Matthew’s Messages: Reincarnation and Karmic Lessons

DEUS NEXUS: Suzanne Ward, author and channel for the Matthew Books, was kind enough to contact me and express her gratitude for my recent post: The Misunderstood Matrix of Karma, Reincarnation, and Soul Contracts.  She also offered some deeper insights into the complex concept of Reincarnation and Karmic Lessons, as related by her son, Matthew.

“WHEN MATTHEW WARD connected telepathically with his mother Suzanne almost 14 years after he died at age 17 in 1980, he told her about their soul level agreement: She was to prepare for publication transmissions from him and many other off-planet sources. Their information is to enlighten, encourage and guide us along Earth’s ascension pathway during this unprecedented time in the universe.”

I read her first book several years ago, Matthew, Tell me about Heaven: A Firsthand Description of the Afterlife and it is a truly profound read. I highly recommend it.

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Reincarnation and Multidimensional Lifetimes

MATTHEW: Because the timeless continuum, where multiple multidimensional lifetimes are happening simultaneously and everything affects everything else, is a nebulous concept almost impossible to grasp, reincarnation is the closest that messengers from the light could describe a process that fits into your linear timeframe. But it is not that Albert Einstein, say, reincarnates as this or that person, and I’ll do my best to explain the reality.

Every one of the countless souls throughout the cosmos is a unique, independent, inviolate eternal being at the same time it is energetically interconnected with all others. The Beginning of every soul was the instant Creator let burst forth Its love-light Self—“the big bang”—and everything in existence is co-created by souls using Creator’s energy to put their ideas into motion and form.

Soul A, let us say, wants to incarnate for the first time. After putting its ideas into a soul contract, it enters into an agreement—we call it pre-birth agreement—with other souls that want to share the lifetime. Then it designs and co-creates a body for its personage that fits what it wants to experience as a mortal. Thereupon Soul A becomes a cumulative soul while remaining its unique eternal self, and it shares all of its knowledge with the soul of the new personage. The term cumulative is applied to Soul A because it initiated the physical lifetime of another soul, but as you shall see, that is the start of cumulative experiencing.

Let us call that first personage Soul B. All of Soul B’s characteristics endowed by Soul A and all experiences throughout the lifetime—intelligence, talents, body form and features, personality, ideas, relationships, education, habits, plans, accomplishments, disappointments, heartaches, joys, doubts, failures, interests, fears—are added to Soul A’s “data base” as Soul B has each experience, and everything is retained by Soul B when its body dies.

When Soul A wants to embark upon a different kind of physical life, it goes through the same process; now it has not only its original knowledge, but also the lifetime experiencing of Soul B to share with its second personage. When Soul B wants to put into motion its own ideas, it makes a soul contract and so forth. Like Soul A, it remains a unique soul-self while sharing its knowledge, from personal experiencing and that which was endowed by Soul A, with the soul of its first personage.

Soul A and Soul B grow in experience, knowledge and wisdom with each of their personages, each of whom is a unique, independent, inviolate eternal soul; and the composite is a force field of diverse, interconnected lifetimes that grows with new personages wherever they are throughout the universe. Souls choose contract provisions to fill gaps or strengthen areas of cumulative experiencing to balance all of the lifetimes; thus, an ever-expanding storehouse of awareness is available to all souls in the lineage.

Evolvement comes as personages consciously tap into that storehouse, so it’s not learning anew, but rather a process of self-discovery, remembering what is known at soul level from The Beginning. And, just as you are living in this moment, so are all the beings you think of as your past or future lives—you and all of those other unique souls are living in the NOW of the continuum.

From my lifetimes in third density civilizations, I know how difficult it is trying to understand something for which there is no conscious frame of reference, and my explanation may have added confusion rather than clarification about multiple multidimensional lifetimes. So, please know that everything I described happens simply and divinely, as someday you shall see for yourselves—again!

Karmic Lessons

Suzanne: You said that we choose our lifetime karma, but it’s hard for me to believe that all the people who are suffering horribly actually chose to do that, or that cruel people would ever choose to be that way. It seems to me that karma is just tossed willy-nilly and the unluckiest souls get hit by the worst.

MATTHEW: That’s because you don’t correctly understand karma, Mother. The soul’s objective is to achieve balance, and karma is the provision of conditions and circumstances that eventually will bring balance to the soul’s multi-lifetime experiences.  The soul chooses its karmic lessons for each incarnation to fill the missing links, “the other side of the coin.” Some lessons are very difficult to accept and endure, but not only pleasant ones can be chosen or the soul cannot grow beyond that point.

It is understandable that you see cruelty and hate it and pity those who are suffering, but you cannot know what is beyond the actions.  Just as I told you that homosexuality is a natural and necessary experience to achieve balance, all other human emotions and relationships also are required.  The “suffering” soul may be balancing its karmic obligations from lifetimes of willfully harming others and the “inflicting” soul may be balancing lifetimes as a “victim.”

I do not mean that this currently is so in all cases.  In this unprecedented time on your planet, many millions who are living in fear, devastating poverty and disease are being deprived of learning their chosen lessons by the perpetrators of those conditions, the persons who have fallen so far from the light in their abuse of free will that they have totally disregarded their own souls’ chosen lessons.  When causing pain to others is not part of a pre-birth agreement of all the souls involved, negativity is produced by both the perpetrators and the suffering ones, none of whom chose or need those experiences for balance.  But you cannot know whether karma is being enacted or ignored; that is why you should not judge anyone, but rather feel compassion for those who are suffering and abhor the conditions that are causing it.

Karma is not only opportunities for souls to gain balance, it is a symbiotic relationship between souls and Earth.  As microcosms of Earth, humankind add to her balance as they evolve through their own karmic learning, and this gives Earth more light to radiate to her residents, thus giving them a boost toward attaining balance.

Karmic lessons can be presented anyplace in this universe.  Although lifetimes in other kinds of physical forms and worlds is essential to progress toward reintegration with Creator, usually Earth is the schoolhouse for experiencing all emotions incurred from the beginning of human life on the planet.  When that is mastered, souls evolve into other life forms in placements where intelligence and spiritual awareness are beyond the present capabilities of Earth’s population. In your concept of God as “up,” you can clearly see that intelligence and spirituality came “down” to Earth—it did not begin in the sea, thenrise to ground level.

Yes, for sure.  Do all souls have to learn the same lessons?

No. In the sensory aspect of learning, the spectrum of emotions can differ.  A soul is required to counterbalance any situation previously experienced—for example, if a person murdered someone, his soul would need a lifetime that ended by being similarly killed so it can feel the emotions of both a killer and a victim and achieve balance in that regard.  If a soul has never been a murderer, no counterbalancing as a murder victim is necessary because those extremes do not exist in that soul’s emotional spectrum.

How is a soul’s spectrum of emotions determined?

They are inherited.  The karmic lessons now being played out on Earth were initiated long before civilization started there.  The extraterrestrial beings who populated the planet did not want their cellular memories of war to burden the new Earth humans, who had not experienced and perhaps would not ever need to experience such atrocities.  However, only Creator can extinguish cellular memory, and the DNA could not be wiped clean of the ancestral memories.  If those had traces of an originating extreme—the initiator of an extreme act that required a balancing act—those aspects of cellular memory were passed on to Earth humans as part of their physical and psychological makeup.  Not all of the ancestors’ history included battles in space, and their progeny did not inherit those extremes.

Expressions such as “being born into sin” and “original sin” are not rooted in the extraterrestrial source of the karmic balancing currently underway. Those expressions are innocent misinterpretations or deliberate misrepresentations of what Earth humankind once knew about their ancestry.  Now most of the population have no idea that millions of souls from other civilizations are surrounding your planet to help preserve its very life or that many are living among you, much less that ETs are your ancestors.  I believe the Christians are not considering that in their concept of “the only Son of God,” Jesus is an extraterrestrial being.

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