6 Ways To Stop Absorbing Other People’s Emotions

Reposted from: Higher Perspectives | additional commentary by Deus Nexus

happinessThe emotions that people put off are sometimes easy to catch. I’m sure we’ve all experienced it at some time or another. Someone around you is happy so you feel happy. That’s great! But sometimes when people experience negative emotions, you catch some of it and maybe don’t feel so good yourself.

This is pretty natural. You’re supposed to feel good when someone else feels good. You’re supposed to be bummed out if the people around you are bummed out. It’s simple empathy.

But just because it’s natural doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to have some level of control over it. Let’s dig into how we can keep the emotions of other people from invading our lives.

1. Disengage.

Of course, be there for the people in your life at whatever level makes sense, but know when to disengage too. Practice meditation and yoga to help you disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with yourself.

DeusNexus: Sometimes we may become so invested in acting as a “compassionate person” that we seek to find ways to fix other people’s problems for them.  We can certainly offer suggestions, but we should always let other people live their own lives, when they make mistakes, even when they are family members. It is far better to be compassionate by being a strong positive presence when someone else is experiencing emotional upheaval.  Don’t fall down the well of despair with them, or you’ll both be lost.  Just be there to offer a rope if and when they are ready to climb back up.

2. Find positive people.

If your partner is being negative, call a friend who has a more positive outlook. Hear the words of positive people. Moreover, spend time cultivating a group of friends who see the bright side.

DeusNexus: We can’t always avoid negative people, and we shouldn’t make that our goal in life.  Are you going to break up with your partner for being negative?  Of course not.  Maybe they just need a little space to feel their feelings. When positive people reject negative people, those negative people tend to get a lot more negative, and they might just end up doing something terrible, to themselves or to someone else. Negative people need love and attention too.  Just don’t let them suck the life out of you, or allow yourself to feel pity for them.  Find other positive people who can recharge you.

3. Manage your own emotions.

If you don’t have control over your own emotions, it’s going to be hard to keep control of the emotions of others. Practice mindfulness in how you feel. Think things through in a proactive way. Take control over your emotions.

DeusNexus: You start by taking ownership of your emotions, by taking responsibility for them. No one made you feel this way.  They may have provided the catalyst, but you choose to react the way you did, consciously or unconsciously. You manage your emotions by first becoming aware of them and then by managing your reactions.  Then you will want to maintain your balance and equilibrium.  Once you become conscious of your own emotional reactions you will be in a better position to separate and shield yourself from other people’s emotions.

4. Meditate upon your shield.

Visualization has some pretty incredible impacts sometimes. What I like to do if I know I’m entering an emotionally taxing day is meditate upon a sort of shield. It can be a physical shield, light shield, a higher power, or whatever you like. Visualize it blocking the emotions coming at you.

DeusNexus: Have you ever tried the experiment where you give yourself positive affirmations of strength then someone pushes down on your outstretched arm, or experimented with negative critical thoughts and they press down again.  The results are pretty interesting.  By meditating on a personal shield you are creating a sphere of personal strength around yourself.

5. Center yourself.

If you’re surrounded by negativity in particular, it can be good to center yourself. For a few minutes, focus on your breath. Breathe in the positive and exhale the negativity.

DeusNexus: Always a good practice to do.

6. Don’t spend time with the source.

Sometimes you just have to cut ties with a person who is nothing but negativity and puts it all on you.

DeusNexus: Sometimes you simply have no other choice but to cut a toxic person from your life, whether it’s a friend, a family member, or a loved one.  Sometimes its simply just our presence that allows them the opportunity to be toxic. That’s when you have to leave the relationship for your own growth.

According to Ra from The Law of One, there are two paths to take, Service-to-Self and Service-to-Others.  Eventually, the two paths are going to part ways in forth density, to reunite sometime later down the road as we get closer to returning to Source. All separation is an illusion anyway. It’s only temporary.

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