This is your Official Permission to Feel Whatever You want

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Are you tired of hearing “Just be happy”, “Just feel good”, “Just smile”, “Just be in a good mood”.  How about we try something a whole lot more realistic; “Just be you.”  If you are feeling happy then be happy, but if you are feeling down that is equally acceptable.  The oceans tide isn’t always high, and neither are your emotions.

When I am feeling low, and yes it does happen, I have learned a lot of very important things about myself that I wish to share with you at this time.  Feeling low, being angry, and being sad is apart of a balanced cycle. If you are going to cycle up through the higher, happier, exciting and joy filled days you are also going to experience the opposite.  And there is nothing wrong with that.What is interesting about the whole process is that if I struggle, resist, or flat out fight the low cycles do you know that happens?  THEY LAST LONGER.  That’s right, when I fight the natural cycles of my emotions and try and fight the waves I am more likely to drown or get stuck then I am to actually move into higher cycles faster.

Instead, if you embrace how you are feeling and flow with that emotion you do a couple of things that, in the end, is actually quite healing.

  1. Firstly when you truly validate yourself and allow yourself to feel what you are feeling you empower your own growth and start a powerful, and very natural, healing process.  If you don’t have your own back then how can you truly receive the love and care that you deserve?
  2. Second, these emotions naturally push people away.  Why does that happen?  Probably because you need some time either alone, or with couple select people.  You need to return to a state of peace and taking time to slow down, meditate, and feel what you are feeling. This is one of the best presents we can give ourselves.
  3. Third, when you have the time to go inward and feel what you are really feeling then you get to build a powerful relationship with yourself. You can become in a sense “one of your own best friends”.  This is a great time to practice being present and feeling the whole of what you are experiencing.
  4. And fourth, once you have time to feel and process your feelings fully you will be in a much more clear state to express and communicate with the people around you whether they influenced your lower cycle or not.  Clear calm expression and conflict resolution is simpler if you have validated yourself and allowed time to breathe and fully examine your emotions.

There is an exercise that I like to do that helps me fully feel and work through my emotions, especially anger.  When you are in meditation, or sitting and thinking, find the emotion you are feeling.  In this example I am going to use anger for simplicity but it works with any emotion that you would like to process.

Take that feeling of anger and become present with it.  Hold it inside yourself and focus on feeling it fully.  Expand the emotion outside of yourself until it fills the entire room.  In a metaphorical sense, turn up the volume on that emotion and feel it as ‘hard’ and you can.

After you feel it fully it will naturally start to fade, this is natural, allow it to flow on.  This whole process will typically take less than 5 min.

The world is obsessed with trying to feel good, and only good.  They don’t allow others, or even themselves to feel emotions.  We were taught at a very young age to ignore these emotions.  Because of this knee jerk reaction to ignore our feelings we actually end up causing more harm than good.

So much so, that people have started to suspect that carrying emotional baggage causes many of our health problems including rapid aging.  It is even suspected that many of our mental health issues, such as anxiety and violent outbursts is caused by the suppression of emotions.

What would the world be like if an entire generation learned how to validate each other and their own emotions, allow for healthy expression and healing resolution?  Perhaps we would live longer, happier, & healthier lives with less crime.

Techniques like this are not taught in schools.  It is up to us to empower ourselves, learn what we need to learn to come back to a state of balance, and share these things with our children.  Lets start a wave of healing that allows for people to be more real.  I believe through proper and natural emotional cycling we will quickly see our old patterns of suppression to be something of the dark ages.

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Additional Reference Material: http://germannewmedicine.ca/

Article Inspired by Jenna Barrington 


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