Fulford: A Review of the Current Alliances of Secret Societies and Visible Power Centers

deusnexus_100An honest account of the secret society sources Benjamin Fulford claims have made contact with him. As I read Fulford’s overview, I’m reminded of the story of the blind men who attempt to describe an elephant. One felt his trunk and described it as a snake. One felt his tail and described it as a rope. One felt it’s side and described it as a wall. One got underneath and described it as four tree trunks.

I have no doubt that these factions are presently in anarchy, busy fighting one another. However, I’m left wondering about what Fulford only hints at, who stopped the public American space program dead in its tracks, who are these extraterrestrial races that various groups are in contact with, who or what is the Black Sun, and who sits atop the entire chaotic pyramid structure?

For more detailed background information about these questions, I recommend reading the posts on The Ruiner’s site, found HERE.

He is no longer posting anything, but in a short time he has given us a wealth of information, that may or may not be online forever. I will likely preserve all of his material.


Reposted from: Benjamin Fulford

fulford_b&wIn preparation for what is sure to be a busy autumn, now is a good time to review the world’s secret and public power structures and alliances. In order to provide value added to subscribers, this report will be based mainly on first-hand experience with various secret societies and public power structures.

My entry into the world of secret societies started after I publicly warned the Asians that SARS was a biological weapon targeted at them. A murder contract was taken out on me by the Neo-con Khazarian Bush administration because of this and my exposure of 911 truth and other journalistic activities.

The first secret group to contact me after this contract was taken out was sent by Henry Kissinger via former Japanese Finance Minister Heizo Takenaka. The envoy they sent, a self-described assassin, said he represented “the elders of Zion.” He told me (and I have this on tape) they needed to kill 90% of the world’s population through disease and starvation in order to “save the environment.” His group offered me great wealth and the position of Finance Minister of Japan if I agreed to go along with their genocidal plans. This is the group I now refer to as the Khazarian mafia. Their ring-leaders now include the Bush/Clinton crime family, Sheldon Adelson, Benyamin Netanyahu, the Rockefellers and most of the American side of the Federal Reserve Board.

The second secret group to contact me was the Red and Blue, claiming to represent

the Ming Dynasty and saying they had 6 million members (a lot more know) including “100,000 assassins.” They said their society could only be used for the greater good and not for personal benefit. I chose to join them in a battle against the Khazarians.

The third group to contact me was the US military industrial complex. They sent Paul Laine, a former member of the Pentagon’s psychic warfare unit. He also claimed to be with the CIA. Laine provided me with lots of esoteric information. He pointed out the US space program had been stopped dead in its tracks by some unknown force. He also provided evidence this planet had been nearly destroyed before. This group agreed with the Red and Blue goal of preventing World War 3 because all the Pentagon war games showed that such a war would destroy 90% of humanity and leave the Northern Hemisphere of the planet unfit for human habitation.

The fourth group to contact me was “the family,” often referred to as the Rothschilds. This group is the European royal bloodlines and includes the Saxe Gotha family, the Rothschilds, the Hapsburgs and other European royal bloodlines. This is the group behind the so-called “global warming” campaign. This campaign, while based on fraud, was presented by them as a way of saving the environment without genocide. Scottish rite Freemasonry reports ultimately to this group. Their representative Dr. Michael Van de Meer AKA Meiring referred to the people behind the planned genocide as the “Jews.” Further research revealed it was the non-Jewish leadership of the Jews, historically known as the Hyksos, who were the problem. Again, the Khazarian Mafia.

The fifth group to contact me was the Gnostic Illuminati. Their representative, self-described Illuminati Grandmaster Alexander Romanov (aka Richard Sorge, Sasha Zaric, Gordon Moore etc.), said this group was behind the Russian, French and American revolutions. They are opposed to bloodline rule. This group also warned me in advance of the planned 311 nuclear and tsunami terror attack against Japan. Romanov claimed he has been recruited by former chess champion Bobby Fischer. It was Romanov who first mentioned Isis long before it appeared in the news.

The sixth group to make contact was the P2 Freemason lodge who sent Leo Zagami to visit me in Japan. This group claims to control the Vatican and the Mafia and is ruled by the descendants of the Roman Caesars. When I visited the P2 Lodge in Italy I was introduced to generals, journalists, politicians etc. The highest ranking P2 member I met was Vincenzo Mazzara, a Cavalier of the Teutonic Knights. This group worships the Black Sun and claim they were behind communism and other big political movements. They displayed their power by removing Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and Pope Benedict (maledict) XVI from office.

The seventh group I ran into was the Dragon family. I was inducted into this group after meeting their representative in Singapore. The Rothschild representative said that “if you want to talk to China, this is a high as it goes,” when they arranged the introduction. This group claims to be composed of various Asian royal bloodlines and also claims ET backers. They have legitimate historical claims to most of the world’s gold.

The eighth group that approached me was the Black Dragon Society. Also several groups claim this title, at present Chodoin Daikaku, head of the world’s Japanese martial arts societies (Karate, Ninjutsu, Aikido etc.) with over 50 million practicioners around the world, seems to represent them best.

A ninth powerful group that made contact was the Chinese communist party youth league or the meritocratic part of the Chinese government. Their agent in Japan, a Mr. K, is the main conduit I have for information from the Chinese government.

There are many other groups that also made contact including:
The French Grande Lodge De L’Orient Freemasons
The Inagawa Yakuza group
The Sumiyoshi Yakuza group
The Yamaguchi Gumi Yakuza group,
The Assassins (Persia)
The Nigerian mob
The Moghul Dynasty of India,
The Indonesian Royal Family,
The Thai Royal Family
British MI5 and MI6 intelligence
The Rosicrucians (BIS/Red Cross)
The Sokka Gakkai Buddhist group
Etc. etc.

When the Red and Blue asked me to find benevolent Western secret societies, the above are some of what I encountered. An informal network containing members of all the above groups has now been formed and is called the White Dragon Society.

Like the Red and Blue, the WDS can only be used for the greater good and not for personal benefit. So far the WDS and its allies have stopped all Khazarian attempts at igniting World War 3, creating pandemics and causing widespread starvation. In other words, we have save the world from destruction.

However, there is still a lot to be done. For one thing, contacting all these groups made it clear there is no single secret or for that matter public government ruling the world. Instead we have certain secret groups linked to certain power centers like the Vatican, the British Empire, the EU, the UN, the US military industrial complex, Wall Street, China, Swiss Banking etc.

While many people rightly fear the creation of a fascistic New World Order world government, just like in any village, there are certain bare minimum rules of cooperation that are needed. Right now world power is such that lawless murdering, looting gangsters can run rampant in places like the Ukraine or the Middle East without suffering any consequences.

We all breathe the same air, drink the same water and wish for the safety and well-being of ourselves and our families. There are also issues, like overfishing, deforestation and war, the current international political and economic architecture has not been able to solve. We need to have a minimum level of cooperation at an international level in order to solve problems of this sort.

Furthermore, because of the anarchy in the international system, this planet has no coherent goals or plans for the future. Instead we have a mish-mash of goals and agendas. The old elite are also partly right about the mass of “useless eaters,” or idle people who while away their lives without making any real contributions to the planet. They need to be given something worthwhile and fulfilling to do. What if we all had a few minimum shared goals we agreed to work towards? For example, a lot of people would agree we should try to turn this planet into a paradise for all living creatures. Many want to explore the universe. Others wish for immortality. All these things can be made real if we work together to make it so. The people who run the current international system are planning to announce all sorts of reforms this autumn. While their intentions are good, it is likely to be too little, too late.

Next week, in the final issue of our summer series, we will show in detail how dysfunctional the current international political and economic system really is. This should provide the impetus for an autumn campaign to completely reboot the way we run this planet. The non-criminal people at the top of the current system have nothing to fear because we do not wish to destroy anything old, we want to build something new.


9 thoughts on “Fulford: A Review of the Current Alliances of Secret Societies and Visible Power Centers

  1. “Liking” because of what you wrote, not what he said. The notion that there is not a centralized hierarchy at the top is not what we can easily observe by watching the news, following Hollywood, and seeing how they are all working together seamlessly. Reports of Henry Kissinger hanging out with Putin, and the intentional rise of China by the USA since the 70’s, are just two examples of contradictions off the top of my head. Anyway, loved what you had to say.

    • Thanks, Nathan. However, these days I’m wondering if China’s economic problems are part of the NWO playbook? If the BRICs Alliance was indeed intended to emerge as the victor against the Anglo-Nazi-Zionist Axis in a false east-west paradigm, form an eastern-based NWO, create a new gold-backed global currency, backed by the IMF, they no longer appear to be as strong of a chess piece. Other delays seem to be setting back the timetable: the failure to pass the TPP, bail-in legislation, gun control in the U.S. Thoughts?

      • I’m not sure anything is out of their control, at least in the material sense, so anything that happens is probably orchestrated, even if it is orchestrated to delay the situation for their purposes. If anything, they are using said events as an excuse to delay for spiritual reasons, and once any beneficial cosmic wave passes, will kick it back in. However, I am still quite interested to see what this September/October has in store for us, it is difficult to know the big picture without having a good idea of what will actually happen, not what might theoretically happen this fall.

        Additionally, Ken thinks its all gonna hit next September, while Inelia Benz has said that her life’s purpose is completed by 2017. As for Aline and my work together, we feel that the first wave of people hitting the state of internal union (Divine Marriage) will be this fall, just because the momentum seems to be taking us there as well. It very well may hit on the 14th, 23rd, or the 28th of September, which happen to be Jewish holy days.

      • I don’t agree. There’s a huge gap between holding on to accumulated shadow power and consolidating a global daylight power. If nothing were out of their control we probably wouldn’t be having this conversation. I’m not under their control. You’re not under their control. There are plenty of people who are not under their control, even if we live and work in their material (Matrix) system. Chaos doesn’t always lead to a new Order. Sometimes Chaos simply creates more Chaos. We’re seeing much more push back, delay, and stagnation. Chaos can be a catalyst, an engine for change, either positive or negative.

        I leave you with this quote from Ra:
        (17.23) Ra: “I am Ra. The Earth seems to be negative. That is due to the quiet, shall we say, horror which is the common distortion which those good or positively oriented entities have towards the occurrences which are of your space/time present. However, those oriented and harvestable in the ways of service to others greatly outnumber those whose orientation towards service to self has become that of harvestable quality.”

      • Also from Ra:
        “Control is the key to negatively polarized use of catalyst. Acceptance is the key to positively polarized use of catalyst. Between these polarities lies the potential for this random and undirected energy creating a bodily complex analog of what you call the cancerous growth of tissue.”

      • Well of course we’re not under their control, we are not playing their game or their rules, but all governments, economies, nations, states, politicians, banks, military branches, secret societies, 3 letter agencies, etc., are under their dominion, under their control, playing by their rules, and in their game. Most people, with the exception of a few of us, do not have the strength of will or understanding to consciously remove themselves from their game, and thus are still under their control. Why? Because they believe the world is a certain way, and therefore it is that way to them. I think it is really important to continue to work our process, even if we each have our own way of doing it, until said wave hits, and then we’ll have more information from there. Ruiner said that after the wave hits, there would be an overlap between the two timelines for a small period of time, and we’d all be able to make a conscious choice which direction to go. Maybe that is what they’re waiting on, and maybe that is also what we’re waiting on too?

      • An excellent post to read: “September 2015 – Deception, False Light and Our Collective Evolution

        “So what is false light? False light in the context of this dialogue is information that distracts people from the true meaning of their nature; any information that does not promote self-empowerment and the realization of the Self, including spiritual teachings that promote our attachments to illusions and the externalization of power. The aim of false-light is to shift your awareness away from what is truly important; maintaining an honest and direct connection with Source.”

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