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Commentary on the War Within the Alternative Media

deusnexus_100Why do so many voices in the alternative media set up their shops on the extreme edges of the duality spectrum?  It’s Fear Porn vs. Hopium Addicts.

The Fear Mongers tend to ignore all the positive spiritual aspects of life on Earth while the Hope Peddlers tend to ignore some dark realities and general common sense.

half-earthForget about half-empty or half-full – on these sites the glass is either about to be utterly destroyed or about to overflow with miracles, next week!  The truth is usually somewhere in the middle.

Does the Alternative Media suffer from some sort of bi-polar disorder?  Where is the balance?  The equilibrium? The level-headed perception of reality?

Even though 3D life is a mixed bag of the positive and the negative, our human psychology often swings erratically to cynical pessimism or blind hope, which reveals an unbalanced mind not grounded in the peace of the present moment, but obsessively living in some illusory future that is either feared or desired.

No wonder more and more people are waking up, rejecting this Alternative Media Seesaw, and questioning this extreme form of duality consciousness. And while many choose to denounce the parade of fear porn, blind hope is equally rooted in victimhood, unconscious fear, and the search for an external savior. The problem is that external saviors usually come with their own agenda – and it’s not always what’s advertised.  Rather we should seek out that which empowers us, that which makes us whole, compassionate, grounded, and balanced – not the easy fix.

I aim to provide a balanced perspective on this site, but of course, I don’t always succeed.  If I had endless time and expertise I’d write every post myself, and attempt to present the middle ground. Instead, I select and present other writers’ articles that may occasionally veer to one extreme or another.

Unfortunately, too many bloggers write from the ego-based mind rather than from the spiritual center of their heart, and here in lies my problem with many writers on both sides of the duality spectrum. I favor a more grounded, non-dualistic, holistic, heart-based approach. To foster a heart-centered perspective is to be more in touch with one’s own spiritual power, where the illusions of fear, pessimism, and blind hope have no real substance.

Ultimately, our salvation will not come from the ego-mind, the external world, or the political solutions of any faction on Earth, East or West.  You can change all the deck chairs on the Titanic, but it will still hit that iceberg unless it changes course. A financial reset is just another monetary system. A meritocracy is just another type of hierarchy.  Throwing an evil cabal in jail doesn’t ensure that a new cabal won’t rise up to take their place. Do we need to create a new type of tyranny to guard against the resurgence of the old tyranny?

Salvation will only come from within, when we as a people choose to transform our consciousness, when we let go of our fears, when we learn from and forgive past mistakes, when we activate our inner light and embrace the world from the heart of our higher selves. Only then will we ascend to a higher state of consciousness and transform our world. When we tire from the endless drama of the duality game, we will discover the everlasting peace of the middle way.

Here are some recent articles that call into question the duality paradigm. – DN


What The Alternative and Main Stream Media Don’t Want To Tell You

By Luke Rudkowski | Activist Post

In this video Luke Rudkowski breaks down the psychology, business plans and market of FEAR PORN. We go into dept with statistic’s and charts showing you the current situation of live. We live in the most peaceful and prosperous time in history, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges that we need to overcome.


Joe’s OPED on the Alternative Media and Current Affairs

Reposted from: Ascension with Mother Earth | by Enerchi

I did receive an email from Joe, who is having issues posting comments. He would like to share his outlook on things within the alternative media.  Below is his review on the current affairs.  thanks.

~ enerchi

*******************************************, I have been following the alternative media for the past 10 years and let me tell you I have now come to the realization that it  works similar to how the cabal works. Maybe, they might be co-opted just like the main stream media but with a positive and negative twist to it. What do I mean by that?

Well, you have the so called “positive alternative media,”  with sites such as “divinecosmos,,”   “benjaminfulford,”   and “cobra.”  Likewise, we have the so called “negative alternative media sites,”  such as “prisonplanet,”  “jeffrense,”  and “davidicke.”

Both of these types of alternative media websites put a spin to what they interpret on the world events that are happening. The “positive” always mentions that imminent arrests are going to happen and the “big event,”  will happen soon and nothing has occurred.  Likewise the negative always forecasts that there will be war with Iran, financial and civil chaos and last but not least that we are headed to ww3! Similarly, nothing has occurred! These things have been broadcasted by both positive and negative for well over 10 years! Isn’t this what the cabal wants? To make us confused and not know which is the truth and which is not? I am personally sick and tired of all the disinfo that is going on. We are suppose to get the real truth from the alternative media but now it is all a bunch of us vs them type mentality and I have been totally put off by it recently. It seems as each month that goes by when reading all these articles, it seems to contradict one another! It is becoming more and more apparent to me that the alternative media is another place for the cabal to increase its control over humanity because we are buying into whatever story they are telling us rather than using our own discernment.

The positive alt media wants us to let our guard down and not be vigilant and the negative alt media wants us to live in absolute fear!

The other thing that really irks me is how these channelings by Sheldan Nidle, Michael Quinsey, Zap and Poof all have false information that is just a fantasy!

Likewise, when Ken’s Blog comes up, I really want to ask him why can’t he look at any of the world’s events in a positive manner? If I could access the comments section, I would give him and the trolls that come on this website a peace of my mind.

So what is the bottom line? Humanity has to stop depending on what others say or do because although many people in the alternative media have good intentions, it really left up to us on what and how humanity has to steer itself in the future. No amount of article on news can do that. We as humanity have to take responsibility for our lives and stop looking and blaming others for the miserable state that most humans live in.

Divine design is that what is happening out there between the evil doers and good guys will transpire by the design of the divine! Everything that is happening in this world is by design and there is nothing that can change that. That is why we have to focus first on our selves and improve it before we can improve the conditions of this world!

~ Joe


The Salvation of Seven Billion Cats

Written by:  | Divine Pollination

Trying to save humanity, or be its savior, is like convincing seven billion wild cats to go to the same location, at the same time, and to play nicely together—it’s just not realistic or possible. This is why the Elite have had to work for hundreds of years, with nearly unlimited resources and patience, using mass mind control, social engineering, and coordinated manipulation, to domesticate humanity enough to pull off the task. The only people with the necessary resources and fortitude to save humanity from themselves, and to provide a savior for them to follow, are the very Elite who have deceived, domesticated, and enslaved them in the first place!

Seven people cannot be easily persuaded without tremendous effort, much less seven billion plus, which is why people need to muster the necessary will power on an individual basis, to finally go within and do their own inner process work. This can be accomplished through identifying and loving their shadow, balancing their masculine and feminine, deprogramming their limiting beliefs and socially engineered patterns of relating, and individuating from the mass collective puddle of cookie cutter sameness.

Unity is an inside job on an individual basis, and when enough individuals are working their own personal processes, more will join in and do the same. Neither Fullford, Wilcock, Cobra, the White Hats, the Galactic Federation of Light, the Event, Ashtar Command, China, Russia, Jesus, positive ET’s, or the BRICS are capable of saving humanity from their own core limiting beliefs, as the only ones with the resources necessary to offer [enforce] mass salvation are the ones who originally enslaved them. The only thing that these “flavors of saviors” can possibly accomplish is furthering the deception for those who wish to avoid personal responsibility and accountability over their lives.

Until enough people find the necessary will power to dig in and do their own inner process work, there will be more manipulating, false saviors, chaos, and externally enforced order. People can only be their own answer (saviors) after they know how to be unique individuals separate from the collective unconscious of humanity. When will people finally start asking themselves the necessary questions, so that they can then answer them individually for themselves?  Instead of hoping for seven billion wild cats to all do the same thing, maybe it’s time to work the Unity Process…



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    Well said…
    >>Salvation will only come from within, when we as a people choose to transform our consciousness, when we let go of our fears, when we learn from and forgive past mistakes, when we activate our inner light and embrace the world from the heart of our higher selves. Only then will we ascend to a higher state of consciousness and transform our world. When we tire from the endless drama of the duality game, we will discover the everlasting peace of the middle way. ~David Nova<<

  2. “The only thing that these “flavors of saviors” can possibly accomplish is furthering the deception for those who wish to avoid personal responsibility and accountability over their lives.”

    And this is the crux of the matter-‘personal responsibility’–well said; excellent point and great article. Thanks for having the courage to speak up on behalf of the truth♥

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