and overcome them. Only then will we become whole and free.

I have an old friend who has lived her entire life by this “Let It Go” principle.  Every time she faced a serious breakup or some personal disaster she crawled into her shell, cried about it for a few days, then emerged from her cocoon and quickly brushed it off as if she were Superwoman. She returned to life with blind determination and an irrepressibly positive attitude – until she was confronted with the next personal disaster, which she inevitably brought upon herself. Everyone around her recognized her pattern, but not her. This cycle continued for decades until she was finally faced with a life-threatening illness. Cheating death, she is only now beginning to become more introspective about her life and her own role in it, acknowledging some of the blind spots that lead to her troubles. As a coping strategy, avoidance never works out very well, not in the long run.

The Controllers Want You Unconsciously Detached

recycleName any problem in the world, and the controlling elite probably want you to accept it as “the way things are.” Cancer, GMOs, pesticides, chemtrails, police state violence, global surveillance, unemployment, starvation, unnecessary wars for profit, Wall Street corruption, bankruptcy, foreclosure, human trafficking, murdered children… anything. They might throw a little money at some of these problems, but the problems never seem to get solved, they never go away.

Large charities are often just institutional services to help us become unconsciously detached. They remove us from the source of the problem. We can give a little money and then absolve ourselves from facing it. We can get into a repetitive cycle, giving and giving, yet going nowhere. Unfortunately, most charities are not designed to address the root of these problems, merely alleviate the surrounding symptoms – much the same way the medical industry is incapable of addressing the root of most illnesses (ie: poor nutrition and poisonous chemicals in our diet and environment), merely profit from treating the symptoms.

The population of most Western nations, and more Eastern nations, are living unconsciously detached lives, indulging in the pleasure of the present moment, plugged into their electronic gadgets, self absorbed by their own whims, confined within the narrow limits of their ego-selves, ignoring the growing list of global concerns, learning to Let It Go. This is a type of prison, and the walls are being constructed around us while we sleep.

When we refuse to face the negative things in our lives and in our world, when we practice avoidance and unconsciously detach from reality, we give the Elite, the Illuminati, exactly what they want from us.  We give them permission to do more harm. We provide them cover to escape justice. And we grant them total control over our world. Unfortunately, this unconscious detachment does not end with our physical life. We often carry the problem into our next life until we are finally willing to address it.

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Religion and State is Another Form of Unconscious Detachment

Are we capable of understanding or solving a problem that we have been actively ignoring? That we have been unconsciously letting go? Of course not. By unconsciously letting go, we’re secretly hoping someone else will solve it for us. Religions take full advantage of this unconscious belief, offering us a magical pill to absolve us from the responsibility of addressing our own negativity. In this grand bargain, we get to stay in the light, as good moral people, and assign our darkness to some dark adversary.  We give the Devil (our subconscious negativity) more power.

But from our own darkness also comes our strength. When we disown our darkness we are also unconsciously surrendering our inner strength and authority. Instead of integrating our true self, we are fragmenting ourself.  We are choosing Dr. Jekyll over Mr. Hyde.  Creating an internal duality drama, creating an internally weak hero and an even stronger villain, because we are simply too afraid to face our own darkness (and the illusion that it ultimately is).

As a society, and as a global organism, by disowning and avoiding our darker aspects, so that we ‘appear’ to ourselves to be good, moral, innocent people, we have unconsciously created an environment in which Mr. Hyde has taken power and seeks to take total control over the entire ‘system.’  We have given the darkness all of our strength and authority. The controlling elite work behind the hidden doors of our subconscous darkness. However, as we become more fully aware of the situation, as a global community, we take back the power the darkness holds over us. We take back our own authority to heal ourselves. Only by becoming whole ourselves, by reclaiming our own shadow-side, by reconciling and forgiving our own darkness, will we begin to take back our own strength, authority, and power.

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What Is Conscious Detachment?

Conscious detachment sees and accepts all things, both the positive and the negative, yet remains whole, unaltered, and unafraid to act as needed.  This does not mean that we condone evil acts. It means that we acknowledge that an evil act took place, we face it without fear and attempt to understand it, realizing that it occurred in the past and thus it no longer exists (except for the thoughts and emotions we continue to feed it.) Then we can forgive it. We can empower ourselves to boldly correct it, to decide that it never need happen again, and in the process correct an imbalance in ourself and in our world.

The more we correct our own imbalances and become whole, the more we affect the world around us and correct the world’s imbalances, making the world more whole.

The problem is that often our own thoughts and emotions and memories make a past trauma, heartbreak, or hurt almost unbearable to revisit. We have to move beyond this imagined pain, the pain that no longer actually exists in the present moment, but still exists in our memory.  We have to become consciously detached from it, view it as no longer having any reality.

Conscious detachment is not an easy undertaking.  It requires great bravery. It requires us to face our own shadows and accept our own fears and shortcomings.  It requires us to admit our own mistakes and to love and accept them.  It requires us to face the darker aspects of ourself, the parts of ourself that have been hidden and buried.  It requires us to get in touch with our own thoughts and emotions, to witness them as an impartial outside observer – as our own God-spark or Higher Self, to understand and forgive ourselves.  And as we do, we raise our consciousness higher and higher.  We become more divine, as is our birthright.  And the key is always forgiveness.

We can call upon our spiritual guides to help us in this process, to give us strength and show us the way forward.

Four steps to complete before you can simply “Let It Go.”

First, face the negativity or problem.
Second, accept and understand it.
Third, forgive and release it.
Finally, act from wisdom and empowerment to correct it in the future.

Letting Go Movie Trailer – Sedona Method Movie

Starting with each and every one of us, letting go of all that is holding us back and being all we can be starting right here, right now. As you let go, as you simply allow yourself to notice what is actually here now, you’ll discover that right here right now, you’re already whole, you’re already complete, you’re already enough as you are, and all is well.
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About the Author

David Nova is the author of the metaphysical fiction series “Season of the Serpent.”  He is a truth-seeker, a Wanderer, a blogger, and the moderator of Deus Nexus: Messages For An Entangled Universe.  For additional information about the author or his novels, visit his website, or his Facebook page.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.


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    >>But isn’t living in the moment a good thing? Isn’t focusing on the positive a healthy attitude? It depends. Are you doing it consciously or unconsciously?

    BlindfoldUnconscious detachment is just another form of avoidance – the avoidance of any thought or emotion that might be considered painful or upsetting. It is an avoidance of facing what has been termed “the shadow side.” We all harbor negative thoughts and feelings. How we deal with them is the key to the issue.

    Unfortunately, popular psychology and New Age philosophy too often tell us to avoid these negative thoughts and emotions, to focus only on the positive and push anything negative out of our mind, to bury and suppress it, as if sweeping it under the rug makes it magically disappear – “out of sight, out of mind.”<<
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  4. Nice article. While a agree with pretty much everything you’ve written here, I think the original message of the song is actually different than what it has been projected to mean. My interpretation of the “Let it Go” message when listening to the actual lyrics was to let go society constraints in order to be your true self, which is what Elsa does in the movie. The Magazine cover you showed in this article seems to have missed that basic point, and maybe the entire message itself has been completely re-directed into the mis-advice you are speaking of. However in the movie, I think the message of breaking through a fabricated lie of an existence to become your true self, and “letting go” of cultural restraints and oppression is a good one. Too bad it seems to have been picked up, run with and ultimately projected into our society as a different message. That to me is where any manipulation may lie, not with the original song.

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