Focus Sessions: Questions About Cobra, GoodETxSG, the Event, and More

deusnexus_100Here are some interesting questions & answers from an individual claiming to have psychic abilities. The significance of the questions and the clarity of the answers are certainly worthy of contemplation.  As always, use your own discernment and decide for yourself if this material resonates with you.

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I am a mom of 4 in my late 30s. I have some psychic abilities (psychometry, paranormal/sensing passed loved ones, reading relationships & remote viewing). Things come to me by images in my mind, impressions, sounds, taste or smell. I clear my mind, focus on my topic and this blog is an example of what I get. I started doing e-mail readings 2012 & recently opened myself up to phone readings to further develop.

 Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Who is Cobra?

QUESTION: Lynn- Who is Cobra?  He says he is representing The Liberation Forces? He talks about compression breakthrough and a reset of financial systems resulting in something akin to release from oppression. Is he for real or part of a ploy to make us believe that there are forces at work to overthrow tyrannical powers on our behalf?

ANSWER: When I focus on Cobra, I see Cobra representing a small group of people.  It looks as though this group of people collaborate their sources through meditation and research, and work together to understand larger concepts, and once they are able to make sense or feel clear about their message that have, one person (that goes by the code name of Cobra) speaks out.  They are very private about their identity due to the nature of the topics they discuss.  I also hear a message in my mind about “history repeating itself” and Cobra very much believes in that and see the patterns in what he shares versus what has historically happened.

There does feel to be a lot of truth in his messages.  I don’t see him alluding to things unless he genuinely connects to them.  The disconnect I get is even though I see him sharing truth, and it feels very honest within himself, it is coming to me that the “higher source” is inconsistent.  As I focus in, and put some strong intent to show me what I need to see for the greater good- I get an image of a dark gremlin looking ET, and the face of it keeps shifting into other images- There is just something inconsistent  with this being that makes me not want to open myself up to even hear a message- I find myself blocking the energy from it.   [As a note, I don’t feel it is right to pass judgement on a source, so it is possible I just don’t understand it. ??]

In closing, I get Cobra is in the right place of trying to share knowledge and truth (and wants a better earth), but the source of information makes me feel uneasy.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

GoodETxSG, David Wilcock and the future “Event”

QUESTION: Hi Lynn! First of all, thanks for your wonderful work!I was wondering if you could make a reading on GoodETxSG. This guy is an “insider” who had begun working with David Wilcock this year, but some friends of mine did a research on him and he seems to be releasing some intel on some forums for 2+ years. Now is leaking some info here: He has also created another website here:

ANSWER:  [I did go to these websites and spent a few minutes “feeling” his energy before tuning into this reading.]  As I connect to him, his messages for the most part resonate with me.  I get that he has knowledge due to life experience, and also knowledge due to his spiritual connection with the “oneness.”  The words clairvoyance (he just sees things like a waking daydream) and claircognizance (he knows things) combined with his life experiences with ET life provides him with a lot of insight.

I see he relays his messages, but not with a purpose to instill fear, but rather spread truth and help people to realize truth leads to empowerment.  With a level of increased consciousness, we can rise and at that moment join with a higher ET force.  There is also the underlying message that there are ETs out there to help us, we just have to be open to their help and be willing to work with them is they are willing to put forth their effort.  For us to regain earth we have to be willing to work toward freeing ourselves too, and freedom cannot be bestowed upon us. (Then I get that you can set up a country with democracy, but if the people don’t want it and aren’t willing to fight or put forth effort to maintain it, a true democracy will not be realized- Freedom from control of the cabal works the same way)

I see we are headed toward freedom from the cabal, but in order for us to accomplish that goal we must raise the overall consciousness and be worthy and accepting of these positive ET forces.  I also get that we have a lot of work to do, but it is achievable.  The cabal is scared and clinging on to what they can- spreading fear and trying to keep the vibrations lowered.  But, the truth is we are slowly rejecting these lower vibrations (I see the power that be in a real panic and at points of desperation- I hear that false items are in place trying to keep us in this illusion.  The illusion is that they are in control, but in reality we are, but we put false intimidation upon ourselves.) and the shift is happening now…

The split…

To further expand upon this, I see two splits happening with this shift.  I have been asked about something referred to by many people as the “Event.”  I see as consciousness rises, and people evolve they will graduate into a higher dimension during their next incarnation.  There is a divide in dimensions in which those that have elevated themselves will be able to experience life in a 4D or 5D experience during their next physical incarnation.  They may choose to come back in the 3D world, but they are open to learning additional life lessons and grow through experience in a higher dimension. Until now the majority of people have been blocked from advancing by getting caught up in incarnation cycles, but by regaining our power, many opportunities open up- and the cycle can be broken.

Those that aren’t capable or chose to reside in the lower vibrations will be stuck in the 3D loop.  They won’t be able to advance until they are capable of maintaining a consistent frequency.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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 Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fireballs, Downed UFOs, What is going on in the sky?

QUESTION: Within the past two months there have been a lot of fireballs and sky explosions.  Here are just a few:

One over Montana-Idaho-Colorado:

Meteor ”flash” and explosion over Florida:

UFO crash viewable from Utah to Canada:

Another over California:

This seen in New Zealand:

Another clip from Florida:

According to David Wilcock, these are Cabal ships being shot down by light forces.  (Full article here:

Why all the activity and what is really going on?

ANSWER:  I get that David Wilcock is very accurate in how he explains what is happening.  There is a lot more than just one event occurring though…I get there is a group of lower level ETs that have claimed Earth as their own, and want to maintain that power and control.  I get they worked hard early on to ensure their position, and they are not about to give it up without a fight.

I always see these ETs as the Reptilians that live in the ground, and there is a smaller group of more “intelligent and stronger” ETs (however, still lower vibrationally) that reside in ships to the right side of the moon (if you were to face the moon they are at about the 2:00 position).These “Reptilian” ETs have tried to strengthen their force by activating the reptilian brain in many people (then I hear the phrase that it is just like on Star Wars when they tried to recruit Anakin Skywalker to the Dark Side).

They tell you things, awaken some kind of selfishness, describe the power and potential- you get dark thoughts, and they grab a hold.  They really focus on pulling in people with influence (people in the media, famous actors/actresses, political figures). They look at it as if they can convert one, that one person can influence many.. I see the leaders of the Reptilian army being true ETs, and the infantry on the front lines are the people they were able to grab hold of and manipulate through their reptilian mindset.We are seeing more and more activity in the sky, because a clash of the ETs is occurring.

The ETs that were driven from Earth thousands of years ago want to reclaim Earth and help it.  They want to see the people ascend and get out from the control of the darker forces holding us down.Many (not all, but a lot) of these “fireballs” or “meteors” are really UFOs crashing to Earth.  I don’t see weapons being used on each other that create explosions (like a bomb) but rather weapons that involve pulses (which deactivate the UFO shielding) followed by some kind of EMF device that creates a “self destruct” type event…  It looks like many of these “attacks” appear to be invisible, and before you know it there is a downed ship.. ??What we have witnessed in these examples are combinations of UFO explosions and UFOs falling to Earth.

QUESTION: Why did these “good” ETs leave in the first place?

ANSWER: I get there was a battle between several races of ETs.. There were humanoid ETs of all kinds- cats, dogs, reptiles, ants, etc..  There was a war and the ants went deep into the ground, the dogs and cats left, and the reptiles remained on the surface and just below (in caves).  The dogs and cats (that opposed each other at the time) have reunited and strengthened, and want to come back and reclaim Earth and bring it back to the “oasis” state it was once in.

QUESTION: Is there anything to fear?

ANSWER: There is nothing to fear, but fear.  I get that we are existing in one of the lowest vibrations, and the natural progression is to advance and move up.  Shifting from our center-self to a universal-self is a beautiful, powerful thing.  If the lower vibrations either evacuate or burrow deep underground, we are left with our higher vibrational path to experience.  We can open our minds and allow our minds to reach their potential… I am left with this final thought, “imagine a world in which we no longer need medicine or doctors- we learned to heal ourselves with our own mental thoughts”  that is the type of world we could have..And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you all.  Love and light-

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Giant Spheres in the Solar System

[As a continuation of yesterday’s reading / entry, I also had this article sent to me. It was so interesting, I thought it deserved it’s own entry…]

QUESTION: Does this article look accurate, and what are these giant spheres doing here?

ANSWER:  As I looked at this, what David Wilcock states resonates as true. (I mentioned this on a comment earlier today…) What I get is the spheres are the shield surrounding ships that are carrying the necessary material (genetic and physical) to create life within our solar system.  I get an image of a scene on Superman in which everyone was fleeing Krypton to find a survival location- in this case that survivable location is within our own solar system.

When the ETs war occurred thousands of years ago and many ETs left, these Avian species were among them.  I see they went to our sister solar system (where our sister sun resides).  As this sister system approaches ours, it looks to create some kind of hostile environment in that system, causing ET life in that system to leave.

At one time many ETs lived in our system on planets and moons, and earth was viewed as an oasis.  Now that they cannot live in the sister system they are coming back to this system, and want to make earth the oasis that it once was.The Cabal is scared as this threatens everything they have built over the years.  The Cabal knows they cannot win, and are tying every tactic to spread lower vibrational energy (to keep us down as long as possible).  I see some kind of anxiety and desperation behind this- there is a new flavor of fear constantly- war, terror, ISIS, viruses, Ebola, Flu, false flags, etc… They have to “re-juice” the feelings of fear as soon as one loses it’s impact.  I get that they want us to argue among ourselves to distract from the bigger (universal) issues.  For the  Cabal to survive, we must stay suppressed..

QUESTION: Are these ETs hostile?

ANSWER:  No, the Cabal just wants us to think they are.  If we fear them, that helps to strengthen the lower vibrational force.  They feel advanced and vibrationally much higher than humans.  They want to help in creating the energetic shift to upgrade earth to a 4D or 5D planet (which is like their home planet and also unsurvivable to the lower level beings.)

QUESTION:  What will happen to the lower level beings if they can’t survive on earth?

ANSWER:  I get a message that they cannot survive on earth, but can survive “in” earth.. They will either burrow deep or be forced to leave.

QUESTION:  How do these Avian ETs relate to the Cat and Dog Humanoid ETs?

ANSWER:  I get this “sphere” shielding houses not only Avian ETs, but Cat and Dog Humanoid ETs too.. There has been an enormous unification of forces aligning to help “reset” this solar system.  I get the analogy that earth was like a toy that was played with, and then put aside and forgotten, to later be rediscovered.  Now it needs cleaned and polished to bring it back to its’ natural state and true potential.We do have the power to regain the planet by elevating our consciousness.  Educate yourself, focus on the unity in the universe and truly listen to your gut.  Realize fear is just fear, and let it go rather than absorb it.

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