Mark Passio: The War Against The Sacred Feminine interviews Mark Passio, in the segment “Ask An Ex-Satanist Anything.” They put the 2015 Super Bowl halftime show, featuring Katy Perry, into perspective as representative of the overarching agenda for the continued destruction of the Sacred Feminine – the elimination of care,  compassion, human connection, and selfless service in society at large.  As always, Mark is extremely frank, fearless and well spoken.

From the manufactured terrorism war against “ISIS” to the “whore of Babylon” Superbowl halftime show imagery of Katy Perry, Madonna, and Beyonce, the ritualist war against the Sacred Feminine continues to degrade western culture.  Other example of the war against the Sacred Feminine are the flood of novels and movie adaptions aimed at young women – The Hunger Games, The Twilight series, the Divergent series, and 50 Shades of Gray.

 Mark Passio’s website: What On Earth Is Happening

Katy Perry’s fire dress at the 2015 Super Bowl halftime show

The Hunger Games fire dress and chariot ride

Katy Perry Super Bowl Ritual Predicted

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5 thoughts on “Mark Passio: The War Against The Sacred Feminine

  1. There is a dark and evil running this planet.
    We are under a spell and to wake up, we need to understand who they are, why they want to destroy us this way. How they are doing it.
    What they’ve hidden
    Why they’ve hidden it and what is their end goal.

    The destruction of the Sacred Feminine, introduced by puppets like Miley Cyrus Katy Perry, Beyonce, Lady Gaga has effectively broken the care and compassion from the sacred feminine. The very qualities the feminine needs to nurture her young and the Earth and its animals
    The feminist movement has also played a part in damaging the Female psyche of care and compassion by forcing her to leave the home and work in a male dominated world.

    We need to bring awareness to this dark movement, protect the Sacred Masculine and Feminine or face the end of the human being and life as we know it permanently.

    We need to take the Earth back to equilibrium

    Watch Mark Passio on youtube or his podcasts on

    ”The Cult of Ultimate Evil – Order Followers and the Destruction of the Sacred Feminine.”:

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