A Tale of Two Waves

deusnexus_100This latest post by The Ruiner ties together many of the things that I have been studying, discussing, and posting of late. He talks about the Saturn worship that I mention in my post “The Esoteric and Extraterrestrial Meaning of Jupiter Ascending.”

He talks about the concept of the two matrixes, the Dark Matrix and the Cosmic Matrix, that I discussed in my post “The Misunderstood Matrix of Karma, Reincarnation, and Soul Contracts.” He talks about “The Wave,” which I have recently posted about: “Galactic Wave: Frequency Shift into September 2015.” And he talks about a counter[feit] wave, part of the Dark Matrix control system, for which CERN plays a major role.

In addiction, I feel this new “technological matrix containment system” and “negative timeline” that the Ruiner mentions bears some relation to the concept of an Order-Based Dystopia, or Brave New World Order, the endgame NWO that I discuss in my post “The Two Dystopia Archetypes: Chaos and Order.” Therefore, I resonate strongly with many of the things the Ruiner is addressing.

From revelations about a potential Breakaway Civilization and Secret Space Programs, as well as shadow government alliances with negative extraterrestrials, we should understand that the technology to recreate and reinforce an energetic and spiritual Matrix prison likely already exists. The Universe is made up of energy and frequency, and the Earth is drowning in a sea of artificial electromagnetic signals. I have reposted numerous articles on all of these topics.

Yes, The Ruiner has discredited whistleblower Corey/GoodETxSG, here.  Frankly, after reading both writers, I feel the Ruiner’s posts offer far greater insight and spiritual value, with fewer egocentric tales of adventure. (He’s also not selling souvenirs.) I recommend reading The Ruiner’s posts for more detailed insight into the illuminati pyramid structure.  Of course, he is a former insider, so use your discernment.

Other sources are quick to claim that we are already on a positive timeline, that the dark side’s efforts will not succeed. They may be right. However, we shouldn’t underestimate the bulk of humanity’s unconscious desire to remain enslaved. We still have a choice in how we respond. We can ascend on a wave of new cosmic energy, or we can descend into the darkness of a high-tech prison. What we may in fact be witnessing is a splitting of the timelines. It is impossible to know with any degrees of HUMAN certainty exactly what will happen… until it does.  So do the inner work and prepare. The choice, as always, is between Love and Fear.


The Rising Son

From: The Ruiner

galactic_waveHe was called this because he is in charge of a very important detail.   Very important to those who wish to see us held down.

His job is to ensure that we all fall into the next trap.  The next energetic matrix system, which can assist the Parents in creating their technological matrix containment system.

There is an energetic matrix in place already that involves the Moon and the focus is now on creating the next step, an energetic matrix involving the planet Saturn.

The purpose of this matrix is to create what many call a Negative Timeline.  Your writer knows this as maintaining the unbalance, with the dark side as the dominant side.

Saturn has been called the second sun.  The Rising Son, is meant to ensure The Rising Sun.  Ensuring the Saturn matrix becomes active and assumes control of planet Earth.   She is fighting back, as She does.

All of the worship and devotion to Satan, is the worship of him, and the devotion to the Saturn matrix.

A well known, popular technology on this planet (known as CERN) works as a frequency generator that can broadcast various signals all meant to nurture The Rising Sun, Saturn, as well as the Moon matrix we have already come to know well.

The interaction between these technologies is creating something that is being called a “wave”, which is quite clever,  this is truly nothing more than the broadcast frequency signal created by the beings who wish to control Her and all of us, activating the Saturn matrix’s connection to planet Earth.  There are other uses for this technology also.

What your writer refers to as “The Wave” is not this.  He is working to find a new name for this frequency change, as this term has been re-purposed by your would-be controllers to further their own agendas. ( the reason for the hesitation in writing on the topic )

As he has said, what he calls the wave is for Her, not for us.  He will return to this another time, though.

This is what the Draco were doing all along, whether it was the original intention or not, and this is the reason why the dark has been abundant on this planet for so long.  This is what the famous sons were truly created for in The Grand Scheme of Things.  One for the Moon.  One for Saturn.

Our sun, our true Sun, works with Her to try to maintain balance.  Our Universe gives them the power, knowing and will to create this balance.  Earth humans also play a role in this balancing act, which is why controlling them is so very important to the game.

The warlike dramas we see playing out are a battle between what we perceive as light and dark.  This fight could also be perceived as being between the Organic and Inorganic holograms.

Or,  Nature and technology.  Currently we are in an Organic hologram with a very powerful overlay of an Inorganic hologram.  The Moon Matrix as many call it.

The reason for all of these games we see surrounding this planet is this purpose of maintaining the Inorganic holograms.  To create this they need to move us into a new type of system.  The Rising Sun – Saturn matrix.  The attempt to remove Her all together.  Something that this writer does not believe possible despite their efforts.

Our true Sun, and Her, would prefer we move into an Organic hologram.  As does your writer.

The Rising Son,  will use all of his agents to complete his task.

Blue is the heart of this second sun.  This matrix is Blue.   The deeper we look the more we see the way they lead us, and what we need to do to not allow this.  The program is running all around us and it is basically screaming its agenda into our collective faces.

Let there be no doubt,  your writer chooses Her.  There is a counter point to everything to provide the ability to create balance.


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  1. Whoa, nice. This lines up with all the stuff we’ve been seeing about a time loop arc to create a second timeline with wormholes and CERN. It’s probably relayed to the Flashforward book and TV series as well. When/if the loop is created, those recycled into the negative timeline might perceive it as a Flashforward experience. Interesting about the color blue, and the Deus Ex Machina review you posted recently too, with Eva.

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