Crop Circle Communications with Patty Greer

Hopegirl Blog Archives 2012-2015


In this powerful two part interview, Hope Girl speaks to Patty Greer about her life’s work in the fields working with the circle makers. Covered in this interview is a plethora of information about crop circles, their messages and the circle makers that has been suppressed up to this very day. This interview reveals information that the suppressors have spent enormous amounts of time and money to keep hidden.

This includes how orbs of light communicate with each other through binary code before they lay down the patterns in the fields. How crop circles are created through dual spinning vortices of multiple frequencies that bring in the earth mother, extra-terrestrials and the best of human consciousness to form a communication. How the seeds from crop circles contain the solution to restore our poisoned food supply. How we’ve received blunt communication from extra-terrestrial civilizations that included warning messages about 9/11 and…

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