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Is GoodETxSG Promoting Amnesty for Cabal?

Deus Nexus Note: Ever since Corey/GoodETxSG and David Wilcock started equating their Blue Avians with the Ra Material there has been a flood of misinformation about this material. The Law of One does not “preach forgiveness.” Modern Christianity preaches forgiveness. The Law of One material advocates the Service-to-Others path, which basically means work on yourself spiritually and reconnnect to Source Consciousness, (as well as practice compassion), and you will have a positive impact on those around you – because we are all connected.

The Law of One simply draws a distinction between the positive and negative paths without any particular judgment. So I strongly suspect that The Law of One is being misused and bent toward the goal of a new spiritual control system much the same way the early Christian message was misused and bent by the Romans into a spiritual control system. It’s telling that they waited until the Ra Material’s channel, Carla Rueckert, passed beyond this world before they ramped up this campaign.

I point out the contradictions in Corey’s association of the Blue Avians with the Law of One in my post: Project BlueBird and The Blue Avians. Corey responded and stated that it was Wilcock who made this assocaition.


2 thoughts on “Is GoodETxSG Promoting Amnesty for Cabal?

  1. I don’t trust David Willcox since his “mass arrests” “prediction” long ago. He had disapeared and should have disappeared.

    I invite you guys to check out my website… Contrary to David, I have no fake “news” to share. I only make the Sun emanate violet rays with my thoughts (Heliokinesis) and clouds disappear with the same (Atmokinesis).

    My blog is about Ascension to the 5th Dimension, but with a different angle.

  2. David is not to be distrusted. His sources sometimes not correct, but his intentions are honorable.

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