Abby Martin Goes Two Plus Hours Deep with Joe Rogan

“Everything is propaganda!” – Abby Martin

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NOTE: Strong language used. Joe Rogan takes the standard western anti-Putin position while Abby Martin takes a  neutral position, and discusses how she got started with RT.

American journalist Abby Martin founder of MEDIA ROOTS and former host of “Breaking the Set” for RT America spends over 2 plus hours with Joe Rogan talking Russia Today, politics, terrorism, the upcoming one party two faction election, and more.

Abigail Suzanne “Abby” Martin (born 6 September 1984) is an American journalist and former host of Breaking the Set on RT America network, working from the Washington, D.C. bureau.

Before hosting her own show, she had worked for two years as a correspondent for RT America. Martin is also an artist and activist, and helped found the citizen journalism website, Media Roots.

She serves on the board of directors for the Media Freedom Foundation which manages Project Censored.

Martin appeared in the documentary film Project Censored The Movie: Ending the Reign of Junk Food News (2013), and co-directed 99%: The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film (2013).

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