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Whistleblower Reveals Multiple Secret Space Programs

multiple secret space programs

From: | by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

A new whistleblower has appeared who is creating quite a stir in the UFO and exopolitics communities due to his claims of having worked with a number of secret space programs; and, more recently, having become a contactee with a powerful new group of extraterrestrials that have entered our solar system.

Using the online pseudonym GoodETxSG, the whistleblower (who announced yesterday that his first name is Corey and that he will soon end his anonymity) has described in interviews and posts on two major online forums his former covert background with a number of secret space programs run by various military, corporate and earlier human civilizations. He says that contrary to widespread perceptions in the UFO research community of a single secret space program belonging to a breakaway civilization, that there are in fact up to ten breakaway civilizations indigenous to Earth.

How credible is GoodETxSG? According to David Wilcock, GoodETxSG’s testimony is consistent with multiple other insider sources discussing secret space program and extraterrestrial life.

While there has been no concrete evidence offered to corroborate the testimony of GoodETxSG, his claims are consistent with those of other whistleblowers and/or contactees on a number of significant issues. It’s clear from anyone viewing the extensive postings and commentary by GoodETxSG, that he sincerely believes that his claims are based on truthful events and experiences. Nevertheless, it is always possible for an individual to sincerely pass on implanted memories as truthful testimony even though they have been fabricated to serve the agenda of one or more shadowy intelligence corporate organizations,

Researchers need to be very cautious when examining testimony of whistleblowers that have been subjected to mind control as a standard security measure during their alleged service in one or more secret space programs.  READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE


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