Dr. Steven Greer: The Crossing Point of Light

Steve Greer

The Crossing Point of Light 

A fascinating paper by Dr. Greer

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Here are some excerpts:

Science (and the pursuit of truth in general) is a coordinated blending of empirical observation with knowledge, intellect, insight and often inspiration. And just as it is true that no problem can be solved from the level of consciousness which created it, so too insights into reality and the great scientific developments seldom arise from the current milieu alone but rather are born from something beyond the current status quo. It is frequently resisted, even vilified, when first brought forward – and the current high priests of science are little changed from the Vatican hierarchy who condemned Galileo.

In dealing with the question of extraterrestrial life, this is true in spades. Because the reality which we are pursuing is intrinsically non-human, non-earthly and therefore outside the tidy box of current scientific understanding. By definition, any advanced non-human life form capable of interstellar travel will possess technologies which will look like magic to us. And if we view this quest through late twentieth century anthropocentric eyes alone we are guaranteed to miss 99.9% of the truth. Because the new truth always hovers just outside the current view finder and even the lens of this viewfinder is lamentably defective.


The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) has spent literally thousands of hours with thousands of people out under the stars observing phenomena which can only be described as extraordinary. And while we have some few interesting pictures and videotapes of craft appearing and disappearing from view, what has been really interesting could not have been videotaped or photographed – indeed the best of it perhaps could not have been measured at all.

This is because the really good stuff, if you will, has occurred just barely in what may be termed conventional reality. Much has happened on both sides of the crossing point of light – but the most interesting has been on the other side.


Indeed, this is the real challenge. After 35 years of observing these objects at various times, I am convinced that through frequency shifts and very high energy physics, these objects and the life forms within them move between linear space time and other spectra of physical energy and physical reality outside of current detection capabilities. Some have called this inter-dimensional or multidimensional shifting, verbiage only useful once defined clearly. But once understood and experienced,you find that it is other dimensional in the same way gamma rays would have been supernatural to cavemen: in reality, all of these ‘dimensions’ are not so ‘other’ after all, but are part and parcel of this reality and folded away within it.


Still, it is important to keep in mind that the cosmos contains many levels of existence. There are astral and causal worlds and beings which are not ET. And yet there are ETs which some or much of the time interface with and utilize aspects of the physical cosmos which are in those subtle realms. (See ‘Extraterrestrials and the New Cosmology’ by Steven M. Greer M.D.)

It should also be remembered that not all ETs may be so advanced. Given the billions of galaxies each with billions of stars, it is likely that some ETs are the equivalent of human cave men while others may be at our level of evolution and yet others are millions of years more advanced than we are today. For those at the SETI Institute, may you find those ETs which are at our level and which are primarily still using linear radio wave technologies. Odds are, there are some out there.

But know this: ETs far advanced beyond radio signals and internal combustion engines do exist. They are here. They may be all around us. Let us open our minds and our eyes to the extraordinary opportunity that hovers right in front of us. For most of what is exists beyond the veil – through the crossing point of light. And it awaits our exploration.

For the full version of this mind-expanding paper click here.


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