Healing Early Trauma

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Recovering our Soul as Embodied Aliveness and Authenticity

The human body is potentially a vessel of a profound process of transformation, encompassing the sensuous world of matter, the subtle realm, and the Absolute. The body is also a window to the depth of one’s human life and carries forward all of one’s experience, from infancy through to adulthood. The notion of truth pursued is the cornerstone for this examination of the effects of infant neglect, which has been unwittingly promoted in our culture over the last 90 years. Early trauma is not always visible, coherent, or easily described. This presentation will explore infant trauma due to neglect and provide an understanding of the psychobiological, depth psychological, and spiritual implications it can have on an individual, consciousness, and the culture as a whole.

Trauma is a living, dynamic phenomenon embedded in people’s everyday activities, encounters, and exchanges. It is experienced as regressing and advancing in a series of entanglements, multiple temporalities, selves, and environments. In each reverberation of neglect lies evidence for the infant that the world is unsafe and life threatening; the infant seeks escape where there is no escape. This takes the form of dissociation and a split of the psyche. The consequences are vast, including structures of defense that are difficult to unearth, a compromised immune system, and a distressing state living in the psyche that may explode or implode at any time. However, trauma has been shown to be regenerative; through embodied healing one can reconnect to one’s authentic aliveness and wholeness, whereby a profound compassion emerges, which has the ability to hold the complexity of the human experience. The traumas one endures and resolves within the body/mind seem to be a crucial part of opening to deeper levels of compassion while dissolving psychological conditioning, and awakening the spiritual heart which has the capacity to know the Absolute in its entirety.

Julie Brown Yau’s diverse 28-year background in psychological, somatic, and spiritual traditions provides her with a unique depth of knowledge and direct experience. She holds master’s degrees in spiritual psychology and depth psychology and is currently working toward her doctoral degree. Julie’s work is inspired by ancient wisdom, neurobiology, and the importance of embodiment to know the full vitality of life. Embodiment is crucial for maintaining Spiritual insights. Julie teaches somatic and contemplative practices, she also has a private practice in Laguna Beach CA. She specializes in Somatic Experiencing and NARM (NeuroAffective Relational Model) in the resolution of trauma. She also supports those who are actively dying to awaken to the multilevel cosmos. Julie assists both her students and patients to open to deeper dimensions within the body/mind and the living universe to experience authentic vibrancy and joy.

This video was recorded at SAND14 US.


Freedom & Safety: A Return to the Womb

Written by  | from Divine Pollination

Fetus and pregnant womanFrom our EFT Tapping practice and personal experiences, we have found that there are two primary motivators in life, the Freedom and Safety wounds, where freedom is the freedom from responsibilities, and safety is the feeling of being secure and supported. Before leaving our mother’s womb, we are completely safe/supported, and also completely free of responsibilities, but the separation we feel after leaving this form of “oneness” leaves us with a trauma.  It is from this trauma that our ego seeks to fix and protect us, to return us to a time prior to our wounding—our ego seeks to reunite us with the freedom and security of our mother’s womb.

When we were born, we were cut off from being one with our mother; we became another body apart from her, and we experienced our first duality—that of two bodies.  Our lack of understanding of how to provide for ourselves, and how to work with this external mirror-universe, made us grow up very needy and powerless.  Our original trauma is then reinforced throughout childhood by experiences of pain and lack from parents who also don’t understand the truth about personal responsibility and how the universe works. On top of that, people, especially our own parents, start demanding certain behaviors from us, and punishing, rejecting, guilting, and shaming us should we not perform as expected.  This experience is a sharp contrast from the freedom (from responsibilities) and safety (from lack and pain) that we had while still in our mother’s womb.

We have created so many governmental, societal, and religious ideologies that grant us an illusory way to return to the womb, where we originally felt freeand safe.  However, since we are in a wounded state of separation, we can only pick one side or the other as our primary experience, with the opposite side playing the role of our suppressed shadow; therefore in any particular issue, we will only value one or the other, but not both at the same time.  Freedomand safety is a spectrum and range of relating outside-in, and to have morefreedom is to be perceived as less safe, and to feel more safe is to have lessfreedom; it is between these two extremes that power struggles, arguments, and fights occur.

At our core, we are a bunch of wounded children who seek to reunite with our mother in her womb, but not all of us are able to play out this role.  In order to secure either womb-like freedom or safety, a person is taught to sacrifice and play the role of the womb in support of others as a slave, as it was our mother who was responsible for providing us with absolute freedom and safety in her womb.  Those who take on the role of the motherly womb must be responsible for others, and do so in the hopes that others will give them some form ofsecurity back in a fair trade, either now or in the future; money is often a symbol of this fair trade.

We have an entire planetary structure built up around the trauma of separation from our mother’s womb, where institutions and ego workarounds grant us thousands of different flavors and reminders of how we can spend our money, time, and energy in order to regress to infancy.  For example, working the majority of our life for a pension, and placing our money into a savings account in the hopes of retiring from the responsibility of work, is one way in which we become a slave for the hope of returning to the womb, while distracting ourselves with movies, sports, and TV is another acceptable means of escaping to the womb.  Giving our power away through obedience to any form of God, be it a loving or vengeful one, in the hopes of getting to the divine womb of heaven is yet another way in which we avoid responsibility.  While this trauma remains unresolved, we are only able to act responsibly when motivated by the hope ofsafety or the opportunity to have a lack of responsibility (freedom)—we are unable to actually be and act responsibly from the inside-out.

Those who understand this trauma have been able to manipulate the unconscious masses through divide and conquer, playing the freedomand safety wounds of people against each other, usually in politics, the media, and world events.  Our Elite controllers use the New Age, Religion, media, governments, and more, to tell us that unity is a place where we give away our personal power and responsibility in exchange for a universe or state sponsored security, thus granting us both the safety we desire, and thefreedom from responsibility that we crave.  They want to grant our desire to return to the womb in exchange for the consent to control and direct our lives; it’s a win/win agreement to enter into for both the controllers and the controlled.  Humanity gains the freedom from responsibility by giving their power away to the Elite to control them, and gains security in return for having done so, thus satisfying both requirements for returning to the womb.

Unfortunately though, it’s actually a bait and switch marketing technique, as the Elite are the actual children, while humanity is still the parents flipping the bill for the Elite’s irresponsible behavior; this is their little secret that they are trying to hide from us.  A dangerous situation occurs when the archetypal child in the relationship is the physical being that is perceived as having the authority, while the archetypal womb/mother is the one who is perceived as subservient to that authority; this makes the child the master and the womb the slave in relationship to one another.  The first step in reversing this dysfunctional dance is for the womb role to finally figure out that they are playing their role in the hopes of feeling free and safe, but that they have been deceived by their displaced children.  However, humanity’s Elite controllers do not have the authority to grant the womb freedom or safety, but desire instead to enslave them in the hopes of experiencing a perpetually free and safelife for themselves; its all a deceptive illusion to trap their mother womb as perpetual slaves so that they can remain the infants inside of her.

Whereas they promise us the freedom and safety of our mother’s womb, it is our responsibility to evolve forward and not to revert back to whence we came, but to instead transcend the oneness of the enmeshed duality wound between the womb and the infant.  We must do this in order to experience a higher version of unity, where we resolve the trauma of our womb to experience life as unique, sovereign, and individuated beings who take 100% responsibility for ourselves and our creations—such a person is unable to be manipulated from the external world.  There is really only one decision to be made in this dimension, we can either transcend into unity by being fully responsible for our own lives, or we can give away our power and devolve back into the enmeshed unity of our mother’s cosmic womb.  It is in making this decision that we actually exercise our freewill, everything else is just a distraction—which version of unity will you choose?


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