Focus Sessions: CERN, September and Other Concerns

Source: Focus Sessions | by Lynn

CERN and Other Concerns (as we approach the end of September…)

Q. Dear Lynn, Could you give us a reading on what is about to be unfolded in September 2015 in connection between CERN’s secret experimentation with quantum particles and human psyche,  and engineered some sort of geo-catastrophic event to shift / force / change / manipulate peoples free-will and perception and create chaos in peoples thoughts / mind on global scale?

A. I get that when CERN begins experimenting again, the activity surrounding the experiments will create a disruption in the magnetosphere that surrounds earth.  It will be thick in some areas, and thin in others, and I see the bubble constantly shifting and moving about like a bubble on the end of a plastic dip stick (the type a child uses to blow bubbles in the back yard.  I will try to find a picture when I am done and add it to this post.)

The magnetosphere is constantly wavering bath and forth, and I hear the low lying “hum” to it as it moves..It is the shift in this magnetic bubble that effects people, so it is through indirect measures of CERN that people will feel it.  Much like how astrological positions or the moon tug on us, the magnetosphere does too.  People that are sensitive (especially to EMF waves) or have autoimmune issues will feel this the most.  I see it causing irritability, fatigue and “ADD type” feelings in your thoughts.  Looks hard to concentrate during this time.

The biggest thing is to be aware of this and recognize changes in yourself.  Meditating, trying to hold a higher frequency, constantly clearing your energy and asking your guides to help are things you can do to mitigate the symptoms.  I also see soaking in Epsom salts (in a warm bath) can help to release some of this (what feels like toxic or overpowering) energy from your system.

Q. From NASA data available on-line, the mysterious huge asteroid name scientifically as 29074 1950DA is not going to collide with the Earth just yet, but close to around 2880 16th of March. Is this being used by the mainstream media as disinformation to keep people’s attention away from the real global chaos produced by CERN?

A. There is a lot of money invested in CERN, and those that have invested in it do not want to see the program end.  Anything that can be done to keep CERN out of the media (unless portrayed in a positive light) will.

Having said that, I see that this talk of the comet in 2880 is really a distraction for the real issue of the current “red comet” that is approaching our system now.

Q. Hi Lynn, Could you do an update on the red comet? Many people are predicting big events in late September and I remember a previous reading you did where you said we would possibly see another sun in our sky when the leaves are changing (fall). Is all of this related somehow? Thank you.

A. I still see this as true.  I get that on a clear day, and the right angle, you can start to see a glimpse of it now.

I also see the “red comet” that is tied to that solar system is approaching our system, and going to cause a pretty hard winter (for those in the northern hemisphere).  There is going to be rather extreme weather, and nothing is going to be consistent.  As the gravitational force of earth and yanked on (which creates more of a dipping down of earth and then bobbing back up) we will experience extreme cold followed up by unusual warm temperatures for most of the end of 2015 and early 2016.  The inverse will be true for the southern hemisphere.

Q. Hi Lynn,  Do you see something major/paradigm shift happening during the dates of September 23, 2015 and September 24, 2015?

A. Many events are unfolding… I see a lot of shifting and it is coming from every angle.  Many things are building that are leading to an earthly climax.  The economy looks to shift (talk of precious metals, value of financial markets, stock market vulnerability, value of the dollar.).  I see consciousness rising with more and more people waking up and taking more control of their reality (and their perception of it).  Physical changes involving weather and the earth are approaching (as I discussed earlier).  And the last thing I see are the governments starting to attack each other (passively through weather manipulation and economic attacks) to gain control- like the next world superpower is up for grabs.

Then, I hear this closing message to “not feed into the system, and do what you can to emotionally and mentally detach from the fear.”

What is Going on with the World Markets and Stock Markets Today?

Q. At opening today the markets dropped even more than last week… What is happening?

A. I get that the passive aggressive weather attacks, and China ramping up their military and gold reserves has moved to the next phase of a transition of power.  This hit the pinnacle point with the recent explosion in the ship yard of China… And now the momentum is rolling to evoke change in the financial system.China has been accumulating a large amount of gold for a long time now.  They are hoping to position themselves to be in control of the next world currency because they have the tangible assets to back it up.  Many countries don’t like the tactics the US uses to maintain power (especially the ability to just print more money), and would like to see something more “fair and solid” in place.  China sees this opportunity and is trying to emerge as the new superpower.China finally reached a point that they are able to do this (I hear something about their “resume being complete now”) and put things in motion.  China started by manipulating their own market, realizing there would be a trickle down effect to other countries.  China realizes that we must hit a low before change will take place, and we can rebuild with something real.Last week when the Powers that Be sent China a message that if China doesn’t “play” with them then they are against them by inducing an explosion on Chinese soil, China retaliated by causing a situation that started crashing the markets.  China has no desire to be controlled.Q. So what happens now?

A.  The people in the know are getting rich (selling and buying when stocks are low), but the majority of people are losing.  I see this continuing to plunge overall (the fear driven domino effect is in motion).  I also get the rebound will take some significant time..Q.  How will this effect the price of Gold and Silver?

A.  The overall shock of what is happening will drive prices of everything down.  Precious metals will not suffer to the extend of the rest of the markets, but will see a subtle dip.  Once this rides out, I get that precious metals will start to emerge and will be the first to gain their real value.  People will see metals (that are tangible) as something secure and safe to hold versus electrons in the stock market.  I see this as being the important point when silver and gold emerge and silver certificates start to separate from the tangible silver.

Is China under attack? Is this related to the explosion in Bangkok, Thailand today?

Q. So who just punched the Chinese country in the face, a WMD, or was this something it does’n’t seem?

A.  When I tune into this I start getting conflicting images, as if two explosions happened..?? I will go down both paths, and see if it makes more sense as i go forward.One path is showing me a nuke be buried underground by the Chinese government.  They were testing their defenses and weaponry.  They don’t want to admit what they have and what they are doing, so they plant this bomb in disguise in order to set it off, test their technology and determine if the engineering is “good” or if they need to make modifications.  I hear the words “land mine” and see this earth exploding from what looks like nowhere (also looks more like a dessert than a warehouse?).

The second thing I see is a shipping container coming in containing a nuclear based bomb (it doesn’t feel to have the toxic backlash that a “normal” nuclear bomb has?), and once it was off the water (I see a GPS system confirming the precise location) it was remotely detonated.  Then i hear something about “to some degree everyone is against everyone, and there are no true allies.”  It looks like in the PTB (or better said PTW) world they can foresee that China is emerging.  With them becoming more powerful, acquiring gold, etc (regardless of their monetary system which is just a game right now), the PTW need to have China “on board” with their agenda, but China doesn’t want to play by anyone’s agenda.  China’s resistance prompted the PTW to give China a wake up and evoke fear since fear is the way they have ruled in the past.

I see information being released as this being a chemical explosion, but things won’t add up.  The severity and size of the explosion will make analytical people irritated trying to figure it out.  (I see a Geiger counter being used too, and the amount of radiation detected isn’t the “norm” for a nuclear bomb, so there is something with the technology behind it),

I also get that the reason the cars were destroyed was because the heat from this bomb was so intense that a heat wave extended out several thousand feet in all directions.  The property destroyed was directly proportionate to the size of the bomb.

Q. In Bangkok, Thailand there was an explosion?  Does this have anything to do with the explosion in China a few days ago?

A. I see this as something completely different.  I first get that Israel is trying to get people on their side to secure their country against Iran, especially now that Iran is ramping up their defenses.  They (Iran) are working hard, some in plain sight, and some under the radar.  Israel (with some Britain and US support) is guiding ISIS all over that region to evoke fear and gain control, which further promotes the defensive necessity for Iran to get to where they can defend themselves.

What I am being shown is Israel planted this bomb in Bangkok, and will ultimately leave the illusion that it was Iranian based.  This puts Iran more on the radar and allows Israel and opportunity to ask for US military protection.  This also paints a picture for US citizens (I get they need to be “sold” on the idea of aiding a country before there is really enough support to justify it) to encourage military support.

Ultimately I see Iran being blamed, and military being sent there to “protect” the people.

MAJOR China and Russia Concerns..

Q. I am very worried about Russia-China alliance and the coming war against USA.

A. I get that many things have led up to this point, and the people aren’t really being told who is doing what, only what the media reveals.  I get that these countries are like children fighting behind closed doors, and the people / general population are like the parents, knowing something is going on, but not exactly sure who is doing what, and who is the instigator.  We get glimpses through the media, but never the full picture.  I also see that World War III has already started, but it is via passive aggressive attacks (like weather manipulation) rather than blatant attacks.

Many “exercises” are emerging all over the world in which military are aligning who is on whose side, and positioning themselves accordingly.  Jade Helm is the massive one about to begin in the US, but other countries are having some form of similar activity. I hear that it is no coincidence that Jade Helm is happening at the same time China is pooling together in Canada.

I have always seen China and Russia having a presence in the US to the west of the Mississippi, therefore, what was described in the question does resonate as true and having a high probability.  I see this further reinforced by the fact that earth changes are happening, we are having irregular weather, and the food supplies are suffering (due to the erratic earth wobble that is occurring).  Many countries realize this is happening even if they don’t disclose it, and China is very aware.  This is why they are building Ghost Cities more inland and also why they need land in the US (which is still a stable location for growing food that they need for their massive amounts of population).  In my mind it looks like a puzzle of events that are all fitting together perfectly.

I also get that living in fear just feeds into this.  Fighting amongst ourselves and creating divides (black vs white, gay vs straight, republican vs democrat) only helps those at the top (Powers that Be).  Divides create weakness rather than unity.  Ideally those in power create obstacles to keep us from uniting as people because if we destroy ourselves in some way, then there are left that they need to control.  Rather than getting into these manufactured issues they are creating, see us all as people and focus on the greater good of humanity.

Media Revealing Truth in Plain Sight and September 2015

Q.  I have felt for a while that the media (as corrupt as it is) still gives glimpses of truth.  I recently saw a commercial for the navy, and in it there are strange comparisons to the red comet.  What do you think?  Is this related to the September “event” I keep hearing about.  It sure looks symbolic of Nibiru.

A. I see this as both a truth and a subliminal message.  The governments know many things that they hide, but eventually bits of the truth come out.  They hide the truth to retain power, prevent chaos, and ensure they have the priority of resources.  I get many references to Kubrick as I go into this reading.  It is like a truth is being revealed in a way that can be disguised as a simple commercial.  I see the maker of the commercial knowing that there is a planet called Nibiru (my “red comet”) out there, and used creativity to show the people that “Yes, it is there.  You are not making it up.  They just aren’t telling you.”

I then ask, What can we expect to happen in September?  The biggest thing I see is unusual weather (weather not normally associated to this time of year) and extreme weather.  Hot areas will be hotter, cold areas may be colder, dry areas will be hot and desert-like.  This is due to the earth wobble really being more erratic while the red comet approaches.

I also see issues coming to a head with the economy.  I cannot see exactly what, but it looks tied to the stock market.  I hear something about the market is ran like Enron.  Oddly enough, I see gold and silver staying low through the economic issues, but gaining momentum at the end of 2015.  My impression is that things will need “cleaned up” with the market before a more true valuation can occur.

Earth Changes and the Effects on the Human Body

Many people have been having strange symptoms.  It may be vertigo, nausea, exhaustion or energy for no reason and buzzing / ringing in their ears.  What is causing this?  What does it mean?  You have talked about the earth’s wobble and effects on the weather.  It has got to be affecting the people animals also. Your thoughts?  I do see that many people are reacting to our changing earth and changing energy.  It looks like the more “in tune” you are with you body, and the more sensitive you are, the more you will see these side effects.

I see the energy change coming from two main sources.  The first source is very physically based.  As the “red comet” (Nibiru) comes closer to earth, it pulls on the earth’s magnetosphere and shifts and tugs on the earth and her gravitational forces.  I see that just as the moon pulls on our oceans, the shifts in the magnetosphere pull on our human systems (much of which centers in our head/brain/eustachiantubes/nervous system).   The result is this dizzy, sick feelings and usually involves a change in energy levels as well (it can be exhausting for the body to deal with this, and sometimes ultra energizing because it is embraced).

The second thing I am seeing is that there are masses of people that are spiritually advancing (at the soul level).  They may be meditating, communicating with their higher self, feeling guided through inspiration, or having lucid dreams, but fundamentally they are evolving and expanding.

I get that this type of expansion can also include a symptom that creates this feeling of your spiritual self being disconnected from your physical self.  Almost like you are floating above your body, or your spiritual being is taller than your physical body, the two aren’t in alignment.  ( I see it like a shadow.  Your being is yourself, but your spirit is connected to you like a shadow, but much larger).  To someone that meditates often it can feel similar to a mild astral projection, but experiencing it while of full conscious mind.  To someone who isn’t familiar with that sensation, it can be like what people call “medicine head” when you have a cold.

In both situations there is nothing to worry.  Try your best to stay in balance (drink lots of water).  Realize that you are evolving for the better and this is our human 3D body “processing” the upgrade.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. Love and light-

[As a side note, I have not studied medicine and can only provide an intuitive insight.  If you are having a concern, please do what resonates as being right within you.]

Dissolving Karma

Q. Hi Lynn, Could you please tell us what are the most effective ways to dissolve any bad karma from our past lives?  I heard that there are several categories of bad karma (eg. light, medium, heavy, serious), could you tell us how these types work and how to dissolve each type if any?

A. The first thing I get is that you would need to analyze your life and experiences and see what patterns or feelings you have that tend to make you feel you are holding a lower vibration (or holding you back and not letting you be your best self).  Do you repeat unhealthy relationships?  Do you have an illness?  Do you have any vices?  These things don’t necessarily mean you are holding onto some type of karma (could be a past life lesson you haven’t worked out), but will help you to determine if you either have a lesson (or experience) to learn from, or if you have some kind of karma following you that you need to resolve (which in a way is a lesson on its’ own).  I see that karma isn’t a vibration, but work through vibrations (you attract the action with the vibration like fate, and karma works through that action).  Some are more intense than others, depending on how many cycles you have repeated and haven’t resolved the issue.

Q. How to dissolve it?

A.  It is important to know that there are terms thrown out there like good and bad, which are really arbitrary in the universal perspective.  Karma is truly a focus on balance (I see scales followed by the yin yang sign). We need contrast to truly understand, so what we term as bad is to give us perspective on the good.  Both are essential to learn and grow through all kinds of experience.  I then hear a favorite phrase that “the sweet isn’t so sweet without the sour.”  If everything was our definition of good, then we would not really know what “good” meant or felt like; it would just be a word.  Hearing a word or defining it is not truly experience..

If you have lower vibrational karma tied to you, the best way to rid yourself of it is to address the issue (really address it and have some discussions with your subconscious thoughts and higher self) and release yourself from it.  Acknowledging it is a huge first step.  Many times karma is tied to a lower vibrational emotion (guilt or need to forgive) that needs released.  It isn’t always easy, takes some dedication and many times requires you to change your perception of your surroundings (interpret things as positive stimulus rather than see the negative).  Meditating can also help to gain insight and move these feelings along.  It will be work, but worth it in the growing experience.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

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