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Courageous Cardiologist Tells Truth About Modern Medicine

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(NaturalNews) A board-certified cardiologist in Phoenix, Arizona, has decided to stop treating symptoms. Instead, he’s getting to the root causes of his own health, his family’s health and the health of patient’s that come to him for help.

For years, he did what every doctor is taught to do. He went to Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine to obtain his doctorate in cardiology. From 2002 to 2012, he was a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology.

He went on to serve as the Chairman of the Department of Medicine at Paradise Valley Hospital and also as the Director of Cardiac Rehabilitation. At one point, he believed as most cardiologist do — that statin drugs should be put in all water supplies. He did the usual, consulting with office patients and making hospital rounds. He interpreted echocardiograms and prescribed drugs and followed the way of the system, implanting pacemakers and performing heart catheterizations.

“I achieved partner status with the large cardiology group and was a very successful conventional cardiologist,” he stated.

However, “As time passed, I was growing frustrated that despite all the pharmaceuticals and procedures, many patients were feeling worse,” said Dr. Jack Wolfson. “Patients were discharged from the hospital only to return to the ER shortly because doctors are not healing anyone. The realization hit me that medical doctors were not preventing disease but only attempting to treat symptoms.”

Dr. Jack Wolfson admits he was “brainwashed” for many years, avoiding nutrition and embracing drugs and surgery as the answers to health. He says everything changed when he met the love of his life, a chiropractor named Heather who ultimately changed his perspective on nutrition and the causes of heart problems.

“Since meeting her, I have changed my whole life and medical practice style. I have switched from the sickness paradigm to one of health and wellness,” said Dr. Wolfson. “Most importantly, I opened my mind from the brainwashing of medical training. My explicit goal in treating patients is finding the cause of disease instead of using the band-aid approach. The CAUSE is the CURE.”

He spent many years diving into chemical-free living, learning from homeopaths, naturopaths, chiropractors and various healers outside of the medical establishment. In 2012, Dr. Wolfson left his large cardiology group and opened Wolfson Integrative Cardiology. Now he is passionate about helping others clean up their lifestyle and avoid pharmaceutical drugs and unnecessary surgeries. He and his wife, along with their two boys, do not use any pharmaceuticals whatsoever, including over-the-counter drugs.

He said, “We practice attachment parenting, eat organic food, and instill a natural lifestyle into our children. We enjoy all the outdoor activities available in Phoenix. Heather and I together are The Drs. Wolfson and our motto is ‘Awakening the World to Wellness.'”

He courageously speaks out about the problems of modern medicine. In a recent interview with NBC’s Phoenix affiliate, he talked about his vaccination-free lifestyle and how the measles hysteria is all a racket.

Instead of being angry at healthy people who do not vaccinate, he believes that it’s more important to be angry at food companies whose sugar cereals, donuts, cookies and cupcakes “lead to millions of deaths per year.”

“At its worst, chicken pox killed 100 people per year. If those chicken pox people didn’t eat cereal and donuts, they may still be alive. Call up Nabisco and Kellogg’s and complain. Protest their products. Send THEM hate-mail,” Wolfson said.

As a matter of fact, Dr. Wolfson puts the vaccine debate in complete perspective. Clickhere to view his full statement on what families should really be concerned about.

Or check out his website:

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Why All the Anger? | by Dr. Jack Wolfson, Special to Health Impact News

I recently did an interview which was aired on NBC Phoenix. I was asked my opinion on vaccinations in response to the current measles outbreaks that have occurred at Disneyland in California. My reply has generated quite a bit of anger in thousands of people.

There has also been a tremendous amount of support to my comments and opinions. In short, The Society Against Injecting Our Kids With Chemicals (TSAIOKWC for short) has a lot of followers.

I want to address all this misguided anger and see if we can re-direct it where it belongs.

  1. Be angry at food companies. Sugar cereals, donuts, cookies, and cupcakes lead to millions of deaths per year. At its worst, chicken pox killed 100 people per year. If those chicken pox people didn’t eat cereal and donuts, they may still be alive. Call up Nabisco and Kellogg’s and complain. Protest their products. Send THEM hate-mail.
  2. Be angry at fast food restaurants. Tortured meat burgers, pesticide fries, and hormone milkshakes are the problem. The problem is not Hepatitis B which is a virus contracted by drug users and those who sleep with prostitutes. And you want to inject that vaccine into your newborn?
  3. Be angry at the companies who make your toxic laundry detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets. You and your children are wearing and breathing known carcinogens (they cause cancer). Call Bounce and Downy and let them know. These products kill more people than mumps, a virus which actually doesn’t cause anyone to die. Same with hepatitis A, a watery diarrhea.
  4. Be angry at all the companies spewing pollution into our environment. These chemicals and heavy metals are known to cause autism, heart disease, cancer, autoimmune disease and every other health problem. Worldwide, these lead to 10’s of millions of deaths every year. Measles deaths are a tiny fraction compared to pollution.
  5. Be angry at your parents for not breastfeeding you, co-sleeping with you, and stuffing your face with Domino’s so they can buy more Tide and finish the laundry. Breastfeeding protects your children from many infectious diseases.
  6. Be angry with your doctor for being close-minded and not disclosing the ingredients in vaccines (not that they read the package insert anyway). They should tell you about the aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, aborted fetal tissue, animal proteins, polysorbate 80, antibiotics, and other chemicals in the shots. According to the Environmental Working Group, newborns contain over 200 chemicals as detected by cord blood. Maybe your doctor feels a few more chemicals injected into your child won’t be a big deal.
  7. Be angry with the cable companies and TV manufacturers for making you and your children fat and lazy, not wanting to exercise or play outside. Lack of exercise kills millions more than polio. Where are all those 80 year olds crippled by polio? I can’t seem to find many.
  8. In fact, be angry with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates for creating computers so you can sit around all day blasted with electromagnetic radiation reading posts like this.
  9. Be angry with pharmaceutical companies for allowing us to believe living the above life can be treated with drugs. Correctly prescribed drugs kill thousands of people per year. The flu kills just about no one. The vaccine never works.

Finally, be angry with yourself for not opening your eyes to the snow job and brainwashing which have taken over your mind. You NEVER asked the doctor any questions. You NEVER asked what is in the vaccines. You NEVER learned about these benign infections.

Let’s face it, you don’t really give a crap what your children eat. You don’t care about chemicals in their life. You don’t care if they sit around all day watching the TV or playing video games.

All you care about is drinking your Starbuck’s, your next plastic surgery, your next cocktail, your next affair, and your next sugar fix!

This post was created with love and with the idea of creating a better world for our children and future generations. Anger increases your risk of suffering a heart attack. Be careful.

About the Author

Dr. Jack Wolfson is a board certified cardiologist in Phoenix. He is known as The Paleo Cardiologist and The Natural Cardiologist. Check out his website and follow him on Facebook at The Drs. Wolfson.




5 thoughts on “Courageous Cardiologist Tells Truth About Modern Medicine

  1. I’ve no problem with a balance between “natural” or “organic” foods and modern medicine. No point in throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Vaccinate your kids! Vaccinations work on a “herd” basis.

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  3. I love their motto “Awakening the world to wellness”. A young author, Jess Ainscough, who wrote a book on nutrition after treating her cancer with diet and supplements, died a week ago. Sadly she is getting bad press because she tried an alternative path. Really she was a pioneer who despite all the fear, took another route. She had 7 years of wellness instead of the same or probably less feeling ill with cancer treatment. I know this path as I am living with cancer myself and it really is about making your own choices about your own life. Great piece, thanks. Melanie

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