Pull Back The Curtain And What Do YOU See?

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behind_the_veilSociety, respective of where you reside, will layout what is accepted as right and wrong but it often never takes into account what the Soul desires to experience and with whom it has agreed to share those experiences with.

While incarnate, some Beings have chosen to experience being a victim, predator or even a hero. Anything and everything is fair game but some will continue to play their role when disincarnate until they come to the realization they no longer have a body.

Some realize immediately, some don’t. There is no ticking clock and everyone has as much ‘time’ as they need. Every role we choose to play while incarnate is just that, a temporary role. No different than playing the role of Mystic, Healer, Bodhisattva or Consciousness Explorer. Each role requires a different set of skills and level of awareness but It just depends on how you choose to experience this specific aspect of your Self, one of the many pieces of the bigger you that makes up some of your immense HigherSelf.

“HigherSelf is a term associated with multiple belief systems, but its basic premise describes an eternal, omnipotent, conscious, and intelligent being who is one’s real self.” – Wikipedia

The HigherSelf is also commonly referred to as The GodHead, True Energetic Self or Atma. Think of it as a ‘mini-me’ of the Creator. It contains your Guides, Helpers, Angels and is the origination point of every Soul projection we mistakenly refer to as our past, current and future lives.

With access to our much larger and wiser HigherSelf, why would anyone choose to suffer? Most do not know how to consciously access their HighSelf. Many don’t know how to access their individual Soul’s wisdom either and operate just from the perspective of the physical. With all that in mind, why choose suffering? Maybe so others don’t have to. Maybe its a pattern due to a lack of awareness or perhaps its specifically needed to help mankind. Suffering certainly affords the sufferer and those who are moved by it a richer and deeper appreciation of compassion and unconditional love.

The angst many higher vibrational Beings feel is knowing in their own heart certain lessons learned but having to watch others so painfully learn those same lessons for themselves. When we show compassion anyone can understand and accept someone else’s perspective. Agreeing or disagreeing with their perspective is pointless and irrelevant but respecting their journey is paramount not just for them but for you as well. The good news is we can never get it wrong and never get it done because it never ends. The destination is the journey.

Our electric universe works towards expansion, never ending creation with infinite, all inclusive possible possibilities. This is simple quantum mechanics. The structure and software of our multiverse is incomprehensible when only utilizing lower frequency awareness but we support its many frequencies and dimensions by existing within them. Without us and other sentient energy beings there is no structure nor a purpose for it. “KOSMOS” by the late Dennis Milner is real heavy metal reading but worth the effort if so inclined.

The multiverse is created by our Source as well as everything that resides within it. If all is created by Source, and Source is Unconditional Love and everything is choice, then is there REALLY such a thing as evil? Is evil simply a ‘concept’ created to induce fear and subsequent control? Is it a story concocted to explain a specific vibrational frequency consciously chosen to work with by some Non-Physical Beings and Incarnate Beings in order experience their own alternative ways? Is it just another type of experience for Mankind to potentially avail themselves of on our inevitable graduation to higher levels of awareness and Love?

In order for there to be rule and order, a story must be agreed upon.. and what greater story to keep mankind (self)policed than the concept of Evil, eternal damnation and Hell. This may challenge many, many strongly held beliefs and control systems, both societal and individual.

Remember, it’s our perceptions and beliefs, the stories we choose to believe that make it real.

Some Souls choose to play the part of the despotic world leader. They plan while in spirit with other Souls (Soul Contracts) in spirit that agree to play the part of victims in full knowledge of what we will be suffering and devastation while incarnate. Why would anybody choose to play either of these roles? By showing us, in the most drastic measures possible what we never want to experience again. To push mankind along the difficult and long road of spiritual evolution; To ultimately generate the greatest wave of compassion, understanding and awareness possible, often on a global scale.

Is everything always working towards the same ultimate goal for Mankind; The conscious, multi-dimensional embodiment of Unconditional Love and the only reason we do not see it from this perspective is a lack of awareness and greater understanding?

When one sees all existence, both physical and energetic as a mere tool of experience for the growth of the eternal collective consciousness that we all belong to, it is not hard to understand and accept.

To willingly play the part of our concept of evil in order to engender compassion and awareness is profound on many levels. This hypothesis deserves much more consciousness exploration and examination and I am exploring this more in my first book as these essays have become far too limiting. On very rare occasions such as this, I will reach out to others with similar interests and abilities to see if there is any synergy with what they have experienced and there definitely is on more than one account. I recommend Talking With Leaders Of The Past, by Peter Watson Jenkins and expertly channeled by Toni Ann Winninger.

Some Humans choose to interact with this specific vibrational signature in order to more fully and deeply experience fear often out of a lack of awareness and understanding. Some use it to mistakenly gain the illusion of power. The mindset of exclusion, judgement, belief in limitation which spawns greed and belief in the total absence of love creates the reductive, the contraction of energetic flow and subsequently stagnation occurs. As one pours its fear based beliefs into this stagnation, this belief in lack grows and one must perpetually have more negativity to fill the ever increasing void. I am not a scientist but this is how negative energy exists, perpetuates and is experienced by practicing the above mentioned in some form or another when viewed from an altered state of heightened consciousness.

This is the opposite of the natural flow of the Universe.

We often cannot appreciate anything as richly and deeply as possible until it’s gone and nothing hurts more profoundly or serve as an awakening than experiencing the total absence of Love.

The Human Form is designed to be able to experience hate, jealously, anger, despair, greed, pain as well as happiness, joy, laughter, gratitude, compassion and love. We are similar to a container in that we fill ourselves with whatever we choose to. Each and every moment a new you is born with total choice as to what you wish to experience, what you wish to be. Every moment. Every moment is actually a new reality. The only thing that keeps us from experiencing this directly are the anchors we consciously chose to weigh ourselves down with like concepts, lack of greater understanding awareness, belief systems and facts. Everything we perceive to be solid is actually 99.9% empty space so imagine just how empty facts are.

The concept of History is nothing more than a string of similar perspectives coupled with our attraction to linearity. How else could History be debunked all the time? The past is not fixed and neither is the future. Nothing is including YOU. It is all an act of perpetual creation and it is ALL happening right now.

In fact, the concept of reality is nothing more than an agreed upon set of perceptions that will ultimately be dropped as greater understanding and awareness dictates.

Reincarnation is not a linear either. How else can you see your past life or future life it it wasn’t happening right now? How can one experience something that doesn’t exist? The HigherSelf projects its myriad of Souls simultaneously. All learning, all experiencing and all sharing their knowledge with each other subconsciously (or consciously for some) right now with the other aspects of itself. We truly operate with no limits and no boundaries EXCEPT the ones we tell ourselves. We are multidimensional, timeless eternal Beings and are so much more than just the Soul inside our physical form. This too I will explore much more. Gordon Phinn does some excellent consciousness exploration and speaks about his communication with his HigherSelf in Eternal Life and How To Enjoy It.

How can we alleviate our personal suffering and the suffering of others if we bring anger, judgement and hate to the game? It will only serve to burn us up and all those around us. Is it possible that some have no desire to experience love in their lifetime? Of course. Paradoxically, we are loved so unconditionally by Source that we can choose to experience the total absence of unconditional love. Ask yourself what role did you choose to play? You can rewrite your part anytime you so desire. We are that limitless and powerful. All restrictions are self-imposed. All.

Also from direct experience (I can hear my Mom now, “Just don’t talk about Aliens!” Sorry, Mom) astral entities feel and appear like empty thought forms who run like there is no tomorrow when they are simply told to get lost. They often take a form that they hope will scare you by scanning your mind for an image you fear. It’s an unusual experience. Like everything else, you have to allow them to do anything to you. The same goes for negatively oriented Greys. They embody the absence of the feminine. You can feel their total lack of any nurturing instincts and they are fascinated with Humans who explore different frequencies and dimensions while incarnate. They too can do nothing without your consent. All is choice in our Multiverse. Nothing can ever have a hold on you except what you choose to allow to have a hold on you.

It’s difficult to comprehend the Soul Contracts we make, even those we make with non-humans, while in the energetic because we agree to the veil of forgetting when we come here but that doesn’t preclude you from gaining access to those contracts once incarnate.

As your awareness increases, you change the electromagnetic frequency of your brain. Your consciousness and heart opens. Your vibration and therefore your reality literally changes. You simply no longer resonate with the lower frequency reality of suffering, violence and limitation. That world is no longer your world, literally. You are of the new Earth. The desire to participate in lower frequency activity is gone and you cannot be affected by lower frequency Earth anymore because it literally is no longer part of your reality.

Do not let others meddle with your spiritual alignment. Few people, if any will ever see things the way you do and their agreement or disagreement with your perspective is never needed for your own growth. You are here to experience, learn and evolve at your own speed with full support from the Universe.

All perspectives are needed and encompass the never ending expansion of creation with wildly varying degrees of individualized awareness contained therein. Give yourself and others the permission to play and experience, without (self)judgement, without expectation and without limitation.

We can never get it wrong and never be done so enjoy, play, explore, laugh and be love.

It’s what we’re here for!

Peace, Love and Compassion,

RJ Spina

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RJ Spina – “I am a vegetarian/vegan, a meditator and an explorer of consciousness. I have always felt a deep connection to the non-physical world and as a child would tell my Mother the plans I made before being born into this life. My goals are simple: Continue to explore my consciousness, help raise the frequency and awareness of mankind and cultivate as much joy as possible. Reach out to me @www.ascendthefrequencies.com

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  1. Yes, there really is such a thing as evil. Pedophile rings are evil…and they are worldwide.

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