Abby Martin Leaving RT, “Breaking The Set”

Abby Martin Last Show – Never Stop Breaking the Set!

Abby Martin Breaks the Set One Last Time

On this final episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin, discusses the power of grassroots activism in getting the FCC to uphold net neutrality. Abby then speaks with Eugene Puryear, Organizer with the ANSWER Coalition, about effective activism as it relates to issues from combating police brutality to taking on prison reform. Abby then speaks with BTS producer, Anya Parampil, about the best moments of the show. Abby then features a montage of some of her favorite monologues and guest appearances on the show. Abby concludes the final episode by explaining why BTS has been such an important part of her life and why we should never stop Breaking the Set.


 Here is her statement:

Never Stop Breaking the Set

RT has given me opportunities I will be eternally thankful for and hosting Breaking the Set has been the best and most invaluable experience of my life. I never imagined the kind of support the show would generate, proving how many people are hungry for raw truth and systemic change.

Throughout the course of the show, I’m most proud of the stories we’ve done on the road – Pine Ridge, Detroit, Gulf Coast, Guantanamo Bay and soon to be released Cuba. As such, after almost three years of reporting from the studio I’ve decided to focus on investigative field reporting.

Please note I’m not stopping or going anywhere. If I can’t find a network to host my new show vision with the same editorial freedom, I will turn to crowdsourcing. And until I establish my next venture I’ll be writing daily, producing video shorts, podcasting and doing talks around the world.

Please follow me on facebook, youtube and twitter to stay tuned to my next move.

I’m excited to put all my heart into the last two weeks of the show and celebrate a great run, all of which wouldn’t have been possible without you.

Much love and appreciation to everyone for supporting me and my future endeavors.

Never stop Breaking the Set.



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RT Anchor’s Riff Not as ‘Rogue’ As It Seems

How Abby Martin’s on-air jab at Russian intervention in Crimea helps Putin

Reposted from: The Scroll | by James Kirchick

Yesterday, Abby Martin, a host on the Kremlin-funded television network RT (formerly known as Russia Today), used the end of her program to voice opposition to Russia’s occupation of Ukraine’s Crimea region. “Just because I work here at RT doesn’t mean I don’t have any editorial independence. I cannot express how strongly I am against any state intervention in a sovereign nation’s affairs,” Martin said. “What Russia did is wrong.”

RT’s coverage of the situation in Ukraine, much like the mindset of Vladimir Putin (who created the network in 2005 to “break the monopoly of the Anglo-Saxon mass media,”), seems to exist on a different planet. Buzzfeed compiled a list of “14 Insane Moments” from the network’s broadcasts of the conflict, which range from claims that the Russian military is a “stabilizing force for Ukraine,” to presenting the C-list action star and Putin fanboy Steven Seagal as some sort of expert on the geopolitical consequences of East Central Europe.

And so, on the face of it, Martin’s dissent from RT’s party line was a breath of fresh air, earning her plaudits across the internet. “For all the self-celebrating American journalists and political commentators: was there even a single U.S. television host who said anything comparable to this in the lead-up to, or the early stages of, the U.S. invasion of Iraq?” asked Glenn Greenwald, a frequent presence on the network. The Huffington Post praised Martin as “going spectacularly rogue.” Some have drawn comparisons to my own brief appearance on RT last August, when, invited to talk about the sentencing of Wikileaks leaker Chelsea Manning, I instead launched into a two-minute tirade against the Kremlin’s homophobic witch-hunt, which got me booted off air.

But Martin’s comments, while certainly a departure from the stale Kremlin talking points offered 24/7 on RT, were hardly as rogue as they might initially seem. Martin couched her criticism of Russian policy by stating that “the coverage I’ve seen of Ukraine has been truly disappointing from all sides of the media spectrum, and ripe with disinformation,” implying that the objectively more accurate reporting of Western outlets are somehow on par with her own network’s blatantly skewed coverage.

“Above all my heart goes out to the Ukrainian people, who are now wedged as pawns in the middle of a global power chess game. They’re the real losers here,” she added. Again, this frames the Ukraine crisis as being equally the fault of Russia and the West, when, from the start, the situation has been instigated and inflamed solely by Moscow. There are no EU or NATO tanks occupying Ukrainian soil.

Those praising Martin would do well to acquaint themselves with the entirety of her work. Before being hired by RT, Martin was a prominent voice in the 9/11 conspiracy movement, which seems to be a job qualification for RT given the amount of airtime it gives to fringe views. In a 2008 video of a 9/11 Truth Movement protest, Martin can be seen stating that the attacks were an “inside job.” She knows this, she said, because, “I’ve researched it for three years and every single thing that I uncover solidifies my belief that it was an inside job and that our government was complicit in what happened.” On her program, she regularly gives air to outrageous conspiracy theories, including the notion that water fluoridation is a pernicious government plot to poison unsuspecting American citizens, an old bugbear of the extreme right-wing John Birch Society. She has also accused Israel of using “Hitler’s methods … to maintain a Jewish majority.”

Last February, Martin devoted a segment to the history of American “false flag” operations. The term is a favorite of conspiracy theorists, who employ it to describe hostile acts carried out by rogue states and terrorists groups, which are, they claim, really the work democratic governments seeking a pretext for infringements on civil liberties, war, and other acts of imperialist aggression. Beginning with the 1898 sinking of the USS Maine, which ignited the Spanish-American War, up through the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident, Martin, quoting from a website titled, “Israel Did 911,” characterized false-flags as “when a government uses an elite special forces operations cadre to attack that nation-state while falsely bearing the flag of another country or group.”

It would be wrong to conclude that, because it hasn’t publicly reprimanded or fired her for her recent comments, RT is proving itself to be an objective purveyor of credible news and information. “Contrary to the popular opinion, RT doesn’t beat its journalists into submission, and they are free to express their own opinions, not just in private but on the air,” the channel said in response to Martin’s broadcast. They should tell that to William Dunbar, a former RT journalist who resigned after he was prevented by the network’s management from reporting on the Russian military’s deliberate bombing of civilian targets during the 2008 Georgia War. “On any issue where there is a Kremlin line, RT is sure to toe it,” Dunbar said.

Indeed, far from damaging the propaganda efforts of the Russian government, Martin’s momentary act of nonconformity plays right into the Kremlin’s hands. RT will now be able to hold up her 60-second departure from the official script as evidence of its editorial independence, as further proof of its vital role as a “counter-hegemonic” news source in a world inundated by corrupt and corporate “Anglo-Saxon media.” …

Abby Martin Goes Two Plus Hours Deep with Joe Rogan


15 thoughts on “Abby Martin Leaving RT, “Breaking The Set”

  1. I like her sometimes, but I always feel like she’s trying too hard. I wish her well though, it’s takes courage to do what she does and regardless what she is, she’s done a good job.

  2. She’s one of the few mainstream journalists courageous enough to take on such taboo topics like 9/11 Truth, Operation Gladio, false flags, Operation Paperclip. For that alone she should be recognized.

  3. I just experienced major cognitive dissonance reading this Mainstream media party line article and wondering why it was posted on one of my favorite go-to websites!

    • I’m glad someone is paying attention. It seemed like a good idea to post at the time, to show that the mainstream media was at least aware of Ms. Martin’s efforts on RT.

  4. I loved to listen to Abby Martin and I really hope her next job will be as good as this one.
    But Mr. Kirchick, why didn’t you do a better historical investigation before telling your readers that there are Russian tanks in Ukraine? Yes it is true, but without NATO there can’t be any other but Russian military vehicles and equipment in the Ukraine, because the Ukraine had been part of the Soviet Union and therefore used Russian weapons. And the Junta in Kiew couldn’t change this because of the lack of money. Now, thanks to the generosity of Mr. McCain and Mrs. Nuland, the Separatist in Eastern Ukraine have got some super modern not even used US weapons they found in the airport of Donbass and the cauldron of Debaltseve which had been left there by the “supported” Ukraine army.
    And why do you fear for the anglo-saxon media? Isn’t its work fair and true enough to consist next to RT? Or do you support the attempt to set out freedom of speech for some especial journalist working for a special tv-station? Then your whole article could be declared as hyprocisy.

    • Russia never invaded Crimea….that was a west lie. Russia is not responsible for Ukraine that was the Neo Nazi Right wing element who stole the pro democracy movement to get rid of the former President who had already called for elections. Russia continued delivering oil to Ukraine even though they owed Russia billions in past delivery. NATO IS THE PROBLEM. Reagun and Gorby did a deal..NATO would never put bases in former Soviet Union nation states…and yet the Pentagon and western nations have now surrounded Russia…does Abby think Putin would do nothing? Look what happened when Russia put missles in Cuba, the US so outraged threatened nuclear war. Now Russia, China, India, Brazil and other nations have joined together to stop the US and its empire from further encroachments. As one official said, “the US and its partners are forcing a showdown…nuclear war is eminent unless the WEST stop threatening Russia with more Nato bases. Abby was a great journalists, and we thank her for bringing out the truth about 911 and other topics the corporate media would never touch…however on the history of Russia, Crimea et al…she was wrong.

  5. In 2012 former DOJ attorney John Loftus published “America’s Nazi Secret” probably the most stunning, verifiable, non-speculative history to get into print since the books regarding the “Venona” project in the mid-90’s. Mike Wallace got an Emmy for doing ONE story about Loftus’ efforts tracking down Nazi war criminals in the 80s; now no one will touch him. The revelations of his recent book–the cover-up of crimes at the highest levels of the US security and investment banking establishments–were offered to all the major media, and ignored. No one will interview him, he is not allowed on C-Span either. if Abby Martin had afforded him a forum. THAT would have been evidence of true independence.

  6. Love this bold,honest & truthful journalist Abby Martin , a rare commodity in present time . Can’t remember that i have seen a journalist like her in past 20 years…I am sure that we will be watching her again in a very near future ,throwing sucker punches at corrupt, venal, nefarious , odious untrustworthy government and corporates that have destroyed our simple lives ..

  7. Pingback: Abby Martin Goes Two Plus Hours Deep with Joe Rogan | Deus Nexus

  8. Breaking the Set, Listening Post, Max Keiser etc are essential viewing for anyone who wants to know what is really going on in the world.
    Mainstream channels like the BBC, CNN,ITV ETC never focus on the corruption in Government an Corporate world which we all know to be at an all-time high.
    Keep up the good work, and ” Nils illegitimus Desperandum !!!!

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