Kryon: The Human Filters

Reposted from: Kryon Channelling | channelled by Lee Carroll

This live channelling was given in Totowa, New Jersey, June 27, 2015

kryonGreetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. There is so much to say that I can’t say. The reason that I cannot say is that there are no words – no words that would adequately express that which we feel for you.

Group after group like yours we have talked about things that are so important, to us and to you, the meld between us the way we feel for you, the congratulations that we have for you.

Dear ones, inside you the predominant thing that we see is us. There is God in you. Regardless of all other messages from all the rest – anyone channelling, reading, whatever – if they don’t tell you that there’s God in you, then walk the other way. The creation story of the planet says that there is God in you, the masters who walked the earth say there is God in you, all of them.

This is the theme of the day and what you’re trying to do at this point is to connect. It is the reason, perhaps, that you would come to a channelling instead of another kind of a meeting – listening for the jewels from Spirit, the things that you would relate to, that which was love.


My partner steps aside during these times and we’ve used the words that he “takes his filters away” and I want to talk about that tonight because, dear ones, if there is anything that keeps you and I from joining as one and seeing the light of spirit in your heart, it’s your filters. I want to talk about what they are, why they are what they are, and also then why partner has been able to reduce them.

We only do this for one reason. There’s an overwhelming desire for you to connect from our side. What do you think about God? What have you been told? You’ve been told that it’s some kind of judging parent perhaps? One that would dispense evil on you or that which would disturb you or hurt you or harm you or make you suffer? Can you see the humanism in that? Can you understand that it’s simply a copy of parenting, bad parenting? It’s not God, it’s the best you have to figure out God with your filter. And the filter is what you have which is Human and you apply all things to that and that’s not us. You come from the Creative Source built in the image of the Creator and that image is a metaphor for love. Every single Human has the capacity for love, every Human. Even the ones you would say it’s impossible, look at who they are, look at perhaps what they’ve done – I’m telling you that all of you are created equally in this way. You have the choice to follow the high road to God or not. That’s the duality that lives in each of you. To go into a dark place ,to talk about dark things, or to see the Creator in you, the light has always been this way and Humans are beginning to change.

I want to talk about your filters. If you are sitting here having difficulty believing that this is real, this is going to explain why. If you believe it’s real, but then you have difficulty believing some of the other things that I talk about, I’m going to explain why. There is no judgment that you are this way, dear Human Being. It’s only marveling that you’ve come so far with what you have. What I’m going to call filters is life experience. I’m going to segment it into five places or areas or categories, all of the above, because they’re concepts. I do not use the numbers idly for they all are metaphors of something else. Look up five in numerology, even the simplest of numerology, and you will see why I chose five. There are reasons behind the reasons and as we talk to you I want you to know and to understand this comes from the Central Source, the source of love with a hand extending to you right now saying we love you so much and we can discuss and talk about so much that we understand about you, so much.


The first filter is what we’re going to call growing up. It’s your social filter. As you grew up in your society, you learned about all of it. In the process of being a Human and growing up from small to large, you got lessons along the way of what to believe, what not to believe, how to survive, how others didn’t survive, what to watch out for, what to be careful of. You learned what makes you happy and sad, you developed that which you called your social personality. You learned about other Human Beings. Depending upon what you were, where you were born and what your parents did, you came and became one who was trusting or not trusting, one who questions everything or questions nothing. All of this is a filter. Now let us describe what we call the definition of a filter. If you’re looking at something pure, perhaps it is white light, the purest light that you can imagine, anything that you would put in front of that light that would diminish it, change it, alter it, or color it would be a filter. Growing up is a filter that makes you a certain way as a Human Being. And that particular certain way is what you deal with all your life. Now most of you are fully comfortable with this. It is you; it is your Human nature. It’s also in 3D. Growing up for you for now on this planet is completely and totally three dimensional and in survival mode and here you sit listening to a multidimensional message filled with light. How are you doing with your filter? Because this filter you grew up with would not necessarily tell you that this is accurate, believable or real. Some of you have had to deal with it, alter it, change it, but you’re still you. This is one of the biggest filters that a Human Being has, the most understandable filter that a Human Being has. Dear ones, have you ever met someone that is from a foreign land that is so different from yours that their filter is different? That which they do when they eat is different. The things that they have that they consider elegant etiquette is different. You might do things that would offend them and they would be shocked at, and it’s your normal. You get to see that their filter is different from yours, so you can see every single filter that you would have that you would call social or growing up is unique. Now there’s something that ties all of this together and we’re going to discuss it in a moment. That’s one of five. It taints what you see, what you believe, and what others tell you to believe. It is strong. If somebody wants to change it, it is threatening. It’s in place. Number one.


Number two moves around a bit. It is the spiritual filter. What have you been told about God? Who is God? How do you get to God? Can you speak to God? What is God? Do you believe in God? Is it possible there is a Creator of the Universe that knows your name? Some of you have been told there is a Creator of the Universe who is out to punish you if you don’t find out something obscure during your life. Everyone gets punished equally forever. Is that your God? It changes and the filter moves around as some of you then accept or deny that which you have been taught by others. Sometimes it’s actually a part of the first filter because it’s part of growing up. Your parents then take you to church or to a spiritual event and you own that as yours, because it is theirs. If the grown-up likes it, therefore, it must be all right until you find there is something better or more logical. Spiritual filters are sometimes unique to beliefs. How about yours? The spiritual filter you have is filled with your past, what you’ve done, what you have seen, what you have realized, and the changes that you’ve made that allow you to sit here and yet you still have a filter. What have you learned in metaphysics that’s correct and not correct? Dear ones, the Human mind is excellent at compartmentalizing everything and you have done that with God in your own way. You must set a boundary, you say of belief. Some of you still sit and wonder whether the transmission I’m giving you now, to use that word, is coming from the man or the other side of the veil. And then if it’s coming from the other side of the veil, is it totally accurate or is it filtered by him [Lee Carroll]? That’s your filter judging a filter. Your spiritual filter is important to you not in growing up but in life, for how you see the Creator then tempers how your life goes and what you will do. Are you fearful? Are you joyful? Do you believe the end of life creates another life or does it create punishment or judgment? It’s a strong filter for many, it’s no filter for some, which is still a filter. If you do not believe in the Creative Source, your filter then will not let one in if you see it. It’s a filter. That’s number two.

If you put the filters together, then they make that which you’re trying to see a little more difficult. Each filter dims the light that you would like to see that is pure, each one. If I give you a scenario you’ve never seen before, that you never had when growing up and it’s outside of the box of your spirituality, what will your two filters do? They’ll be in place, strongly in place, you’ll be holding them with both hands so that you don’t get a surprise. This is Human nature, protecting your filter. It is part of what you think it is – your mind – and I’ll tell you why in a moment.


The next one, believe it or not, is very important and it’s your gender filter. Each of you acts a certain way, behaves a certain way, in certain company because of who you are and your gender. The model of your gender, what did your mother tell you about what a woman should be like? You either honored it and did it or rebelled and didn’t, but it made an effect. And the gender that you are, if it is perhaps a woman, you are ladylike or not depending upon that filter’s position, but you still are very aware and act a certain way as a woman. A man has the same kind of thing. What did your father tell you, sir, of what a real man does? And there would be those who would say a real man is one who will never back down in an argument or a real man is one who has compassion for all. Two different kinds of instructions, two different filters that tell you who you are as a male. The gender filter is a strong one. It defines you with other genders. You have camaraderie with your same gender because you’ve been told the same thing and you relax within it. Perhaps you are uncomfortable being with those around you that are not your gender. And if you are, your filter is on overdrive. It’s working the puzzle because you’re not that gender. It’s a strong one. What does it bring to the light, you might ask. What does your gender have to do with looking at pure, white light, which may be the Creative Source? How would you then interpret it differently as a man or a woman, and do you? And the answer is oh yeah, you really do! The male gender filter will be less receptive to that which is gentle compared to the female gender filter. And the Creative Source of all things is the most gentle, benevolent, easy love. Easy meaning it flows, you don’t have to snatch it, you don’t have to ask for it, you don’t have to push, it flows into you if you let it. Sometimes the male gender filter will say no. It’s got to be different before I am interested. The man you look at [Lee Carroll] was a tough nut to crack for he had the male filter that said I’m not crying on your terms. I will not weep. And we showed him how different he was. We showed him that weeping could be a joy of finding truth and when he realized that, everything his father told him about what happens when a man cries went out the window and he realigned his filter. But the gender filter was one of the most difficult with him.

Women, you have your own issues when it comes to gender filters and one of them, believe it or not, is that God is always or seems to be a male. That is a filter that you must get around. How do you feel when you go into an organized religious structure where there are all males and you confess your deepest thoughts to a male call father? That’s a filter. Would you say the same things in confession to a woman? Better still, what if there was no intermedia at all and you were simply talking to spirit directly? The filter then is applied when you talk to a Human about God, but not when you talk to God about God. That’s a filter. That was number three.


It’s hard to know which ones are the most profound depending upon who you are, how you were then raised, and what we would call your propensity for life. Here is one that you may or may not have, but all of you have one specific (but some strong and some weak) and that is called the logic filter. It must make sense for even those of you who would not consider yourself scientific or logical. It still must make sense for you to participate. There is logic in all decisions based on survival. There is logic in some decisions based upon the other filters. The logic filter sits on top of them, weighing on all the ones beneath, and makes a decision of real or not real based upon the logic of the day. Your logic filter is limited. You can only judge logic by what logic you have seen to be logical. If you have never seen something, you cannot then judge whether it is logical or not for there has been no experience to put into the pile of computation, but it’s still a filter. It may be a struggling filter of logic, but it’s still there. The logic filter wants to weigh common sense to what you are presented in front of you. If someone tries to sell you something, for instance the Brooklyn Bridge, your logic filter will laugh in their face for you know better. They don’t own it, and anyway you couldn’t afford it. That’s your logic filter. You dismiss it easily and then you move on your way. A man sits in the chair and channels; what does your logic filter do? Many will cast it out completely, automatically, as though I offered you the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s not possible, it’s not in the realm of doability. It’s a big one based upon your survival instincts. What do you do with your logic filter when I channel? It sits on top of all of them. It’s number four. How dark is that light getting that it’s the end of the filters? Now there are four stacked together and they modify one another and I’m not even done.


Number five, not all of you have, but many of you do and professionals all do because it’s called the professional filter. What have you learned? What have you learned about the reality of physics, science, chemistry, mathematics, history, anthropology, biology? Are you a doctor, for instance, that is medical? Are you one who is steeped in legalities and knows how the world works and the rules thereof? What is your profession that would become a filter that would get in the way of seeing the light of the Creator because everything you’ve learned has to be put aside for this to be real. The professional filter works very, very well with the first one called growing up. And the reason for that is that you do not want to be the fool. The fool does not survive. The fool gets chased down by those around him and cast out. You don’t want to be a fool. The first filter of growing up and social behavior comes into play in the last filter of professionalism, for if you’ve learned things a certain way and you even think for a moment that all this is real, you flash back to what people will think of you in that filter, which is growing up. It’s there. It’s complex. If you’re a physicist and I tell you, “You are wrong,” your laws of the Universe are incomplete. There is something within you, even though you sit in this meeting right now, that twitches because we have just said you’re wrong and you spent all of your life trying your best to figure everything out. We don’t have the heart to tell you how wrong you are and only discovery will show that, and that’s going to be alright because Humans didn’t. You can have a discovery that’s going to put everything you learned on the table and start over and you’ll celebrate it, especially if you are part of the discovery team. That’s a filter you can rewrite yourself automatically. But when it comes to me rewriting it, that’s different. That’s a filter. Now you’ve got five.

Imagine looking at the bright light of the Creative Source with physics you don’t know anything about and spirituality you cannot comprehend with a depth and integrity and finesse that you cannot even conceive of with love for your soul. Put all five filters in front of you and you even wonder if there is a light at all. Am I getting through to you the difficulty that the Human Being has if they do nothing?


And now I will tell you why they are important. Every single filter that you have, from growing up to being a professional learning science or whatever it is has been brought to you by a Human Being that you trust. Sometimes it’s a parent, a mother, a sister who teaches you the way of life. They’re your mentor, you’re mold, you’re model and you love them. And if along the way there is someone who tells you it is different than they said it was, it is an insult to the one you loved and probably don’t have around anymore. Do you understand the emotion of change? Your filter is cemented in place by love and admiration for those around you who taught you and gave it to you the best they could. What an oxymoron this is, that the filter cemented by the love of those around you who gave you what you had has to be put aside for the love of God. If you only knew that they were all tied together, that there was a confluence of a system of taking the filters out of the way just so you could see the light so perfectly and yet all of them work together. Would you do it? Some of you are doing it. May the listener understand this as it is given to you.

My partner had severe filters. As an engineer, he had learned things a certain way – professionally. And growing up, he gained a big filter of spirituality being raised in an organized religion. The walls had to be removed, and yet he was taught that by a loving source and he thought it was right. What do you do with a filter like that? How can you then take it aside, even for a moment? What do you do there? I want to tell you what he discovered and I want you to listen and some of you will understand it and get it and some of you won’t. It doesn’t matter what you were taught, dear one, it really doesn’t. The people who taught it to you, whether it was your parents or your friends or your teachers or your loved ones, many of them are gone now and I want you to know what they are doing. They are right here in this room looking at you, telling you there’s more than they knew. There’s more than they ever could know and they did their best, but listen because they want to give you new filters. The truth is as it is from the other side of the veil from those who have passed and gave you what you got. The confluence of energy that will make the filter transparent, even for a moment so that you can see the light and understand, is love. When my partner sat in the chair the first time, we said nothing. He didn’t hear voices. There was no channelling; he would have run the other way. We gave him love and he wept. It was the great equalizer. The first filter of logic was dismissed completely and totally through love. Everything he thought was not possible by sitting in the chair and assuming that he could then connect to the other side of the veil was against everything he was taught in his religious box and it faded away in an instant when our arms went around him and he cried and it felt good even though he was surprised, shocked, even angered by something because he was out of control. He’s got another filter called control; that’s his, not yours. And he did it again. He sat in the chair again and again and again. He sits in it now and the same love he felt there he feels now. He’s not with you right now, he’s somewhere else listening. He’s in a place that we have described before that is so beautiful. He’s tethered so he cannot go to the light. That will give you an idea of where he is. That’s what we showed him when he sat in the chair – who he is, the light of God that’s inside him, and all of a sudden the filters started to be transparent and it didn’t matter what he was taught. He saw the big picture.

Human Beings need to have a timeframe where they can heal the filters, make them transparent, rearrange them, and rewrite them by constant repetition, perhaps like he did in the chair. It’s tough to take a filter called growing up and change it instantly to rewrite everything you’ve ever known. It doesn’t happen that way; it happens gradually. Each one of you in the room and listening to this has their own filter set that will then be rewritten gradually if you choose. The filters are interactive; one affects the other and as soon as you are then able to rewrite one, for instance the logic one, the spiritual one, the others you start to understand better. Well, this can change if this changes, well maybe this wasn’t exactly right.


I want to tell you about the big filter, the one we have for you – the love filter. It starts to give you an impression of compassion when you start to understand that those who taught you what they know gave you the best they could and if you know something more than they did, it doesn’t make them wrong. In fact, they’re celebrating the fact that you figured it out, more than they did. Whether it’s a teacher in school that gave you science, which has been usurped by greater science, or whether it’s a pastor in a church who introduced the love of God to you, whether it was your mother or your father that told you the way things were and you learned differently. The overall filter of love gives you compassion for them. You don’t feel you’re insulting them to move ahead. It’s called wisdom. The filters will clear slowly by themselves. Sometimes they’ll clear more than other times. When you meditate or when you’re here perhaps in a group where others are working with you and I am here in this state, the filter will open up and you’ll have an aha that you might not get at home for a while. The more you work with these, the more you apply the common sense of God to them all, and the more you ask for clarity and discernment, and the clearer they become. And then when you are clear, you still have your personality, but it’s not the one when you were growing up. It’s the one you chose now in wisdom. The gender that you are, male or female, is not what you were told it should be, but it then takes on its own life what you chose, what a woman does or is like or a man is like who is in love with themselves. It’s not what your parents told you or what Emily Post told you, but what you told you by connecting to the source of love. You’re creating a filter that is new on the planet. The compassionate Human, the new Human. That’s who you are. The spiritual filter is one you are opening and realizing and creating all by yourself, not from what you were told. You’re going to throw away everything that anyone ever told you and create your own by current spiritual feelings and events, by a new energy on the planet that was never there when you started. Professional, no matter what you’ve learned, your wisdom says you don’t know what you don’t know. There are better ways of doing the things that you have learned in all sciences, even legal – better ways than you know that are coming that are going to make more sense to you personally, the country, the earth. Systems are coming. You’ll slap your head someday and say why didn’t we do this earlier, what were we thinking because you don’t know what you don’t know. The filter of intelligence is starting to move along with wisdom, all things that will embrace the light and not dim it.

Dear ones. we have used metaphors tonight, too many of them. We’ve given you things to think about. I’m asking you where you are in the filter scenario. What is it that you won’t let go of and why? Why are you hanging on to certain things when perhaps those who gave you those certain things are even here in an esoteric way looking at you and saying, “Listen, it’s okay.” The love of God is here. All that matters right now is your connection to Spirit. It’s going to give you the discernment you want. It’s going to give you longer life, a peaceful life, a self-balancing countenance. Puzzles will be solved.


This live channelling was given in Salt Lake City, Utah, July 18, 2015

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. It sometimes takes a moment or two for you to move into an area of consciousness that would allow for something like this [the channelling]. So many times, we have asked, “Is the man in the chair channelling or just giving his own opinion out of channel? Is the process that is claimed to be here actually here? Is there a door that is opened to Spirit at this moment or not?”

The answer is unique to each of you, and it is about your individual perception. We’ve talked about the many Human filters*, and we’ve even revealed some Akashic filters.** These are some of the things that would keep you from recognizing Spirit, or the things that would keep you from recognizing basic truth, simply because of what you’ve learned in the past. Is this real or not?

Knowledge is this way. It has helped you many times, but not always. For instance, again: Is this channelling real? You must discern and validate the process of channelling before you ever can believe this message. You have free choice, dear Human, to discern if this is accurate and true or not. It’s going to be important that you do this here, within this particular message, for I am going to give you some science and also some revelations of poor thinking. All of this is a benevolent push for you to recognize some things that are coming, and perhaps change the way that you think.

The Biggest Filter that Hinders Truth is Your Biased Knowledge

The biggest filter of humanity, the one that keeps Humans from actual truth, believe it or not, is called knowledge. We speak of that which humanity perceives currently as knowledge. That which you do not know is, therefore, future knowledge. Now, every single scientist understands the difference – every single one – for they know what is coming is going to teach them what they don’t know yet. This is part of the scientific process. Even so, they take what they know, or think they know, and completely let it temper the experiments for what they don’t know. They base the future on what they know or believe, even though they know better!

A medical doctor will look in the past and he’ll remember being taught about a time when humans would report to the barbershop for healing. That’s when they would actually bleed people for healing. By the way, that’s the reason for the barber pole having the red stripe on it – it’s the tradition of barbers doing the bleeding. So back then, you went to get healed in the barbershop by being bled! This, of course, led to many deaths because there was no understanding of germs, sterilization or today’s common sense. Doctors know this, and they laugh at how far you all have come from this. So doctors absolutely know that what is coming will someday be actually laughable, yet they are also absolutely and completely closed to what it might be. They just think it will be an advancement of what they currently know.

This bias is the same for almost all industry, too. A computer scientist loves the advancements – all happening so fast! In his case, he expects things from what he has seen only in the past few years. Therefore, he will predict what is going to happen using a model of what has happened so far, such as better electronics for increasing speeds in processing, size and memory capacity. Let me give you a hint of where it’s going, which he has no model for in his short history. Fifty years from now, there will still be computers, but they will be completely and totally different. Instead of changing electronic chips, you will change life chips. There will be parts of computing that must have life to work. Bio-computing is the wave of the future. By the way, this gives a whole new meaning to your computer catching a virus. [Laughter] It’s coming; it has to.

There will be a combination of circuitry and live, reproducing biology that is grown on a chip. This will enhance computing power and memory and what you think of as a “computer” will be very different. What you ask a computer to do today will be laughed at compared to what you ask for it to do in 50 years. You may actually name a computer in the future, as you now do a pet! You will have to “feed” it! But the computer will still exist. You don’t know what you don’t know so, therefore, it’s Human nature to take what you do know and extrapolate what to expect.

I’m going to speak of five areas. In the process, I’ll reveal some new information and potentials, even about that which is metaphysical knowledge.

Physics – Sticking To The Known

Physicists are among the kinds of scientists who expect change through discovery, and who absolutely know that they are unaware of how everything works. It comes with the territory of being a physicist. Yet the mistakes they make in their bias are the same as the computer scientist. They take their truth from known absolute physics in 3D and then apply this truth to everything they don’t know.

I point to the revelation and the discoveries of astronomer Vera Rubin. When she found out that stars that orbit the middle of your galaxy don’t behave within the gravitational laws of Newton or the laws of planetary motion from Kepler, it was a major discovery. Your solar system moves around the sun in highly definable 3D laws of motion. The objects that are further away from the sun go slower. The ones closer to the sun go faster. However, her discovery showed that stars orbiting the galaxy had this reversed! The stars that are further away from the middle go faster. What she discovered was that all of the stars go the same speed in relationship to the middle, like they were pasted on a plate, all revolving together around the center. They do not follow the rules of the physics that you know.

So, what did the physicists and astronomers do with this major new information? Instead of seeing a brand new paradigm, they instead used Newton’s laws and computed what would have to be “out there” to make this happen. Dark matter! It had to be mysterious, invisible matter that was creating this very strange and enormous new Newtonian attribute. Instead of looking at this and saying, “There is a new law of physics happening here that we don’t yet know about,” they kept it within the Newton box and renamed it, “Altered Newtonian Physics”. That’s funny! That’s like a situation when you discovered the earth was round and called it the “Altered Flat-Earth Principle”!

Newton’s name is still attached, but his 3D laws have nothing to do with anything Ruben discovered. Dark matter does not exist! It’s a made-up energy to satisfy an old law that doesn’t apply! Instead, there is a new law of physics that you haven’t seen yet. It’s a multidimensional law having to do with modified entanglement. Modified entangled objects are created because of what is in the middle of the galaxy. The immense push-pull twin energy at the middle of each galaxy is not simplistic like your sun is to your own solar system. It does not have Kepler rules, since it’s not mass that’s just orbiting naturally. Yet, you think it is, since it looks similar: The galaxy has stars circling it in space. Someday, you’ll slap your heads in revelation of what you did with this, and you will change the rules.

Now to esoteric astronomy: Look what you’ve done with the idea that you came from the Pleiadians. There are some scientists laughing right now who smugly say that the mythology of the Pleiadians being your seed biology is simply not possible. It’s not possible because of astronomical history, and what they now know about the constellation itself.

Pleiadian Connection – Mythology?

Let’s talk about the Pleiadian system, the Seven Sisters. Let’s talk about the truth of it, and then let’s discuss what science says is the mythology of it. We will tell you what you don’t see and don’t comprehend, simply because of your existing knowledge

You call this constellation the Seven Sisters [M45]. The physical facts are that there are hundreds of stars in this Pleiades group. Circling these stars is a nebula (dust particles and gas). This creates a wonderful blue tinge that you can see in the heavens on a clear night. With distance and atmospheric attributes against you, the naked eye can only perceive what appears to be seven stars (or clusters), hence the name Seven Sisters. However, there are actually nine when you use a telescope. Each of the nine have been identified with names, but again, there are actually hundreds of stars.

The Seven Sisters are approximately 440 light years away. From the viewpoint of astronomy and distances, that’s close – very close! Now, here’s what science says is wrong with your mythology about the Pleiadians: The constellation is way too young! The whole system of the Pleiades is far too young to have developed life. It’s only approximately 100 million years old – a baby! The galaxy is four billion years old [according to your science] and your planet is at least a billion of that. Yet, the Pleiadians are only a tiny fraction of that, only 100 million.

So here is what science says: The mythology has most of the ancients of this planet claiming the Pleiadians as their seeds. However, this is impossible due to the age of the stars. The suppositions and logic are applied this way: What you saw on earth happens everywhere in the galaxy. That’s incorrect, and quite humorous! Your bias is that life develops only a certain way, based upon the way it developed here. Not only is that incorrect in general, but the possibility has never even been broached that perhaps, just perhaps, the Pleiadian life as you think it exists was actually implanted there! How about that? Perhaps it didn’t evolve from there at all! So to dismiss a possibility completely due to only the knowledge of what you have here may result in a totally illogical conclusion. Then there is the question, “How did those Pleiadians get so advanced so quickly?” [Wink]

These are just little vignettes of possibility, which I throw to you this evening to give you things to think about. The Pleiadians who are here are smiling, and they know you so well. You may be the new kids on the block because life just developed on your planet, but the Pleiadians had an entirely different scenario from what you had. To become an ascended planet, they needed certain kinds of pushes from certain other kinds of planets. They had their own seed biology! Dear ones, it’s important to start thinking out of the box of your knowledge and open up to possibilities that are not what you’ve seen here.

Medicine – Where It’s Going

I want to show you some other areas to consider. There are several categories that we’d like to talk about, but they’re not in a specific order except for the last one. So let’s talk about medicine. What is future medicine going to look like?

The most elegant predictions of medicine fall short of what’s really coming. What you have today is a high-tech approach to designer chemistry. Now, since the body is made up of chemistry, it makes sense to look at this chemistry and work with it. It makes total sense to discover how it reacts to disease and then design cures with more chemistry. It’s absolutely normal what you have done, but it’s going to reach an end very soon. Because the future of medicine is physics, dear ones, not chemistry.

You’re going to start understanding and developing new medical physics. You will discover that medi-physics is going to literally speak to cellular structure and give it instructions, without one chemical involved. There’s always a reaction to chemistry, isn’t there? There’s always a side effect. When you push one thing, something else reacts, doesn’t it? How do you like it so far? Your most elegant chemical designs, the ones that are helping with the worst diseases on the planet, all have side effects – and some of those side effects are death! I say to you, how do you like it so far?

Does it really seem elegant to you? Or perhaps it’s just a more sophisticated way of bleeding in the barbershop? Dear ones, that’s how you’re going to look at it someday! You’re going to slap your heads and say, “Remember the day when we did everything with chemistry and drugs?”

Right now, these kinds of changes have already started in several areas. There are discoveries being made that are healing some of the most heart-breaking diseases you have. I reveal one, because it’s not a secret. I will always give you information that is either being worked on or has been postulated through free choice on this planet. That is the guideline of channelling. We can’t give it to you. You’ve got to develop it yourself. However, we can put you in an energy that has a faster discovery potential – that is to say, discoveries become more obvious.

Alzheimer’s is heart breaking. There are millions on this planet who develop this condition, more all the time. You’re living longer and a plaque-like material that literally obfuscates your memory within the brain is becoming more common. It clings to certain parts of your brain, encrusting and restricting it, imprisoning the Human’s ability to remember and eventually process information at all. The result is death, slow death. It’s caused by your environment, a fact which will be discovered eventually. Your long-lived Ancients didn’t have it.

It’s going to be cured with physics. Your science is starting to find out that the plaque-like substance has a resonance that allows it to be weakened with sound. High-frequency sound, tuned to a certain frequency and amplitude, will cause the sheaths to weaken, dissolve, and come off. There’s a lot of research to do yet, but it’s a Eureka! moment – realizing that physics alone, without chemistry, can change the structure of biology. This is with no side effects whatsoever. It’s coming, it’s coming.

There are those working with fresh umbilical cord stem cells right now who are using pure physics to guide the stem cells to a specific destination in the body in order to repair failing systems. Dear ones, the future of health and healing is not through better chemistry, yet medicine is still waiting for better pills! Did you connect the dots and realize that all biology is physics based? There is magnetics, leverage, the energy of consciousness, electricity and much more within cellular structure. With physics alone, you can “tune in” to disease and destroy it! You can fine-tune your system with cooperative resonances and extend life with benevolent, physical assistance. Sixteen years ago, I told you this when I spoke of the Temple of Rejuvenation. I described the super-cooling needed to do it and the temperatures needed to work with it (-55C). This is physics!

Now, the false expectation of greater chemistry for the future is totally caused from the filter of knowledge. What you have and know then gives you your expectation of what is going to take place. It literally blocks you from seeing some of the potentials that you may have.

War – Nobody Sees What is Coming

Let’s talk about war. Let’s discuss something that very few are considering. What you expect next is completely and totally out of perspective of what’s actually coming, because you only have one kind of knowledge about war. Your war has advanced over history with bigger explosions, higher yields and weapons that fire faster. Nuclear, laser, sound – all are far more efficient ways to terminate life. That’s how war has evolved. However, there hasn’t really been anything called anti-war devices, have there?

I’m going to give you an invitation for discovery, and some are already in the postulation stage of this. Multidimensional fields change 3D reality. Period. I’ve told you that lurking in your future are discoveries that will help you with every aspect of your life, mainly due to the discovery of what makes basic physics do what it does at the atomic level. If you fully understand multidimensionality, you can manipulate the formula for mass and create massless objects. You can even do it with the tools you have right now.

There is physics possible that can create certain kinds of fields – listen to me – certain kinds of heretofore unseen multidimensional fields that are harmless to your biology, but will alter some attributes of 3D. These fields are designer fields, and they are isolated and specifically designed for one purpose. When in the field, conventional explosive reactions can’t happen. Can you imagine putting a field within rooms of a building so that no matter what weapon is fired, whether it’s a machine gun or a pistol, it simply won’t work! What about targeting an airplane when it drops a bomb and it won’t explode? This is pure physics. The alteration of 3D reality through multidimensional designer fields, both small and large, is coming. I know you don’t believe it, but just wait. As you start to discover multidimensional physics and the ability to control it, you will discover that there is a “benevolent attitude” of this kind of physics. You can’t “weaponize it” as easily as you can 3D. It is an entirely different kind of reality.

Again, I tell you that when you understand how mass is created at the atomic level, you’ll learn how to create massless objects. By the way, that has another name. You call it anti-gravity, but there is no such thing. It’s just the ability to finally control the formula that creates gravity with mass. You understand that this is simple physics, don’t you? And it’s very easy to manipulate for benevolent uses through other fields that you do know about. Just like you have learned to control certain kinds of physics that are 3D, you can also control multidimensional physics. Imagine a planet where it doesn’t matter what war device you had, it wouldn’t work anymore! What do you think about that? Imagine physics having the ability to shatter the molecules of a biological weapon. Do you think that would change world politics? It’s happening, it’s going to happen. It’s in the laboratory today. You’re broaching the discovery of multidimensional physics. Being able to control that which you don’t think is controllable is what you are doing. It’s going to make such a difference to the Human race!

You don’t believe it, since your knowledge of how things work just doesn’t allow for such a thing. This is your filter.


Normal good health is turning to simple physics for some of the simplest things. New kinds of foods are being grown with new physics, not chemistry. These will be physic-foods [Kryon name] that are not genetically altered or chemically altered, but benevolently enhanced by physics! This causes a new kind of super growth that can feed the planet in a way it’s never been fed before. It will create food that is resistant to absolutely everything – insects, bacteria and disease – all through physics. Who thought of that? What you’re expecting in the future regarding health is based upon the past. The big filter of past knowledge keeps you from thinking out of the box. You don’t know what you don’t know.


Finally, I want to talk about spirituality. New-ager, I want you to get real with me for a moment. We’re heading for an ascended planet. Everything I have told you for 26 years has been about that. Human Beings are starting to evolve spiritually. DNA is starting to become more efficient, and many are feeling it. The masters of the past whose names you recognize are the examples of DNA working at 80 percent. Each one of them, in all their instructions and teaching, were trying to show you this. All of them were Human Beings; none were angels. There’s a reason for this, so that the Human can face off with the Human and say, “Look at me, look what I can do! You can, too, if you get in touch with that which is inside you, which is the seed of the Creator.” When you heed their advice, you start to evolve and you start to have wisdom and knowledge. It can create peace on Earth and more.

What is an ascended planet going to look like, new-ager, metaphysician? You have an idea, don’t you? Based on your knowledge and what you have visualized, what will it be? Your vision: First will be the end of religion. Everyone will be of like-mind. Everyone will be floating around; you might even change colors at will! An ascended planet will be one where you only have consciousness, no need for the body. This is what you think, and I’m here to tell you that your vision is incorrect.

It’s bigger than that! Believe me, it’s better than that! What kind of free choice would you have if there were no choices to be had? Do you think ascension is going to be the homogenization and spiritual reprogramming of everyone? Listen to me: You don’t homogenize a planet through wisdom. What you do through wisdom is get along. You don’t become the same! You will always have free choice on this planet, but the wiser the planet becomes, the greater the ability to find wise solutions for everything. The greater the wisdom, the greater the ability to discover the Creator inside. That’s the path that more than 90 percent of humanity will take. You will always have those who don’t agree, but you will still get along. The paradigm of how you treat each other will totally change, and Human nature will change.

There will be wisdom, so there will be no more war. Killing each other is an attribute of an unevolved race. There will be certain kinds of physics and invention to help nullify the possibility of war as you grow. There will be new healing techniques and life spans that will triple and quadruple within the Human race. Then there will also be the wisdom to control your population as you evolve. You’ll get to a place where you look a whole lot like you look now, but you are far wiser and you get along.

Religion? It will simply get wiser! What that means is it will simply morph into new ways of thinking about itself and others. There will be new leaders claiming new kinds of things. There will then become the updated doctrines and shifts in energy will be more based on spiritual common sense instead of historic misinformation. Great new leaders will be in touch with the Creator and create a far better church for their members. They’ll understand it’s okay to embrace every kind of different religion. You can stay in your box, have your belief, and still love someone in another box. Isn’t that wisdom? It’s different than you thought, isn’t it? There will be recognition that one God is able to be worshipped by many in many ways and there isn’t just “one way”.

The Pleiadians had a planet that became so evolved that they could control much of their “reality”. Physics was controllable by consciousness. This is where it’s going for you as well, and many of your masters actually did this to show it to you. For the Pleiadians, life force itself could be then restricted to consciousness without a body, and through entanglement they could “travel” to another place. That place was Earth and they’re still here!

The physics of that statement requires that you understand: If you do this, you cannot go back to the physical and must stay in an ageless consciousness state without a corporeal-self. It’s simple, one-way physics. I know for some of you I am talking in riddles, and some of you know exactly where I’m going with this. This could be you, too, but not for a million years. This happens slowly, but it’s happened before. You’re on the cusp of discovery of how some of it works, but it won’t work through anything you think you know.

The knowledge filter, the biggest restriction you have to real truth, is being slowly realized and dissolved by Old Souls like you, who are thinking beyond the box of the way it used to be. You’re the ones to make the difference on the planet.

This last filter of spirituality is really important to you. I want you to take the attributes of mastery. I want you to stop being seen as a strange Human who seems to believe in odd things. Instead, think like a master of the planet, a loving person who people want to be with. Be balanced and compassionate. If somebody comes to you, feel comfortable enough to hold them, hug them, listen to what they have to say, cry with them, and laugh with them in joy. This is what the masters of this planet have done. Masters understand Human nature. You’re an Old Soul, and you’ve been there and you’ve done it. There is no excuse for your not understanding this, because it is your legacy. This is who you are. I am Kryon, in love with humanity.

And so it is.

Human Filters: Written

** Akashic Filters: Audio

I am Kryon, in love with humanity and now you know why. Magnificent in all things.

And so it is.