5 Films That Will Expand Your Mind And Make You Question Reality

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    Is this a dream, or is this reality? Moreover, what is a dream and what is reality? Can we actually tell the difference between the two? These are questions Waking Life seeks to answer. Or at least think about it. It’s a pretty trippy movie, all things considered. It questions the validity of existence and might just send you into an existential crisis.

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    Samsara is an absolute stunner of a film by the same people who made Baraka and Chronos. Samsara itself is a Sanskrit word for “the loop of continuous life,” or “continuous flow.” It describes birth, death, and rebirth. The message is one of global consciousness and connectedness.

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    This film by Apichatpong Weerasethakul portrays the dying days of Uncle Boonmee. It deals with matters of memory, transformation, facing death, reincarnation, and the true nature of things. It’s a very artsy, interesting film and a study on dying.

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    This is a more recent film that stars Scarlett Johanson. In it, Scarlett is an alien. She assumes human form and seduces men, leading them to her harvesting place. We won’t spoil this movie for you, but we’re sure you’ll love it. It’ll leave you trying to figure out what it is that you’ve seen.

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    This movie has been called “acid on film.” It feels like a continuous trip. The protagonist dies and we see his out of body journey through his eyes. He travels through space and time. The end has a hell of a plot twist too. Be sure to give it a watch.

    Watch on Amazon: Enter The Void

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