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Awakened But Isolated: Are You Alone In Your Truth?


By David Nova | Deus Nexus

I received an email from a reader who felt very isolated in her awakening, asking how to live in the Light, surrounded by people who see little value in her spirituality or her truth.

Now, I’m not going to claim I can give advice in every situation, but as I was typing I felt inspired myself by what I was writing.

After replying, I realized my response might be of service to other readers.  Many spiritually awakened people struggle with this very question, myself included.  So I asked her permission to share her question and my answer, which I have rewritten into this post. While there are no easy answers, these words may help comfort and inspire.

Many spiritual people tend to be rather introverted and thus already isolated by default. Many of us are “in the closet” spiritually speaking. We may be reluctant to be open about our awakening with our friends, coworkers, and family members either because we know they wouldn’t understand or we fear their response, be it judgment, anger, or laughter.  As humans, we’re social beings, and we long to connect with the people around us – it’s only natural.  On a deeper level, we ARE connected and it actually hurts us to experience this separation.

We can certainly tell ourselves that we don’t care what other people think of us, and we shouldn’t care, but if we are truly honest with ourselves, we realize that we care deeply about experiencing this separation.  More extraverted people may attempt to wake up everyone around them, with mixed or even tragic results.  But we must ultimately face the fact that people we both love and dislike can and will refuse to wake up to our reality.  It’s a free will Universe, and they have that right.

Just remember that they are probably (unconsciously) afraid of your truth, yes even behind the laughter, because it would challenge and disrupt their own belief systems, and burst their bubble of apparent normalcy.  Is it kinder to force them awake or to let them sleep?  It may depend upon the circumstance.  You might do someone serious psychologocal damage by forcing their eyes to open to your truth.

In this present world, pursuing truth is a very lonely quest.  By its very nature, a spiritual quest is a solitary journey, because we are called to go within ourselves to question the nature of our reality and discover the truth for ourselves. Spirit resides deep within us.  It is a part of us.  It is not outside of us.  So we seek truth and meaning within ourselves rather than from the illusory external world.

In truth, we all go though this lifetime alone, we are all born alone, we all pass beyond it alone, and we experience everything in between through the isolating filter of our own personal perceptions.  We all stand apart from one another in one way or another.  Our different beliefs separate us. But it seems some beliefs create a much bigger separation.  Two people can both believe in a God, yet believe in different religions, and thus be completely separate in their beliefs and in their world view.  They can even go to war because of those beliefs.

That said, we are also never alone, because we are all connected to this Universe around us in a very subtle way, by the energy field between us.  Our science is only now beginning to discover and demonstate this truth.

Thus on the other side of the veil, any separation between souls is perceived as an illusion.  So we always have guides and angels and a connected family of souls watching over us, who are with us all the time, who are a part of us, though we don’t perceive it. And they find themselves in the same position that we find ourselves with those friends around us who are still asleep.  We can tap into this support if we so choose, but it has to be our choice.  It’s a law of the free will Universe.

Coming to terms with this perception of loneliness and isolation is one of the hardest aspects of the spiritual path. We are confronted with our own perceived need for external support as a wound that wants to be healed, because we feel less than enough without the support and approval of others.  We do not feel loved.  So we need to love ourselves all the more, allow that love within us to grow, let it nurture and sustain us.  That is the divine fire growing inside us, lighting us up like lanterns.  The approval we receive from others can never completely sustain us nor provide us with that pure love and contentment that we long for within, that we receive from Spirit and a connection to our true self and Source.

If we believe that everything in our life has a reason, then perhaps there are many reasons why we find ourselves alone on the spiritual path. Perhaps we need to learn to heal our heart.  Perhaps we need to learn to be more outgoing or self-sufficient. Perhaps we are exactly where we need to be, to be that quiet example for others, sharing our inner light.  Even if we can’t share our truth or beliefs, we can share ourselves, our spiritual essence, our love, which may be what other people need more from us than our beliefs and our words.  We’ve all been hurt by words, but our deeds married to our compassion can work miracles.

We are not here to beat each other up with our beliefs. We may find ourselves in a situation where we need to emotionally protect ourselves.  We shouldn’t allow other people to beat us up with their belief systems any more than we should beat up others with our own.  Beliefs are powerful things.  They can be our liberation.  They can also be our weapons.  But at the end of the day, a belief is just a belief.  Real Truth is the Oneness and interconnection of all creation.  Real Truth is rooted in compassion, for ourselves and for others, even when they reject it.  And our compassion only makes us stronger.

While we are alone on our path, there is no reason to be lonely.  The internet is a great tool for reaching likeminded people beyond the confines of our daily physical lives.  There are many spiritual communities online.  Since I’ve started my blog and written my books I have connected with many wonderful people from around the world.  You don’t have to start your own blog, just be open, discover your passion, and you will find others who share it.

About the Author

David Nova is the author of the metaphysical fiction series “Season of the Serpent.”  He is a truth-seeker, a Wanderer, a blogger, and the moderator of Deus Nexus: Messages For An Entangled Universe.  For additional information about the author or his novels, visit his website, or his Facebook page.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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12 thoughts on “Awakened But Isolated: Are You Alone In Your Truth?

  1. Very well written and thank you, I have often thought about writing a post like this, now I don’t have to!

  2. Reblogged this on You Are The Light That You Always Have Been and commented:
    Synchronicity again today. I was thinking about how alone I feel in this ocean of truth and seeing things for what they are, in a sense it’s comforting to know that we the truth seekers do tend to feel this way at times. Yes, we are social beings and inherently should be living in communities where we work and play together. Sadly, that is not the case today, the matrix has created a paradigm of fragmentation and separation between various factors such as skin color, religion, politics, cultural beliefs and traditions, etc.

  3. Beautifully said through the words and the Heart David. We become solitary as we awaken as family and friends leave us or we leave them as the relationships are done. The vibrations no longer match. Yes as humans we play and grow with friends and family but once we begin this beautiful process…we MUST begin knowing our true Self. We cannot do that with MIRRORING others..and our Soul knows when that is…and it’s serious about this work. As our Soul Self…we truly are committed to getting through these missions. I relate to this as I can remember when I would say outloud to myself, to the Universe..To Source…WHY AM I SO ALONE!!! And as I journeyed, I Got it….i connect to like minded, like energy beings…and they to me, when we need this.. we are unconditionally Authentic and can unconditionally Accept each other and each others vibrations…no expectation or FITTING IN as that is the old mirroring ways. I can still have moments of the lonely feeling…but sincerely…I can share that coming through this stage or phase of the journey…I am more complete and authentic than i have ever been this entire Lifetime. I embraced this loneliness and it empowered me. Finding yourself is a deep experience and has so many layers. Loving each layer…brings Elucidation to your Journey and YOUR SOUL SHINES through…..thank you for sharing this conversation today…it was heart warming…Namaste’

    • I agree – don’t expect to fit in. Follow your own path, acknowledge all whom you meet and learn from them. Being your true self is liberating and I can’t say I feel lonely.

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