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Mysterious Skeleton With “Alien” Skull Found in Russia’s Stonehenge


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Researchers in Russia have found a skeleton with an elongated skull in Russia “Stonehenge” Arkaim.

A group of archaeologists excavating in the vicinity of Arkaim, an area referred to as “Russia’s Stonehenge,” when they found a cemetery which is believed to date back to the second and third centuries BC.

Arkaim is one of the most mysterious ancient archaeological sites in Russia. This 20.000 square meter compound was protected by circular walls just before it was burned down and abandoned mysteriously. Archaeologists believe that, just like Stonehenge in the UK, Arkaim was an ancient site dedicated to the observation of stars and constellations.

Even though both Stonehenge and Arkaim might have been constructed to study the stars, many experts suggest that Arkaim is far more complex than its British counterpart.

The mysterious skeleton with an extermely elongated skull found in Russia
The mysterious skeleton with an extremely elongated skull found in Russia

According to Russian archaeologist K.K. Bystrushkin, who made the comparison between the two sites in 2003, Stonehenge offers an observational accuracy of 10-arc minutes to a degree, while Arkaim offers an accuracy of one-arc minute.

The first discovery archaeologists came across was the skeleton of a person, presumably a woman with a drastic deformation of the skull, extremely elongated at the top.

Researcher Maria Makurova has confirmed to the Russian news agency TASS: ‘We have found a well-preserved skeleton. ‘Her skull was elongated because the tribe did so by tying up the heads of their children with rope. It was clearly a tradition in the tribe.’

This mysterious skeleton and the deformed skull isn’t something new as researchers have found, all over the world, similar deformed skulls from Asia to the Americas. The question that remains is why? Why did the ancients purposely deformed children skulls and make them become elongated?

Elongated skulls found in Peru
Elongated skulls found in Peru

According to historians, 2000 years ago, nomads of the Southern Urals performed a tribal tradition of head binding. With the use of bandages and boards, mothers wrapped their babies heads with such tools making the skulls to become elongated as the children grew. While some researchers believe that this brutal tradition was some sort of “fashions” statement, linking the elongated skull with beauty, other researchers believe that cranial deformation was a royalty practice aimed at mimicking the look of the ancient “gods” who ruled over man in ancient times. Cranial deformation s found in many places in South America where it is believed to be linked with the “gods” who came down from the stars.

Why was Artificial cranial deformation practiced in the past? Was it done so humans could mimic otherworldly beings like some suggest? Or was it a ritual that was connected to “abstract” beauty, a fashion statement towards society?

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