Escaping The Duality Drama & Rewriting Our Cultural Beliefs

deusnexus_100Nate & Aline at Divine Pollination are doing some revolutionary work to help liberate mankind from our self-enabled duality prison.

I’m struggling to provide an adequate introduction, however I stumbled upon this short post (below) from Biology of Belief that perfectly sets up the need for a process that will assist in transforming the world.

This may be difficult material for many to absorb, and many may struggle with the notion of redefining such seemingly universal concepts as villain, victim, and savior.  But we should remember that these concepts, these characters, villain, victim, and savior, are merely temporal roles in a dramatic play that is being acted out.  We can choose to become prisoners of the play, or we can choose to learn from it and move beyond it. Curtain closed.

“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts…”

– Shakespeare, As You Like It, Act II, Scene VII

As immortal souls, sparks of divine light, we are so much more than the roles that we play in this or any lifetime, yet these self-perceived limiting roles and the emotional blocks they create are holding us back from evolving as a unified peaceful species. We become so mentally and emotionally invested in these roles and labels that we become prisoners to our own dramas, and thus we are easily manipulated.  Facing and healing trauma is never easy, but as a civilization we must start down the path if we truly wish to be free.



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It’s simply a consequence of human biology.

heart-dualityCrises perpetuate fear, which behaviorally, is like putting out a fire with gasoline.  As discussed in The Biology of Belief, there are three consequences of a protection response. In the face of fear, we shut down the systems that maintain the body and simultaneously inhibit the immune system. Simply, chronic fear leads to disease and death. Fact, up to 90% of doctor visits are directly caused by stress.

As importantly, the chemistry of fear shuts down creative conscious thinking as the nervous system defaults to the faster, reactive programs of the subconscious mind. When faced with fear, rather than seeking creative solutions, we automatically take a “duck and cover” posture while we wait for the “all clear” signal. A sign that everything has returned to normal.

However, what would happen if things did not “return to normal?” There are two fundamental scenarios: We stay protracted in our protective posture … and die. Or, better, we step outside of the fear and using our creative consciousness, manifest a new civilization by rewriting our cultural beliefs.


Escape from Victim, Villain, Savior, and the Duality Drama

From: Divine Pollination | by , April 2, 2015

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