AI – Mind Control Symposium with Expert Panel

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The Tet, an alien artificial intelligence from the film Oblivion

In this top notch symposium on Artificial Intelligence and its effects on Humanity, Dani Arnold-McKenny tells us that much of what we see in the news is mind control and manipulation so the AI can “read us”, map us, know us and therefore—predict us and, ultimately, assimilate and take us over.

The group aims to educate and inform to remove fear and empower us.

Dani mentions the “Cecil the Lion” story and how it has guided the thoughts and therefore the intense emotions of Humanity, and when you see an article on ABC News like the one below, I think it’s easy to see how we are blatantly baited continually so the AI forces can achieve their objectives.


She also mentioned the Planned Parenthood story, and it is ongoing with another video released. They are pushing our buttons.

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? How many people thoughtlessly jump on the bandwagons, giving their energy to these parasites rather than focusing it where it will support Humanity?

We can stop their games in their tracks and stop feeding the animals if we refuse to be drawn in by these mind traps.

If the Artificial Intelligence topic enthralls you as much as it does me, I think you will enjoy this lengthy—4+ hour—discussion with researchers like Harald Kautz-Vella, Bradley Loves, Eve Lorgan and others from August 9th. It’s brilliant—and as they tell us—it’s easy to dismantle the infiltration of this AI if we know how.

Harald continues to share new information and some of these people have direct experience with AI infiltration and it’s interesting to hear how it manifests.  ~ BP

Published on Aug 11, 2015

For the full HD version of the symposium please go to this link http://ccn.ethimarket.com/downloads/t…

In a world that is led by media manipulation, political propaganda, religious rhetoric, and Hollywood hype, people are waking up to the ideology that they are being manipulated and controlled. But what if what we are witnessing isn’t just spin doctoring and cleaver cliche agendas? What if the truth is far deeper and far more oppressive than we ever imagined?

At “The Untangled Gathering” on Sunday August 9th 2015, Lisa Harrison and Dani Arnold McKenny will be joined by an extensive panel of researchers to discuss:


And Harald and Cara are so welcomed in the awakened community that they did a super interview with Mike Williams on the Sage of Quay recently. Thanks to a reader for that one.



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