NASA Curiosity Rover Photographs Pyramid on Mars

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pyramid on Mars

On May 7, NASA’s Curiosity Rover photographed what clearly appears to be a pyramid on Mars. The pyramid is estimated to be the size of a small car or the capstone of a much larger pyramid buried beneath the Martian sand. The straight-line geometry and symmetry of the pyramid points to it being artificially created rather than a mere geological formation. The pyramid is among the clearest photographic evidence collected so far that artificial structures exist on Mars built by an earlier civilization.

The image was taken by the Curiosity Rover’s Right Mastcam on Sol 978 (May 7). Despite the startling symmetry of the pyramid, none of the Curiosity Rover’s subsequent photos taken at 20 to 30 sec intervals in the following few minutes and the subsequent photos hours later, included the object. It appears that the NASA operators of Curiosity deliberately chose not to take another photo or zoom in on the pyramid. If they however did so, none of these subsequent photos were released to the general public.

Youtube video of the pyramid compares it human-made pyramids that are similar in size to what was photographed by the Curiosity Rover. There is good reason to suspect, however, that the actual size of the Mars pyramid is much larger given the amount of debris and sand around it.



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